Cold Cases Candle [PREORDER - ORDER SHIPS 8/15/2024]


Cold Cases Candle [PREORDER - ORDER SHIPS 8/15/2024]
Cold Cases Candle [PREORDER - ORDER SHIPS 8/15/2024]

Cold Cases Candle [PREORDER - ORDER SHIPS 8/15/2024]



Introducing the winner of our 2024 Candle Creation Contest. Snag this limited edition scent before it’s gone!


Indulge in notes of red wine as a riveting true crime tale unfolds. Cardamom sends chills down the spine…this case is ice cold. 

Top Notes: Cardamom, Dried Rose Petals

Mid Notes: Red Wine, Mahogany, Patchouli 

Base Notes: Vanilla, Black Musk, Oud 

2024 Candle Creation Contest Winner: Madison McGhee

From the "nose" behind the winning scent:  "Growing up, every Saturday night was a family affair. We'd gather together in the living room with a candle lit and watch America's Most Wanted, Dateline, or Cold Case Files on tv. In a single parent home, these moments were always so special. And they were the beginning of the true crime obsession that has taken over the world.

When I was 16, I found out that my dad (who died when I was six) was murdered. At first, my family told me he had a heart attack. But when I found out the truth, I realized that the shows I grew up watching were real life - my life. The case has been ice cold ever since. But I have found comfort in what true crime has become, and the outlet it has provided for me. Now, instead of curling up to watch America's Most Wanted, I sit with a candle lit, my red wine in hand, and listen to true crime podcasts."

Cold Cases Candle [PREORDER - ORDER SHIPS 8/15/2024]


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