Wedding Collection Bundle

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Save 20% when you bundle our new wedding collection candles!

A fragrant bouquet of roses and eucalyptus, a handsome black tux with newly shined shoes. Champagne is poured and cigars are lit, an escape to paradise on the horizon. This is the perfect bundle to celebrate happily ever after!


Bride's Bouquet
Top Notes: Scarlet Rose, Mandarin, Citron
Mid Notes: Heliotrope, Jasmine, Eucalyptus 
Base Notes: Willow, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Black Tux
Top Notes: Leather, Smoked Tobacco, Bergamot
Mid Notes: Brushed Suede, Dark Bourbon, Santal
Base Notes: Vetiver, Teakwood, Cashmere Musk

Just Married
Top Notes: Sea Salt, Ocean Air, Lily of the Valley
Mid Notes: Peach Nectar, Champagne, Neroli
Base Notes: Driftwood, Amber Crystal, Musk

  • 13.75 oz. Typical burn time is 60-80 hours
  • Made from a natural soy wax blend with premium cotton wicks and custom fragrance oils
  • Non-toxic and contain no lead, plastics, paraben, synthetic dyes or phthalates

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