5 Clean-Scented Candles to Make Your Home Smell Elegant


a homesick new home candle next to a jar of matches

 Are you looking for a candle that leaves your home smelling fresh, clear and bright? Then look no further. From a candle that smells like you spent hours spring cleaning your home to a candle that invites in the energizing and uplifting smell of the outdoors, we have the candle for you. Below, Homesick has listed five clean-scented candles to make your home smell elegant and polished.

#1 New Home Candle

As neat and pure as an empty home ready to be filled with memories, our Housewarming candle has got to be one of the most clean scented candles you will find in our candle collection. With subtle floral notes of Jasmine and crisp Lime paired with undertones of Sandalwood, Oakmoss and Musk, the New Home housewarming candle smells like a home with newly painted walls and a blank canvas with open arms, inviting your family to stay for many years to come. 

The New Home candle is perfect for new homeowners too. Say hello by sending a welcome gift basket to your new neighbors with the Homesick New Home candle inside. Or give the New Home candle as a small gift to a newlywed couple who just moved into their first home. Remember to add a personalized note, too, and send them well wishes on their new digs.  

Nothing Like a Housewarming Candle to Make a Home Smell Clean!

#2 Gone Hiking Candle

a homesick gone hiking candle next to a wick trimmer and a bag of herbs

Go forest bathing without ever leaving home. Homesick’s Gone Hiking candle is one of our top clean scented candles — as clean and fragrant as Mother Nature herself. With hints of Sandalwood, Moss and Ivy elevated with top notes of Fresh Waters and Pine, igniting this candle will make you feel like washing yourself beneath a waterfall. 

This clean-scented candle is the perfect gift for wanderlust friends and loved ones who are always up for a good adventure and appreciate being one with nature and heading outdoors.  

#3 Spring Cleaning Candle

Without a doubt in our clutter-free minds, another one of our clean scented candles has to be the Spring Cleaning candle. If you want your home to smell like Marie Kondo just paid a visit, this candle is sure to spark a little joy. With the scent of a fresh start, ignite this candle when you crave the arrival of spring and all the new beginnings that come along with it. Top notes of invigorating Lime, Bergamot and fresh Clean Linen will make your space feel as clean and refreshed as ever, while base notes of Agave, Vetiver and Musk bring the aroma back down to earth. 

Perfect for every season, the Spring Cleaning candle will make an apartment feel spacious and refined. Offer the Spring Cleaning candle to a friend who just got the keys to their first apartment or even to a friend who simply loves a squeaky clean space. 

#4 Beach Candle

a homesick beach cottage candle box in miniature sand box next to a mini lawn chair

If you love the beach, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with this clean scented candle. Our Beach candles offer the same salty ocean air that clears the lungs and rejuvenates the soul. With a warm glow, the Beach Cottage candle will provide the fresh scent of drying driftwood and a warm sandy beach smoothed over by the afternoon tide. What does sandalwood smell like? Learn all about this unique scent and see for yourself with the Beach Cottage candle.

Nothing Smells Cleaner Than the Ocean! Check Out Our Beach Candles

#5 Home Office Candle

a homesick home office candle on a wood tray with a wick trimmer

Keep a tidy desk free of clutter? Then you’ll appreciate the Home Office candle. For remote work-from-home moms and dads, the Home Office candle offers an energizing scent that is there to help you get your day started and hit the ground running — all while offering a clean scent. Separate your workspace and achieve the perfect work-life balance. With soothing and warm notes of Amber and Vanilla, along with Water Lilies and Fresh Air to invite in the outdoors, your deskspace will feel more welcoming. 

Maintain Your Clean Scented Candles So They Last Forever

If you love clean scented candles, chances are you love to keep other things in your life neat and tidy too. To maintain your clean scented candle, make sure to learn all candle maintenance through our Candle Care guide. In addition, pick up a wick trimmer to ensure your wicks are trimmed down properly to a one-quarter inch length for a cleaner and safer burn. Homesick candles offer roughly anywhere from 60 to 80 hours of burn time, so make the most of your favorite clean scented candle!

Speaking of a cleaner burn, you will be happy to know that each Homesick candle is hand-poured with non-toxic, natural soy wax and made with premium cotton wicks too. A clean scent means more than the smell of fresh linens — it also means a candle wax- and wick-free of lead, plastics, parabens and more. 

One thing’s for sure: Homesick makes the safest clean-scented candles you’ll find!