How Often Should You Change Reeds in Your Diffuser?

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Candles and reed diffusers are a wonderfully practical and soothing way to make your home smell pleasant. However, when comparing the two, reed diffusers do have a leg up. While you shouldn’t leave a candle unattended, you can with a reed diffuser! Arriving home, you catch the subtle aroma of a reed diffuser right away, without even striking a match. 

However, one question that gets asked often is: How often should I change the reeds in my diffuser? The answer is tricky because it often comes down to how frequently you use it and many other factors. Still, there’s a few ways to tell when they’re past their prime and new ones are due. 

Discover how often to change reeds in your diffuser to keep the scent going strong. Plus, learn some helpful tips to make your reeds last.

How Often Should You Change Reeds in Your Diffuser?

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Wondering how often to change reeds in a diffuser? Well, the answer comes down to several variables, from the types of reeds being used to how often they are being used. However, when you buy a diffuser, you can expect the reeds to last approximately six months. This could be sooner, depending on how it’s treated, but six months is the general rule. 

When you learn how to use a reed diffuser properly, you can keep the scent lasting for quite a long time. Still, how do you know when to change the reeds and treat yourselves to new ones? Well, there is one true telltale sign: you can no longer enjoy its scent. 

If you can no longer smell anything coming out of the diffuser bottle, your reeds may simply need turning. You should turn the reeds every two to three weeks to keep the scent alive. Submerging them in the oil gives the dry ends the opportunity to absorb all they can, while the previously submerged bottom stands out and projects an immediately stronger scent. 

Turning the reeds frequently will not make them last longer. It merely keeps the pleasant aroma going in your home. However, if you turn the reeds and they still don’t emit the diffuser’s scent, it’s a clear sign the reeds are no longer doing their job. 

Also, it’s important to note that reeds cannot be reused. Essentially, reeds fill up with the scent and the oil and roughly around that six-month mark, they become so saturated that they no longer work. Many folks think they can eventually wash away the oils and dry the reeds out, but alas, this ultimately doesn’t work. 

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Tips on How to Make Your Reeds Last Longer

Six months is the average time reeds last. However, there are ways to extend their lives. With proper care, they can last for quite some time. Here are some simple rules and tips on how to make your reeds last as long as possible.  

Keep Air Circulation to a Minimum

Obviously, you need some gentle breezes to pick up the scent and spread it about the home. Yet you want to avoid placing a reed diffuser directly in front of an open window or an air conditioning vent. Subtle air circulation is all you need to waft it around. Keeping an air diffuser near drafty areas will increase the air circulation, which can make your reeds dry out and last mere weeks. Ultimately, the more circulation the reed diffuser comes in contact with, the sooner you’ll need to replace them.  

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Avoid Placing the Diffuser in Warm Areas

Avoid placing a reed diffuser in warm areas, such as along a windowsill that gets lots of direct sunlight. As a general rule of thumb, diffusers should actually be kept in a cooler, darker space or environment instead. Doing so will prevent your reeds from drying out, minimizing how often you need to change them. In other words, fill your home with the autumn scent of a pumpkin diffuser through the fall season and store it away somewhere cool and dark during the warmer months so you can bring it back out again–good as new–to enjoy next fall. 

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Dust the Reeds to Prevent Clogging

Dust can settle just about anywhere in a home. And when a diffuser’s reeds get dusty, they can become clogged, putting out a weaker scent or none at all. When this happens, you’ll need to replace the reeds entirely. You can also prevent this by keeping the reeds away from vents that tend to scatter dust into the air. An air purifier also helps to keep dust away from the diffuser reeds, as well as your lungs, allowing you to breathe easier so you can enjoy a diffuser’s scent that much more!