How to Burn a Candle All the Way Down

So you’ve just purchased a scented candle that smells amazing and looks aesthetically-pleasing as part of your home decor. And, of course, you’ll want it to last. But how do you get the most use out of your new candle? While you might want to burn your candle all the way down to the very last speck of soy wax, you should only safely melt the wax to the last ½ inch. However, there are still tips and tricks you can use to enjoy your candle most efficiently. 

Our candles are long-lasting with typical burn times between 60 and 80 hours for our regular size jars. Made with natural, plant-based wax, our high-quality candles are crafted to provide you with the best aromatic experience. Plus, they come in specialty scents you’ll want to savor. 

To make the most of your Homesick candle, there are steps you can take for a smooth melt and less wasted wax. Use this guide for candle-burning best practices so you can get a few more sniffs out of your new favorite scent. 

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Strategically Time the First Burn

Scented candles are not only great for evoking memories, but did you know that candle wax actually has a memory of its own? Wax learns to melt the same way, so the first time you light your candle’s wick, it’s important to burn it until the liquified wax creates a layer all the way around the inside of the jar. You can do this by making sure to let it burn for one hour per inch of candle diameter. 

Otherwise, the candle will form a “memory ring,” meaning the wax won’t burn to the candle’s full diameter. This can lead to another candle conundrum called “tunneling”–creating a hollowed-out center in the wax. While you want to avoid tunneling so you can prolong your candle’s burn time, if you do end up with a caved-in candle, there are some solutions. 

Stop Candle Tunneling in Its Tracks  

As soon as you notice your candle begin to sink in the center, try one of these tricks for restoring your candle’s smooth wax surface. 

One way to remedy candle tunneling is with tin foil. Secure a piece around the top of your candle, leaving an opening at the center above the wick. Then, light your candle and allow it to burn for a half-hour or so. When you unwrap the foil, your candle should be good as new.

Using a hairdryer to liquefy the taller circle of wax so it melts back into the middle or carefully carving off the sides of the “tunnel” to even out the wax can also solve your candle dilemma. Tunneling can leave you with a lot of wasted wax, so fixing the problem as soon as you see it is the best way to ensure an efficient burn. 

Trim Your Wick for a Steady Flame

To help maintain a quality flame throughout your candle’s lifespan, you’ll want to routinely trim the wick. Bent or too-long wicks can result in uneven melting or a flickering flame, but with regular trimming, your candle will burn with a steady glow. 

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The wax base of your candle can also contribute to an even burn, and our scented soy candles made from natural, non-toxic soy wax provide just that. Soy candles burn clean, last long and actually capture aromas better than other wax varieties, making our candles both enduring and delightfully fragrant. Whether you’re looking to surround yourself with the scent of your home state or evoke warm memories with a nostalgic aroma, Homesick’s candles bring you the perfect fragrance blend, all while burning clear and bright.  

Make Your Favorite Scents Last 

Every one of Homesick’s unique scented candles is sure to please, and as soon as you take your first whiff, you’ll want to enjoy their aroma every day. That’s why we craft our candles to be high-quality and long-lasting, so you can continue to light their wicks and surround yourself with the nostalgic and comforting scents you love. And with these tips, you can make sure you make the most of your new favorite Homesick scent.