8 Homesick Candles That Make the Best Hostess Gifts

The ultimate hostess–She’s the one who coordinates the get-togethers that guests gush over long after the party’s over. The hostess with the mostest who expertly plans every event she puts together–from the cocktails and cuisine to a perfectly curated playlist. You know any shindig she throws is guaranteed to be a great time, and you know you need an equally amazing hostess gift to show your appreciation. So, the next time you receive an invite from the ultimate hostess in your life, check out these bliss-inspiring Homesick candles perfect for a busy hostess to enjoy and unwind with after another fun and flawlessly organized occasion.

Select Simple, Well-Loved Scents 

Universally pleasing aromas like citrus, lavender and vanilla are great go-to scents to gift, which is why you can find these and other beloved scents in the perfect everyday candles. Homesick’s Daily Collection includes these familiar, sure-to-please scents that set the perfect mood for your day whenever you light their wicks, making them a fantastic favor for your hostess. 

sunrise coffee candle

Sunrise Coffee: Is there any better way to start the day than with piping hot, freshly ground coffee served, of course, in your favorite mug? It’s the energy boost you crave each morning as you prepare to seize the day. But did you know that just the aroma of a cup of Joe alone can have some pretty powerful effects on performance? All the more reason to rise and shine with an espresso-scented candle, especially for a hostess gearing up for her next big event.    

Morning Refresh: After a bustling evening hosting friends and family, your hostess will definitely be in need of some re-energizing. And vibrant notes of lemon and zesty grapefruit found in this bright, revitalizing candle are guaranteed to be the perfect pick-me-ups. 

Afternoon Adventure: A great hostess is always seeking inspiration for her next soirée, and taking an afternoon adventure may just be the best place to start. With aromas of clean mountain air, cozy cashmere vanilla and toasty firewood, this fresh-scented candle will feel like a sensory change of scenery. 

Evening Unwind: Every hostess deserves some rest and relaxation, and calming scents like lavender and green tea make it easy to wind down after a long day. Homesick’s Evening Unwind candle is reminiscent of nights spent contently curled under a blanket with a great book and a soothing cup of tea. 

Nighttime Slumber: A good night’s sleep is essential for recharging, and the right scents can help you calm your body and mind before you hit the hay. Soft, tranquil notes of coconut and vanilla in this bedtime fragrance provide an ideal aromatic atmosphere for a restful snooze. 

Choose a Cocktail-Inspired Candle 

For the hostess who often doubles as a mixologist, a candle that smells like it was poured straight from the cocktail shaker might just be the perfect gift. And this assortment of summery cocktail candles (complete with Homesick’s signature recipes!) is sure to remind your host of the laughs and stories shared over a couple of concoctions from the bar cart. 

Various candles

Poolside Pina: Evoking memories of sunny pool parties spent lounging on social media-worthy inflatable floats with a refreshing frozen cocktail in hand, Homesick’s Poolside Pina will have your hostess feeling like she’s back at a summer get-together, sipping on this tangy, tropical drink. 

Sunshine Spritz: Sparkling cocktails are always ideal for a special occasion, and this fruity, fizzy spritz-inspired candle is fitting for a just as bubbly hostess. Zippy notes of pomegranate, oranges and limoncello settle into a base note of Prosecco. We can practically hear the glasses clinking in a toast to the host. 

Midsummer Mojito: The zesty scents of freshly squeezed lemons and limes meet a cooling hint of mint, all grounded in a generous splash of rum. A refreshing mojito candle is a lovely libation scent to hit refresh with following a busy day of entertaining. 

Give the Personal Gift of a State-Scented Candle 

Whether it’s the home state your hostess grew up in, a favorite vacation destination or even the place they call home now, our state-scented candles can be nostalgic and meaningful gifts that come with their own uniquely personal memories. And with a whole collection of state and city-inspired candles to choose from, you’re sure to find one the ultimate hostess in your life will love. 

Gift Your Hostess with Scents That Show Your Thanks 

For the hostess who plans the best parties, pours the perfect cocktails and always ensures her guests are having a great time, a thoughtful gift is the best way to show your appreciation. Opt for a classic well-loved scent, a candle inspired by her signature drink or an aromatic reminder of her favorite place. No matter what you choose, it’s a gift guaranteed to delight.