Top-Notch Scents: Homesick’s 6 Best Reed Diffusers

a lets toast reed diffuser next to a pair of toothbrushes on a bathroom sink counter

Candles give off wonderful scents. But when you want to avoid using flames around the home, a reed diffuser is certainly the next best thing. Some might even argue they are better and more convenient. Lending an aroma to the home 24/7, you can walk in the door to a lovely fragrance without needing to strike a match or maintain your candle’s wick.

Prefer reed diffusers over candles? Homesick offers a large collection of reed diffusers that match some of our most popular candle scents, from cities and states, as well as memories and celebrations. Here is a list of our six best reed diffusers that we know you’re sure to love. 

#1 New Home Reed Diffuser

The New Home reed diffuser lends a minimal, elegant scent to a space and is perfect for homes and apartments alike. With warm, woodsy notes of Cedarwood and Sandalwood, paired with bright, fresh scents of Lime and Jasmine, the New Home scent is offered in a candle, but is also one of our best reed diffusers. Like the smell of freshly pressed linen sheets and clean air, the New Home reed diffuser can make any space feel inviting and open to possibilities. 

Furthermore, the New Home reed diffuser also makes a lovely housewarming gift for welcoming new neighbors and couples who bought their first home. 

#2 Beach Cottage Reed Diffuser

a beach cottage reed diffuser on a table next to a book

Love the salty ocean air and beachy scents? Then you’ll love our Beach Cottage reed diffuser. Base notes of Tonka Bean and Amber offer a warm foundation carried by mid notes of Marine, floral Plumeria and Musk. Top it off with Bergamot and Sandalwood, and you’ll be transported to a driftwood-scattered shoreline during the afternoon tide. 

Whether you simply want your home to smell like your family’s beach cottage to bring back memories or want a little seaside bungalow of your own, the Beach Cottage scent is definitely one of Homesick’s best reed diffusers.  

#3 Let’s Toast Reed Diffuser

Celebrate life every day with the Let’s Toast Reed diffuser, featuring the bubbly and citrusy scents of flowing Champagne. This Champagne-inspired scent is one of our best reed diffusers and is suitable as a gift for countless types of celebrations, from engagements and weddings to milestone birthdays and much, much more. With invigorating notes of Mandarin, Grapefruit and Pineapple, the scent of this reed diffuser will have you raising a glass in no time. Celebrate for yourself and or send a salute to congratulate a special someone. 

#4 The Book Club Reed Diffuser

a book club reed diffuser on top of a stack of books

If you visit the library simply to take in the smell of paperbacks and leather-bound books, then get a whiff of our Book Club reed diffuser. One of Homesick’s most beloved, best reed diffusers offers hints of warm Vanilla and Nutmeg, Balsam, Sandalwood and Orange that makes you feel like bundling up on the couch with your favorite novel. This reed diffuser makes a wonderful gift for yourself or any other bibliophile. 

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#5 The Pura Smart Home Diffuser

a homesick pura smart home fragrance diffuser winter set with a gold bow surrounded by presents

Extend the life of your reed diffuser even longer. Introducing the Pura Smart home diffuser, a smart home fragrance diffusing device that allows you to customize exactly when and how much scent you wish to use. Simply install the Homesick candles app, available in the Apple Store, and personalize your scent experience. Plug it into an outlet and tweak the scent intensity levels and even create a custom schedule to put out a scent before you arrive home. Never waste your favorite diffuser scents again with the away mode too.  

Control Your Pura Smart Home Diffuser from Your Phone!

#6 Holiday-Themed Reed Diffusers

Get in the holiday spirit with any one of our holiday reed diffusers. Whether you love the smells of fresh-cut spruce or Fraser fir Christmas trees, holly berries and sugar plums or sweet sugar cookies, we have the holiday-inspired reed diffuser for you. Choose from our Winter Mantle Reed diffuser, The Nutcracker or Holiday Stroll to transport you to a bustling holiday market filled with twinkling lights and delicious hot cocoa. 

Take Home One of Homesick’s 6 Best Reed Diffusers Today!

If you are partial to using a reed diffuser, you can’t go wrong with one of our six best reed diffusers. Explore our entire collection of reed diffuser scents and fragrances to find the perfect one for your home. 

When properly maintained, reed diffusers can outlast a candle. How long do reed diffusers last? With each four-ounce bottle, Homesick diffusers are designed to last two to three months.  

Looking for more scents and prefer a candle? Explore everything Homesick has to offer, from candles to car fresheners too!