Homesick is

Hometown Pride

Homesick is

A message from the heart to the jar

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“Homesick candles tap into your sensory memory through nostalgic scents that can remind you of the place where you grew up.”

“A Pinterest board for your nose.”

“Light up your entire home.”

“The comforting scent of your childhood home, right at your fingertips.”

“A powerful way to travel through your sense of smell.”

“Scents that remind us of the best memories we have.”

“We recommend Homesick for their long-lasting quality and array of localized scents.”

Introducing our most personal gifting experiences ever. Share a special message with those that matter most by printing it directly onto the jar of any Homesick candle.

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We care as much about the ingredients in our products as you care about the products in your home. That’s why all our candles are hand-poured in the US.


Enjoy the scents you love for longer. Read our guidelines for proper candle care and safety to make your candles last.


Customer Reviews

“As soon as I lit this candle, I was transported back. These candles spark magic. This is the perfect gift.”

Louie D.

“It was such a familiar smell. It was my childhood all over again. The quality of the candle is perfect. Smells like HOME!”

Dana T.

“Love these! They smell great and look so nice in a home! Even the packaging is adorable, I never want to throw it away!”

Shelby K.

“Smells like a gorgeous, sunny drive near the ocean with the windows down, so refreshing. Obsessed with this scent.”

Keri C.

“Great quality candles! the smell fills the whole room and the blend of the scents make me feel like I’m home again.”

Bailey C.

“The packaging and quality is first class. The fragrances are ‘spot on.’. What a great gift!”

Amber L.