9 Refreshingly Sweet Citrus-Scented Candles

When life gives you lemons…make lemon-scented candles. (Sorry, we had to.) But seriously, is there any scent family more likely to boost your mood than citrus? Lemons, limes, tangerines, oranges—give us all the tart and tangy stuff! Citrus evokes memories of sipping fresh-squeezed lemonade at the county fair, peeling juicy oranges on summer vacation and letting sticky popsicle juice drip down your shirt in the backyard. In other words, it triggers thoughts of sweet summertime and youthful jubilation, with a little pop of sour for good measure.

If you love citrus, you’ll adore these fresh, joy-inducing Homesick candles that smell like they came handpicked straight from the grove.

1. New Home—A new home smells like fresh linen, cleaning supplies and pure, uncluttered bliss. This citrusy lime candle knows how to say “welcome home” with top notes of bright lime that fade into aromas of ocean, cedarwood, sandalwood and jasmine. It makes the perfect housewarming gift for any new homeowner.

new home candle

2. Love—When you want to capture the feeling of true love, you have to figure out how to jar the thrill of butterflies, comfort and syrupy sweetness. The solution? Citrus, florals and herbs. This lovestruck lemon candle starts with happy, exciting notes of lemon and then fades into joyous mid notes of rose and peony and finally settles into a deeply comforting bouquet of jasmine and sandalwood.

3. Summer Camp—Designed to capture memories of green grass, tipping canoes and laughter among best friends, the Homesick Summer Camp candle is big on the warm-weather charm, featuring memory-inducing aromas of lemon, lime and grass.

4. Florida—Did you know that there are nearly 600,000 acres of citrus groves in Florida? Obviously, anything that’s supposed to smell like the Sunshine State should feature lots and lots of oranges. Coupled with earthy Spanish moss, mangrove wood and bergamot, this happy candle feels like being home on summer break.

5. Poolside Pina—Pineapple is almost as high on the list of the best summertime flavors as lemon and lime, and they sure make magic when put together. This happy cocktail-inspired candle mixes the mild sweetness of coconut water with the puckering tartness of lemon blossom, lime and pineapple halves. Just add a cocktail umbrella and you’ll feel like you’re sipping a citrusy piña poolside.

6. Midsummer Mojito—Rum plus limes plus mint equals the foundation for the perfect mojito, and now you can enjoy it in candle form. This supremely sweet, endlessly refreshing wax masterpiece starts off with intense scents of Kaffir lime and lemon wedges and then melts into mint, coconut, peppermint, rum and vanilla for the perfect finish. It instantly transports you to a tropical resort with a single sip.

7. American Summer—What’s more American than fresh-squeezed lemonade, juicy watermelon and a slice of lime on the side of your cocktail? Nothing! This joyous citrus candle couples lemon and lime with more mild fruit flavors, including watermelon and peach, for a perfectly balanced but majorly delightful result. Burn it throughout the summer for a completely smile-inducing experience.

8. Nevada—Despite the fact that it’s one of everyone’s favorite citrus fruits, orange doesn’t get enough love in the world of aromatics, and it’s a shame. But our Nevada-inspired orange-scented candle reminds us that a squeeze or two is always good for brightening up a happy profile. It blends lemon and orange with earthy cactus blossom, cedarwood and patchouli for a lively but rustic vibe.

9. Southern California—You’ll feel like you’re breathing in invigorating, salty air and gazing at tall palm trees when you burn this sweet Southern California candle. Featuring zesty lemon and oranges mixed with salt and aloe, this joy-filled creation takes you straight down the coast with the top down and your hair in the wind. Go ahead, breathe it in!

southern california candle

Light Your Citrus Candles Year-Round

Although we tend to think of citrus strictly as a summery scent, don’t be afraid to light a cheerful lemon, lime or orange candle in the fall, winter or spring, especially if you’re feeling like you need a little relaxation or sun. Cozy up by the fire with a fresh-smelling, summery candle and a home-mixed mojito—we’re right there with you!