What Does Verbena Smell Like?

Verbena is a popular scent in home fragrance products, and verbena oil is widely used in everything from flower candles and reed diffusers to cleaning and aromatherapy products. Despite its prevalence, though, many people are unsure what it smells like. 

green verbena leaf isolated

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Verbena has been called everything from magician plant and pigeon grass to plant of mercy and cross plant throughout history. Today, the shrub from which verbena oil is derived is often referred to as lemon verbena or lemon beebrush because of its fruity, citrusy fragrance. Verbena has enjoyed a long, rich history, and it is a lovely aroma to enjoy in your home. 

What Is Verbena? 

The oils used to create verbena candles and other scented products come from the Verbena Officinalis, Thymus hiemallis and Lippia citriodora plants. These deciduous shrubs stand five to sixteen feet tall and grow naturally in China, Kenya, Morocco and the Mediterranean. The fragrance oil produced by distilling the freshly picked plant ranges from light yellow to olive green in color and has a distinctive, instantly recognizable fragrance. 

What Does Verbena Smell Like? 

Verbena starts with a refreshing, lemon-like scent that gradually transforms into a sweet, fruit aroma. It also has grassy notes reminiscent of citronella. The fragrance is lighter and cleaner than that of pure lemon, making it ideal for home fragrance products. It is also widely used in household cleaning products because of its ability to refresh any space without being overpowering or smelling like chemicals. 

What Fragrances Pair Well with Verbena? 

Verbena is a versatile fragrance that is especially captivating when combined with other aromas. As a citrusy scent, verbena pairs well with other citrus fragrances like mandarin and bergamot. It also blends nicely with spice aromas, including black pepper and cardamom. As a top note in personal care and home fragrance products, verbena works well with rose, lavender and other floral fragrances. Verbena smells fantastic with patchouli, sandalwood and neroli too.

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If you would like to fill your home with the fresh scent of verbena, we have the perfect solutions. Several Homesick candles feature this invigorating aroma: 

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Sagittarius Candle

Part of our Astrology collection, our Sagittarius candle features top notes of verbena, sage and thyme paired with mid notes of tobacco, vetiver and musk and base notes of sandalwood and lavender. The tobacco adds just a touch of smoke to this candle’s alluring herbal scent profile and is perfect for anyone with an adventurous side! Even if you weren’t born between November 22nd and December 21st, you can still enjoy this candle’s intoxicating fragrance. Light it up in your living room when you want to freshen up your space without doing any cleaning or keep it in your office for those days when you need an energy boost. 

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Taurus Candle

Our Taurus candle features citrusy verbena as a top note alongside earthy agave and oakmoss. Mid-notes of blue cypress and balsam add a relaxing woodsy feel, while sandalwood and musk round out this sophisticated scent. Both grounding and uplifting, our Taurus candle is perfect for earth signs, but anyone can enjoy its captivating aroma. Ignite this candle when you’re settling in for a cozy date night or when you simply want to indulge your senses in its beautiful aroma. Even if you aren’t a Taurus, you’ll find something to love about this sensual and sophisticated fragrance. 

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Yellowstone Candle

Transport yourself to the beauty and tranquility of Yellowstone National Park with our Yellowstone candle. This candle starts with refreshing top notes of verbena, valencia orange peel and neroli flower. Mid-notes of clove leaves, water hyacinth and blondwood add a softer touch, while amber crystal, washed driftwood and mists of musk provide a perfect balance. With one whiff, you’ll travel from your sofa to the edge of Old Faithful. Both soothing and exciting, our Yellowstone candle is a welcome addition to any room. It’s also an excellent choice for the office. Spending the day at your desk is much more enjoyable when you surround yourself with an aroma that provides a much-needed mental vacation! 

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