What to do When You Are Homesick

Moving away from home, whether for school or for travel, can leave you homesick. Human beings are programmed to identify with one place as their home—somewhere they belong. So it is natural that being away from home would cause a feeling of disconnection from the rest of the world. If you feel upset by the change of scenery or the shift to a new place, then here is what you can do.


Understand the Problem

Many people shy away from admitting that they miss their home. But the first step in dealing with any problem is admitting that there is one. If you find yourself feeling anxious by your new surroundings or isolated, then you are probably homesick. Homesickness can happen to anybody at any age, so there is no shame in it.


Talk about It

You may feel embarrassed or afraid, discussing the fact that you are missing home, but a healthy discussion can be a much needed release. It is always good to talk about how you are feeling.

Go chat with a friend or call up your family. Let them know that you miss them. Talking to people from back home could ease the adjustment into your new place.


Get Familiar with the New

Go out and explore your new area. Have a taste of the local food. Find the spots where you feel most at peace. Familiarizing yourself with your new environment could help you feel less distressed about the distance from home.  



Remind Yourself of the Old

There is no better road to nostalgia than through a reminder of home. If your new place could give you the same feeling that your home did, then it would do wonders for your homesickness. The best way to get that home-like feeling is through the scent. If it smells like it, it feels like it.

There are specialized scented candles you can get that help people through homesickness. These candles, appropriately named Homesick Candles, are made specifically with the signature aroma of each state. The state scented candles can help you feel right at home, no matter where you are. You can learn more about these candles here.