Can You Recycle Candles? 4 Fun Crafts for Your Jar

If you love candles, you probably have multiple scents and sizes for each room in your house. However, when they peter out, you’re left with just residual wax and an empty jar. Eco-minded candle lovers may wonder if there’s a way to recycle their candle remnants. You can reuse it to make a one-of-kind candle and use the empty jar around your house, in crafts and for storage.  

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Whether you want to create trendy craft beer drinking glasses or stylishly store your rice and lentils in the pantry, here four fun ways to repurpose your candle jar.

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Can You Recycle Candles?

You usually have an inch left of candle wax after finishing with a candle if you’ve followed our instructions on how to make candles last longer. While you might not be able to recycle your wax traditionally, you can reuse it. Keep several boxes separated by scent. Once you have enough, use a wick trimmer to remove as much of the burned wicks as possible and then melt the wax down in a melting pot. Remove any leftover wicks and filter out any debris using muslin or cheesecloth. Finally, you can use this wax to make a candle yourself. 

To make the most interesting candles, try mixing and matching your leftover wax from a different country candle. Although not all scent combinations work, you can experiment with the many varieties of candles Homesick offers.

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Besides melting down the wax, you can repurpose your candle jar in a variety of ways.

1. Make Craft Beer Glasses

Craft beer has surged in popularity, but when you can’t get to your favorite brewery, you can use your old candle jars as funky craft beer glasses. Remove all the wax and wash it out thoroughly with hot water. Run them through the dishwasher twice to remove any remnants of the original scent. 

Even if you aren’t a beer drinker, candle jars make great cocktail glasses, too. Whether you prefer a refreshing gin and tonic or a sweet Dark and Stormy, you can make your living room feel like a boutique bar with repurposed candle jars.

2. Store Your Dried Food

Pantry moths, also known as Indian meal moths, are a common household pest across the world. They love dried food, including rice, oats and flour. Often, your first sign you have pantry moths is when you discover unsightly clumps in your flour or rice, which quickly turn into larvae. One of the best ways to protect your dried foods from pantry moths is by storing them in glass jars. 

Find cork or plastic lids the same diameter as the opening of your candle jar. Thoroughly clean out your jar, make sure it’s completely dry and store all your dry foods in it. Seal the jar with the lid and use a glass marker or adhesive label so you remember what product is in each jar. 

3. Turn It into a Planter

If you love fresh herbs but don’t have access to a garden, you can use your old candle jars to plant some thyme, basil and parsley seeds. Fresh herbs are more flavorful than dried and will give all your recipes a boost.

If you have a black thumb, try planting a small succulent or cactus which requires less water and care than herbs.

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4. Store Your Dog Treats 

Whether you have a new puppy or a senior dog, you probably have an extensive collection of dog treats. Try repurposing your candle jar for storing your dog treats. If you use a compatible lid made from cork or plastic, the jars can keep your dog treats safe from moisture, helping them keep for longer. Especially if you buy the organic option, dog treats can be expensive and it’s frustrating when they go bad quickly. 

Set up an arts and crafts table with your kids and use some glass markers to draw dog paws on the jar. Your kids can also glue ribbons or gems to the jars to create a personalized gift for your pooch. 

Restock Your Candle Collection at Homesick

Whether you’re cleaning out your old jars for planters or drinking a new craft beer, having a scented candle burning can make the experience even better. Order new candles to replace your finished ones. At Homesick, we have a variety of scents–from Date Night, with notes of cashmere, fig and red currant, to our Grandma’s Kitchen candle, with apple, butter and cream with a hint of cinnamon. 

Whatever your crafting project, there’s a candle at Homesick to give you inspiration and focus.