Can I Reuse Diffuser Reeds? – The Ultimate Guide

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When your reed diffuser begins to lose its fragrance, you simply rotate the reeds to renew the scent once again. However, what happens when all your oil runs out? You may be asking: Can I reuse diffuser reeds? In short, no, it’s not advised.

In this article, Homesick explains why reusing diffuser reeds is not only impractical but simply not possible. Plus, we also dive into the importance of replacing your reed diffusers regularly should you choose to preserve your favorite Homesick scents for as long as possible. 

The Reason You Can’t Reuse Diffuser Reeds

Besides wanting to know “Are reed diffusers safe?one common question for first-time reed diffuser users is: Can I reuse diffuser reeds? Whether it’s to recycle the reeds to add to your DIY oil creation or to rotate them every so often with existing oil diffuser reeds, it’s not a far-fetched thought to assume you can reuse these natural, handy devices. So why exactly can you not reuse diffuser reeds? 

Essentially, it comes down to the way natural reeds work. Each reed, often made of rattan, is made of small porous channels that run the entire length, much like a wick. Using capillary action, the oil wicks up from the bottle straight, filling the channels until it reaches the tip of the reed where it evaporates the scent into the air.

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In other words, once they are placed into the oil, what you soak is what you get. It’s not that it’s unsafe. It’s merely because the reeds are already fused with the original oil. Sure, it’s possible to use them with another new bottle, but it might end in unpleasant smells that don’t work well together. 

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How Long Should Diffuser Reeds Last?

Diffuser reeds generally last anywhere from two to eight months, which can vary drastically due to things like the size of the bottle and the quality of the oil. A four-ounce Homesick reed diffuser bottle lasts for two to three months, flipping the reeds every two to three weeks. Keep in mind, the faster you flip the reeds, the faster the oil will evaporate. 

However, should you choose to recap your bottle and store it away for next season, you should go ahead and toss those reeds. You wouldn’t want to reuse the reeds from your pumpkin diffuser with a spring-scented oil, as blending the two fragrances might be off-putting. Instead, when you bring the Pumpkin diffuser back out again next fall, soak up the oil with a fresh new set of reeds to carry the smell of hayrides throughout the home.

On the flip side, if you find your reed diffuser no longer puts out the same scent it once did, but there’s still oil left in the bottle, this may also point to needing new reeds. Sometimes, dust can clog the ends, blocking the fragrance from escaping and scenting the home. But by replacing the reeds, your oil diffuser is as good as new! 

Replacing Your Reeds

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Should your reeds stop putting out scents as strong as they once did, it might be time to purchase new ones. The good news is rattan reeds are very inexpensive. Costing roughly $8 for a pack of 100, it’s a steal that will last.  

When purchasing a package of fresh new reeds, look for a natural rattan kind. Homesick offers reeds in both natural and dark wood tones, matching the bottle design and fragrance it comes with. However, if you choose to replace them with new reeds, you can choose from various colors. (Just keep in mind, your Homesick reed diffuser’s lifespan might change with different reeds.)

A good rule of thumb is also to avoid bamboo reeds. Bamboo reeds are constructed differently with small nodes that can often block the oil from diffusing out of the top as efficiently as it should. 

Also, don’t feel bad about disposing of the reeds. They are incredibly environmentally-friendly and made of sustainable rattan-like woods. And any remaining oils are completely natural and safe to dispose of straight into the trash.

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Making Your Diffuser Reeds Last

Replacing the natural reeds approximately every two to three months will allow you to enjoy your Homesick reed diffuserthoroughly! Whether the scent seems lighter or the reeds appear clogged with dust, replacing the reeds can transform what seemed like a lifeless fragrance into what it was when it first arrived.