The Best Cinnamon Candles Homesick Has to Offer

a decorated candle next to cinnamon sticks and an apple

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Cinnamon is used in many treats, from drinks like hot apple cider to baked goods like snickerdoodles and crumb cake. And derived from an evergreen tree’s bark, it’s no wonder we use it in so many autumnal and winter treats and foods. Its distinct clove-like scent comes from constituent eugenol and cinnamaldehyde, which gives off a spicy yet sweet aroma that has been used since ancient times. 

Cinnamon may seem like a simple common spice, but it’s so much more. Used in so many foods and drinks, it can conjure up all kinds of memories. From Halloween treats to Christmas mulled wine, this spice rack staple is sentimental, making it one of our favorite scents for candles and oil diffusers.   

Here are the best cinnamon candles Homesick has to offer, from seasonal favorites to nostalgic scents that remind you of your grandma’s cooking. Take a look; there’s something for everybody! 

The Pumpkin Candle

a homesick pumpkin picking candle next to a small pumpkin and a vase of dried wheat

If you’re hunting for the best fall scented candles and, in particular, one with cinnamon notes, look no further! The Pumpkin Picking candle will make you feel like you’re standing in the middle of a pumpkin patch with a mug of hot apple cider. As you search for the perfect pumpkin for your Jack-o’-Lantern, the vibrant leaves of the autumnal foliage crunch beneath your boots. Ignite this candle and climb on board a hayride on a cool fall day, ending with a slice of spiced pumpkin pie with nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, and sugar notes.

Are you looking for a flameless reed diffuser instead? Check out our Pumpkin Picking Reed Diffuser, offering the same cinnamon-infused scent in a handy bottle filled with non-toxic, natural essential oils and reeds.

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The Nutcracker Candle

a homesick the nutcracker candle surrounded by holly

The Nutcracker candle features a strong cinnamon scent with clove and pecan — like a bag of spice-coated pecans. Sandalwood and wintermint offer a contrasting freshness to the spicy warmth, while undertones of ginger, vanilla and musk offer an earthy sweetness that wafts through the home on a fall day. So break out the Nutcracker candle — or the Nutcracker Reed Diffuser! — during the holidays or any winter festivity or occasion.  

The Apple Candle

a homesick autumn hayride and an apple orchard candle on a wooden tray

Miss picking apples in upstate New York? When you light Homesick’s Apple Orchard Candle, you are magically transported to a sprawling apple orchard with a cup of soul-soothing, hot apple cider infused with cinnamon sticks, clove, sugar cane and bright red apple juice. So what are you waiting for? Grab your basket and fill it with a peck of apples, heading home to make a scrumptious apple pie or brown sugar-dusted cobbler to start off the fall season right.  

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Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

a homesick grandmas kitchen candle next to a plate of apple pie

If cinnamon doesn’t remind you of your granny’s fresh-baked cookies and apple pie, nothing will! The warm and spicy cinnamon of Grandma’s Kitchen candle will make you feel like you're whipping up a batch of her famous baked goods, whether they were snickerdoodle cookies or frosted cinnamon buns. This nostalgic candle will make you feel like a kid again, no doubt. But, more importantly, it will make you feel like you’ve just been given a huge, sweet hug. 

Oktoberfest Candle

a homesick oktoberfest candle next to a mug of beer

The Oktoberfest candle will have you cheering Prost! With top notes of pumpkin ale, golden hops and cinnamon, we can’t leave out this cinnamon candle (even if beer is the highlight!). This candle offers fall spices, such as allspice, clove bud and vanilla, along with woodsy notes of cedar bark and musk. Finally, of course, the warm pretzel finishes it off with a salty edge. 

The Colorado Candle

Once you take a whiff of the Colorado candle, you’ll feel like you’re standing in the Rockies, taking in a deep breath of the surrounding cedars, sandalwood and snow-capped mountain range in the distance. With top notes of cinnamon and spruce needles, the Colorado candle is one of our best cinnamon candles. 

The New Hampshire Candle

If you love cinnamon because it reminds you of fall, then you probably hail from the northeast, right? Hayrides and apple orchards abound, and New Hampshire is no stranger to cinnamon-coated donuts and hot apple cider. If you loved taking trips to the northeast purely for this annual, autumnal tradition, then the New Hampshire candle is perfect for you.

Whether you loved your grandmother’s cinnamon apple pie or the scent of evergreens contrasted by snow-capped winter mountains, you’re going to love these candles and reed diffusers. So pick up one of our best cinnamon candles today — for yourself or a friend!