16 Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

The obvious benefit of essential oils is their wonderful aroma. But did you know that diffusing oil offers many advantages besides delicious-smelling fragrances? Yep, that’s right. Depending on the oil itself, aromatherapy provides both physical and mental benefits. Below, we outline 16 essential oil benefits, the six main ways to diffuse essential oils and helpful aromatherapy safety tips.

Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

Here are 16 of the top physical and mental benefits of using an essential oil diffuser:

Helps you to relax.

Many people turn to aromatherapy after a long day at work for a reason. The gentle smells and soothing effects are a great way to unwind in the evenings. Diffusing essential oils can be used on their own or paired with another activity to help you relax. For example, diffuse the oils while doing another calming activity, such as soaking in the bath, completing an easy yoga routine, or meditating for a few minutes. Look for scents that will help you calm down instead of energizing you.

Promotes feelings of calm.

Aromatherapy is an excellent addition to your everyday routine, but it can also be a great resource during times of stress and tension. Those feelings of calm and relaxation will help you take a moment, exhale, and recenter yourself when your thoughts are running wild. What’s more, diffusing the essential oils also promotes deep breathing, which has been shown to ease feelings of stress in the moment.

Improves clarity and focus.

The benefits of aromatherapy are mental as well as physical. Choosing an energizing scent, such as citrus, will boost alertness as well as your ability to concentrate and focus. Use this type of aromatherapy whenever you’re working on a big project or assignment that needs your full attention. You can also diffuse these scents around your house in the morning as you get ready for work, which will help cue your body to wake up and make it easier to get moving.

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Makes lifestyle changes easier.

Whenever you make a big change to your lifestyle, especially if it’s cutting something out — like caffeine, sugar, or cigarettes — you’re bound to be a little irritable as your body adjusts to its new normal. The peace and calm evoked by aroma diffusers can help ease the transition and reduce feelings of stress and nervous irritation that often accompany such big changes. Aromatherapy can also help you build and maintain a new routine. For example, you can fire up your oil diffuser in the morning instead of pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

Boosts your mood.

Taking a few minutes out of your day to engage in self-care, whether that’s aromatherapy or something else, will improve your mood in and of itself. Beyond the self-care aspect, the many positive benefits of essential oil diffusers also combine together to boost your mood and increase feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Whether you’re feeling good or a bit blue, aromatherapy can help lift you up and make you feel better. 

Reduces the appearance of redness.

Certain essential oils contain anti inflammatory properties, which can help rebalance your skin and improve the appearance of redness. In turn, this makes your skin look healthy and promotes a clear complexion. If you have sensitive skin that’s prone to reactions, make sure to patch test the oil first by dabbing a few drops on your arm and covering it with a bandage for at least a few hours. If your skin looks clear afterwards, then you’re good to go.

Can ease aching joints.

Essential oils can help ease aching joints as well as soothe your skin. Aromatherapy can improve your well-being and trigger the release of feel-good hormones such as joint pain. In turn, this reduces your psychological experience of pain, including joint issues. It can also encourage better sleep (more on this in a minute) which also improves joint health, since your body heals while you rest.

Helps clear airways for easier breathing.

Whether allergies hit you hard in spring and summer or the dry cold gets to you in fall and winter, it seems like there’s always something going on that can affect your respiratory system. Diffusing essential oil maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. If you’re using a new oil for the first time, make sure to run the diffuser for only a little while at first and monitor yourself for any reactions as you inhale the fragrance.

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Supports a healthy digestive system.

We all suffer from the occasional upset stomach and need some help in the form of aromatherapy. Certain essential oil blends offer relief from stomach issues that range from feeling too full after a big meal to having a queasy stomach. They can also encourage a healthy, regular digestive tract that processes food like a dream.

Promotes healthy, healed skin.

Aromatherapy helps to support a quick recovery and encourages healthy looking toenails and skin. Whether you’re a bit pink from a day in the sun or recovering from a mild rash, diffusing essential oils can lessen the effects of minor skin irritations and help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and irritations. It also reduces the appearance of time on the skin, such as fine lines, patchy pigmentation, and loss of elasticity.

Encourages better sleep.

Whether it’s an upset stomach or racing thoughts, there are so many issues that can keep you up at night. Unfortunately, trouble falling and staying asleep is a very common complaint in the United States. More than 50 million Americans already suffer from over 80 different sleep disorders, and another 20 to 30 million suffer intermittent sleep problems each year. Using a calming scent in your oil diffuser before bed will help you relax and prepare you for a long night of deep rest.

Can lessen muscle tension and soreness.

Similar to easing joint pain, aroma diffusers can also help ease muscle tension and soreness. If you’re sore after a workout or feel stiff after a long day sitting at a desk, sit or lie down while you run your aroma diffuser and feel your body relax. For added benefits, you can also take a few drops of the oil and massage it directly onto the muscle to dispel the lactic acid and help you limber up. You can incorporate the oils into a carrier lotion to make the essential oil stretch farther.

Encourages healthy eating habits.

Smell is an important component of feeling hungry or satisfied — in fact, some recent research indicates that simply smelling food satisfies hunger cravings, though more studies are needed to replicate the results. Diffusing essential oils can help manage hunger cravings and promote healthy eating habits by boosting willpower and reducing the desire to snack between meals. If you’re trying to cut back on calories, reduce your sugar intake, or switch to a healthier diet, aromatherapy can help support your new lifestyle.

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Helps ease mood swings during hormonal times.

Many women become moody prior to their menstrual cycle or as a result of other hormonal changes. Calming aromatherapy oils can help promote feelings of stability and calm during cycles of moodiness. If you feel like you’re constantly careening between emotional highs and lows each month, diffusing essential oils can help you feel more balanced, especially during the often turbulent time surrounding the menstrual cycle.

Improves circulation and drainage beneath the skin.

Encouraging good blood circulation and efficient lymph drainage improves the appearance of healthy skin and reduces swelling and irritation. Using oil diffusers can promote circulation, drainage, and elimination, which in turn can help improve the look of skin dimpling as well as dark marks from veins.

Minimizes the effects of seasonal conditions.

Aromatherapy encourages a healthy immune system and helps protect both you and your children from seasonal threats, especially during the winter. Help everyone stay healthy or recover more quickly by diffusing essential oils around your house.

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Different Ways to Diffuse Essential Oils

There are several ways to diffuse essential oils into the air for full aromatherapy benefits. Here are six of the most popular methods:

  • Ultrasonic diffuser: Ultrasonic diffusers atomize water and essential oil using sonic waves instead of heating or burning, which may destroy the oils’ original structure. Ultrasonic diffusers diffuse as tendrils of mist, adding to the aesthetic appeal. We chose to use ultrasonic technology in our Homesick diffuser due to its superior performance.
  • Electric diffuser: Electric diffusers use heat generated by electricity to heat the oil and disperse it into the air. Some may also incorporate fans to better disperse the oil’s fragrance. Electric diffusers come in many shapes and sizes, including larger tabletop models and smaller ones that plug directly into wall outlets or USB ports.
  • Reed diffuser: Reed diffusers use reeds full of tiny channels to passively release fragrances into the air around the clock. These microscopic channels absorb the oil and push it toward the top of the reed. Once the oil reaches the end of the channel, it’s released into the air, circulating the smell around your home. Because reed diffusers do not require electricity, they can be placed almost anywhere in your home.
  • Terracotta diffuser: Unglazed terracotta is very porous, so it absorbs and releases scented oils very well. Terracotta diffusers are often worn as jewelry, often as necklace pendants. Some people hang terracotta diffuser discs in the window so they can be warmed by the sun for better diffusion. Drops of oil are added directly to the terracotta pendant and then evaporate over the following minutes.
  • Room mist and sprays: The simple mixtures of water and oil are one of the most straightforward ways to make your home smell good. However, the fragrance’s strength can be diminished when mixed into water and sprayed into the air instead of being atomized, so this option may not create as much scent as others on this list.
  • Candle lamp diffuser: Candle lamp diffusers also mix oil with water. This mixture is placed in a glass bowl and positioned over a candle. The heat from the candle’s flame heats the water-oil mixture and disperses it into the air. Because this method involves an open flame, it must be placed on a stable surface and constantly monitored.

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Safety Tips for Using Essential Oils

To make the most of your diffuser, you should follow common sense guidelines and safety tips, including:

1. Buying high quality essential oils from reputable suppliers.
2. Following the instructions that come with your diffuser of choice.
3. Using the right amount of oil.
4. Talking with your doctor if you’re pregnant.
5. Watching out for adverse allergic or asthmatic reactions.
6. Double-checking your home’s ventilation.
7. Keeping the oil awake from flames.
8. Taking breaks from electronic diffusers.
9. Keeping olfactory fatigue in mind.
10. Being careful with pets and small children.
11. Cleaning your diffuser regularly.

Essential oil diffusers offer many mental and physical benefits, from promoting feelings of calm to encouraging better, more restful sleep. Choosing the right type of aroma diffuser and using it properly will ensure that you and your family have the best aromatherapy experience possible.