5 Best Car Scents

The options are numerous when you browse car air fresheners at your local automotive store or big-box retailer. Unfortunately, many of these scents are not nearly as appealing as their names make them sound. They may claim to smell like leather or a new car, but often they have an unidentifiable chemical aroma that will likely make your vehicle smell toxic — not intoxicatingly fresh. 

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Finding the best car scent can be tricky when most of the products on the market are chemical concoctions that smell only mildly pleasant. It doesn’t have to be, though. Here at Homesick, we have car air fresheners in a variety of delightful scents. So, what are our best car scents? Keep reading to find out, and you’ll likely be ditching those little green trees forever! 

pine tree car freshener hanging

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Our Top Picks for Car Scents

Whether you are looking for calming scents to ease anxiety on your way to and from work or you need something a bit more invigorating, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our best car scents: 

1. SoCal Car Freshener

Our SoCal car freshener is filled with lively notes inspired by Orange County, California. Made with essential oils, it features invigorating lemon, orange and rose top notes blended with sea breeze and jasmine mid notes. Musk, clove and vanilla base notes for a solid foundation and balance this unique fragrance with gentle touches of sweetness. 

2. Four Twenty Car Freshener 

If you’re searching for something a bit more calming, check out our Four Twenty car freshener. Reminiscent of outdoor concerns and nights filled with laughter and friends, it has soothing vibes to put your mind at ease. Top notes include cannabis (of course) and bergamot, while cedarwood and patchouli form the mid notes. Musk and sandalwood base notes round out this earthy scent. 

3. Grogu™ Freshener

homesick star wars grogu freshener

Looking for an air freshener that smells great and is sure to delight your kids? You can’t go wrong with our Grogu™ freshener. You’ll enjoy unwinding and feeling Grogu’s™ meditative presence as you surround yourself with notes of lavender, rosemary and gardenia, and your kids will love seeing one of their favorite Star Wars™ characters every time they get in the car. This adorable freshener has marine, lavender and rosemary top notes, mineral amber and gardenia mid notes and base notes of sea moss, patchouli and vetiver. 

4. Beach Cottage Car Freshener

You may be unable to ditch work and head to the beach, but you can surround yourself with the scents of a seaside escape during your commute. Our Beach Cottage car freshener features aromas reminiscent of salty ocean air and hot sand. Breathe deeply, and you’ll also detect hints of musk and floral notes. Try this air freshener for yourself to fill your car with a blend of sandalwood and bergamot top notes; musk, plumeria and marine mid notes; and amber, sea air and tonka bean notes. It’s no substitute for a beach vacation, but it can help you get through a difficult week. This fragrance is also available in a reed diffuser. Pick one up to enjoy flame-free fragrance at home. 

5. Road Trip Car Freshener

homesick road trip car freshener

Is there anything better than hitting the road with someone special? Whether you are road tripping with friends, family or your significant other, a regular car air freshener from the gas station just won’t do. Instead, try our Road Trip car freshener. Featuring leather, marine and lime top notes blended with fresh air and cedarwood mid notes that give way to jasmine and amber base notes, this captivating fragrance is equally well-suited to cross-country adventures and jaunts across town. 

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The best car scents are ones that make your car smell incredible while giving you the boost you need to make it from point a to point b. Whether you’re heading to work or going on vacation, the right car freshener is the perfect addition to any trip. Check out our complete collection today to find your car’s new signature scent.