Can You Bring Candles on the Plane?

If you’re wondering whether you can bring candles on a plane, the answer is “yes.” TSA allows solid wax candles to fly in both checked and carry-on bags. (However, gel candles can only fly in checked bags due to TSA’s rules regarding gels and aerosols.) TSA recommends leaving any gifts, including candles, unwrapped in case your bag gets flagged for a security check. Consider loosely rolling your candle in bubble wrap or nestle it in your clothes so the glass doesn’t break in transit.

Scented candles actually make great gifts to pack in a suitcase due to their small size and solid nature (flying with liquids always risks a leak). Here are 10 more fantastic gift ideas that travel easily:


Jewelry is compact by nature, which makes it easy to carry on a plane. Be sure to put it in a box or pouch to keep it from getting scratched in transit, and tuck it into a pocket so it’s not rattling around loose in your suitcase.

Beauty Products

Beauty products are also a breeze to slip into your carryon or suitcase. If you’re worried about liquids, stick with solid products such as lipsticks, blush, and eyeshadow. However, carryon items like perfume are allowed as long as they’re under TSA’s 3.4 ounces limit.

Portable Speaker

By definition, anything “portable” is going to be a good bet for travel gifts, and this is doubly true for portable Bluetooth speakers. This gift packs a big sound in a small package and comes in many different styles, from cupholder to carabiner to suction cup.

insulated drink bottle and shopping tote bag

Reusable Tote Bag

One simply cannot have too many reusable tote bags. These items fold or pack down small, and some even come in their own mini carrying case to keep them contained in transit. It’s also a good idea to toss one of these in your bag when you travel, as you never know when you might acquire some extra items that you need to tote around.

Phone Camera Lens

If your gift recipient loves techie gifts but already owns a portable speaker, consider getting them a set of smartphone camera lenses instead. These lenses clip onto your phone over the existing lens and will seriously level up the quality of their photos. This gift idea is perfect for the aspiring Instagram influencer or the world traveler who doesn’t like to lug around a heavy camera.

Nice Sunglasses

Sunglasses are constantly getting beat up or lost, so getting a slightly nicer and durable pair is a good gift idea. Make sure to grab a matching case to keep them protected in transit, and put the glasses at the top of your luggage to keep anything from falling on them and squashing them.


Sure, everything is going digital now, but there’s something so satisfying about holding a physical book in your hands. Whether it’s a cookbook or the latest best selling paperback novel, these compact gifts travel well as long as you make sure not to bend the cover or pages en route. We recommend tucking a book into a larger zipper pocket or putting it at the bottom of the bag to stop it from tumbling around.

Earphones with Carrying Case

Headphone Carrying Case

If your friend is infamous for tangled headphone cords or losing their wireless earbuds, this thoughtful gift is sure to save them hours of hassle. (In fact, you might even be tempted to pick one up for yourself too!) Be sure to get the right model for their headphones — for example, there are carrying cases specially made for Apple’s Air Pods.

Fancy Socks

Getting a pair of fun socks as an adult is both an exciting and practical gift, and they’re practically impossible to mess up while you travel. Socks can be rolled and smushed to tuck into  basically whatever nook and cranny you have available in your suitcase, making them a very convenient gift to fly with.

Card Games

Whether it’s a classic deck of cards or a sassy, modern game like Cards Against Humanity, cards are a super easy gift to pack along in your suitcase. The box or case will protect the cards, and if they’re unopened, the shrink wrap will hold everything together.

Keep these ideas in mind whenever you’re looking for gifts to pack in your suitcase — and if you’re looking for a candle to fly with, don’t forget to check out our collection of soy wax candles!