7 Romantic Candle Scents for Your Next Date Night in

Candlelight is a tried-and-true way to set the mood for romance–just watch any classic rom-com where date nights are almost always illuminated by flickering candles and scattered with rose petals. Candles provide the perfect sensual glow for kindling a spark, but they can also surround you with scents proven to ignite attraction. 

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your next date night in, light a Homesick candle layered with one of the following flirty and sensual scents, sure to inspire romance and stir up flames between you and your partner that last long after you blow out the wick.  

Soft and Romantic Vanilla: A classic, lovable aroma, vanilla is a fragrance almost everyone would swipe right on.  And the age-old belief in vanilla’s aphrodisiac effects make us even more sweet on this beloved scent. Ideal for creating a soft, romantic ambiance, this subtly sugary aroma can be found paired with many other perfect date night scents in our specialty candles. Try lighting up an intimate evening with our vanilla and floral SoCal candle, with an added note of tonka bean–a similar but spicier sweet fragrance. 

Toasty and Earthy Vetiver: Heat up your date night in with the warm, woody aroma of vetiver. Sourced from a grass originating in India, and related to other aromatic botanicals like lemongrass and citronella, vetiver has an earthy and smoky scent. Reminiscent of snuggling up by a crackling fire, this fragrance is guaranteed to alight attraction. Find it mingling with a mix of other romantic aromas in our orange and vetiver Nebraska candle, perfect for perfuming a night spent cozied up with your significant other. 

Sugary and Indulgent Doughnuts: Surprisingly enough, the scent of this tasty, fried treat is a serious aphrodisiac, giving you all the more reason to indulge in dessert after a romantic dinner. Enjoy the syrupy aroma of this delicious confection in our doughnut, vanilla and musk Hanukkah candle, a sensual trio of scents that put the cherry on top of date night. 

orange background

Fruity and Energizing Orange: Another edible aphrodisiac, the scent of this citrus fruit has also been found to inspire sparks. A bright and energizing fragrance, orange’s fruity aroma is ideal for refreshing a routine date night. Set the mood with the attraction-arousing scents in our citrus and musk Arizona candle, perfect for making even takeout and a movie a little more exciting. 

Cool and Invigorating Peppermint: Looking for a scent to complement a spontaneous date night? The stimulating, mood-boosting aroma of peppermint is just what you need. Surprise your significant other with an impromptu intimate night in, perfumed with a crisp, invigorating peppermint scent. Layered with vetiver and musk, our peppermint Alaska candle is a sensory recipe for romance. 

Warm and Sensual Musk: Earthy and woody, the scent of musk is innately sensual, and layers well with other fragrances. A versatile aroma, you’ll find it provides a warm and enticing foundation for other romantic scents. Incorporate our Las Vegas candle into your date night set-up, and surround yourself and your partner with stimulating peppermint and sweet tonka bean, grounded in the attractive aroma of musk.

love candle

Flirty and Floral Jasmine: Evoking the romance of a surprise bouquet of flowers or the petal-scattered bedroom floors of those rom-com classics, sweet-smelling jasmine is also a well-known aphrodisiac, so much so that it’s been used to spark romance in the honeymoon suite. To kindle your own flames in the bedroom, make this fruity fragrance a part of every date night. In our citrus and floral Love candle, roses, peonies and jasmines form the perfect fragrant arrangement to share with your significant other. 

Set the Scene for Romance with Scent

Scent has exceptional sway over our emotions, so tapping into yours and your partner’s sense of smell is the perfect way to set the sensual mood for a date night in. Whether you’re having a chill movie night or sharing an intimate evening over a home-cooked meal, romantic candle scents can create the ideal ambiance. Homesick’s minimalist candles also make the best candles for the bedroom, lighting a spark as you snuggle up with your significant other at the end of the night. Light any one of Homesick’s date-night-ready scented candles and it’s sure to smell like love is in the air.