Our 15 Most Popular Candle Scents

most popular candle scents

While we love all our scented candles—we wouldn’t sell a fragrance that we didn’t love—it’s true that some of our products do sell better than others. There are simply some candle fragrances that we just can’t keep on our warehouse shelves, no matter how quickly we work. Today, we’re taking a look at our 15 most popular candle scents and breaking them down to see why everyone loves them so much.

Without further ado, here are 15 of our top best-selling candles:

Thank You, Mom Candle

This candle sells out year-round, not just on Mother’s Day, and with good reason. Your mom deserves a show of appreciation no matter what time of year it is! The fantastic smell of this candle doesn’t hurt either. Sandalwood and musk form a base for sweet mid notes of jasmine, ylang ylang and white lily for a floral scent. Hints of clove add a tinge of spice, while touches of bergamot, lavender and sage finish off the scent. The packaging itself is beautiful enough that it doesn’t need to be wrapped, and the design includes blank spaces so you can personalize a note to Mom. (Though this candle smells so good that we won’t blame you if you grab one for yourself, too.)

new york state candle graphic

New York City Candle

It stands to reason that the Big Apple’s fragrance is one of our most popular. Whether you love the bustle or hate the crowds, it’s an absolutely iconic metropolitan whose scent is recognizable anywhere. We took only the best parts of NYC’s fragrances to come up with a candle that smells like Central Park, concrete skyscrapers and department stores all in one. Base notes of oakmoss, sandalwood and musk are layered together with jasmine and water lilies for a floral overtone. Notes of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit round out the scent and provide a refreshing note that will energize you just like the city that never sleeps.

New York State Candle

While New York City gets a lot of attention, the state itself is also beloved, and we totally get why. New York has so much more to offer than just one metro area. We captured the rest of the state in this fall-inspired candle that calls to mind long hikes in the Adirondack Mountains and the leaves just beginning to turn. We chose tonka bean and musk for the base and added notes of cloves, cinnamon and pumpkin for that peak fall scent. Notes of hay and river evoke farm visits and leaf-watching excursions in the forest. We topped the scent off with a few hints of apple peels and nutmeg for a sweet yet spicy scent.

New Jersey Candle

While New Jersey often gets rolled into the Greater New York Area, it’s a separate place with its own distinct culture and attractions. Many people like to dunk on New Jersey, but the Garden State does have many things going for it, and we embraced them all as we designed a scent for this state. For this candle, we were inspired by the scents of a hot night beside the Atlantic coast, as well as summer carnivals. Mid notes of the beach and seaside are layered over fragrances of cotton candy, vanilla and musk. Notes of candy apple and cranberry finish off the scent for a sweet but tangy aftertaste that adds complexity to the candle’s scent profile. 

Northern California Candle

While the East Coast candles are understandably best sellers, the opposite coast also gets a lot of love from our customers. Our Northern California candle is another one of our most popular candle scents. To formulate this scent, we had to start with the iconic fragrances of wine country and redwood forests, as well as the amazing cuisines that the region is known for. We started with a complex fragrance base of sugar, vanilla, tonka bean, amber and musk. Then we added notes of cinnamon, clove, pear and apple for a truly delicious-smelling candle that captures the full breadth and depth of the northern half of the state. 

southern california candle

Southern California Candle

Obviously, we couldn’t create a candle for Northern California without making one for Southern California as well—and our customers seem to love them both equally. For this fragrance, we took our cues from the fresh sea breezes and abundant citrus crops that the region is known for. A base of vanilla, tonka bean and musk provides the perfect foundation for mid notes of sea breeze, rose, jasmine and clove. We topped the scent off with hints of orange and lemon to help balance out the other sweet and floral scents and add a bit of energizing power to the fragrance. If you want a candle that’s as refreshing as a walk along the Pacific coastline, you should definitely consider this candle.

Los Angeles Candle

Given that the most populous city on the East Coast (NYC) is one of our most popular candle scents, it’s no surprise that the largest city on the West Coast is also one of our best sellers. This candle smells like all the best parts of the City of Angels, with base notes of jasmine and musk forming a sweet foundation. Rose and ylang ylang make up the mid notes for a complex floral scent, while hints of orange, lemon and bergamot add citrus zest to the fragrance. A few hints of coffee add a slightly more savory edge to help round out the scent and temper some of the sweetness so it’s not overwhelming.

homesick texas candle and scented oil

Texas Candle

Texas is basically a region unto itself (and let’s be honest, it’s big enough to count as its own region). Thus, it’s no surprise that our Texas candle has an equally large following, making it one of our top sellers. This masculine candle captures the wide-open expanses of the Lone Star State and the electric energy of a summer night’s rodeo. We started with a base of moss, musk and cyclamen, which is a flowering perennial that smells a bit like lily of the valley. We then added in some leather and cedarwood to deepen the scent and topped it with pine needles and lime to finish the fragrance off. We’d never claim to capture such a big state in a single candle, but we came pretty darn close with our Texas fragrance.

Library Candle

Does anything smell better than a room full of books? We don’t think so, and our customers agree. Our library candle frequently sells out, and it’s all we can do to keep it in stock. Whether you prefer paperbacks or leather-bound hardcovers, this candle captures the magic of being in a room full of books. The base of vanilla, balsam and amber mixes with notes of cinnamon, clove, sandalwood and, of course, books. We rounded out the scents with a pinch of orange and nutmeg to recall sipping your favorite cup of tea while curled up with your favorite book. If you can’t take your whole library with you, we think this candle will do nicely.

beach cottage homesick candle

Beach Cottage Candle

Oh, to live in a little cottage by the sea! While this might not be possible for many people, you can make your house smell like a beach cottage no matter where you live or how landlocked you are. Notes of marine, beach, plumeria and bergamot float over a complex base of cedarwood, sandalwood, tonka bean, amber and musk. Whether your favorite part of the beach is coffee on the porch during sunrise or evening walks by the shore, this beach-scented candle captures the spirit of the seaside. It goes especially well with shabby chic decor and nautical-themed rooms.

Road Trip Candle

If you’d rather spend your summer on the road than lounging by the beach, then we’ve got the perfect candle for you. It’s hard to capture the spirit of flying down the open highway with the windows down, but we did our best, starting with a base scent made of amber and musk. Then, we added fragrances of paper, cedarwood and jasmine to evoke memories of discovering new places and experiencing the local foliage. We topped it all off with notes of lime, leather and water for a strong, masculine candle that’s perfect for the guy in your life (or anyone of any gender who loves road trips).

Hawaii Candle

Hawaii is a lush, tropical place filled with many delicious scents, and it was a challenge to narrow them down when we had so many fantastic options. We began with a versatile base of sugar, vanilla and musk and then added in a seashore fragrance as well as some floral notes of cyclamen. Of course, we couldn’t finish off the candle without a few hints of pineapple and coconut, two of the fruits that the islands are most known for (the Dole pineapple plantation is one of the more popular tourist stops on Oahu). As soon as you light it, our Hawaii candle will have you saying “aloha” no matter where you are in the world right now.

new home candle graphic

New Home Candle

Stumped about what housewarming gift to give your friends? This new candle is the perfect solution to your problem, and your friends will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness. New houses represent a fresh start and the possibility of making new memories, which is exactly the feeling we tried to capture in this candle. To do that, we took a base of oakmoss and musk and then added in some lime zest and sandalwood for a citrusy, woody scent. We rounded out the scent with some jasmine and cedarwood to add more interest and further evoke the sense of potential  that comes with moving into a new place.

Backyard BBQ Candle

No, this candle doesn't smell like roasting meat—it does one better than that. To create this candle scent, we drew inspiration from hickory smoking grills and brown sugar rubbed ribs to create a candle that smells both sweet and savory. To accomplish that, we started with a base of cedarwood, vanilla, sugar, amber and musk. Then, we added a layer of peach, maple, cinnamon and clove to evoke classic summer desserts like fruit cobbler. Finally, we finished everything up with touches of black pepper, cumin, nutmeg, vinegar and smoke for a fragrance that truly captures an evening around the fire pit.

Apple Orchard Candle

Speaking of fruit cobbler, we made a candle that smells like one—apple, specifically. If you want your house to smell like a fresh-baked pie or spiced cider–without the effort–then you need this candle in your kitchen. We started with sugar cane, allspice and pomegranate (trust us, it works!) and then added in some clove buds and cinnamon sticks. Of course, we couldn’t complete the fragrance without some red apple, and we also added some mandarin leaf for good measure. This candle can’t replicate the taste of a freshly picked apple, but it sure does smell like one.

candle fragrances out of stock graphic

Our most popular candle scents are all bestsellers for a reason. They’re classic scents that are unique and perfect for burning year-round. If you see that any of these candles (or any other scents) are out of stock, don’t give up yet. We’re hard at work making more, and they will be back in stock soon. In the meantime, you can sign up for updates using the “notify me when available” black button. Once you give us your email address, we’ll send you a notification as soon as it’s back in stock so you can snap it up before it sells out again.