Battle for Tatooine™

$ 88.00 $ 70.40
Experience the saga as never before with Star Wars™ inspired fragrances. 

During the Galactic Civil War, trouble on Tatooine™ forced heroes to face the deadly Death Star™. Bring both candles home and imagine joining the fight for freedom. Pssst... Burn to reveal a secret on the back of the candle labels!  

Top Notes: Bergamot, Agave, Manak Leaves
Mid Notes: Sage Bush, Juniper, White Tuberose
Base Notes: Copal, Japor Tree, Dune Grass

    The Death Star™
    Top Notes: Smoked Amber, Cement, Tobacco
    Mid Notes: Forged Steel, Birch Tar, Sandalwood
    Base Notes: Leather, Frankincense, Black Myrrh

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