The Perfect Gift. Personalized.

Introducing our most personal gifting experiences.

Because personal gifts deserve great packaging.

What's better than receiving a Homesick product from someone you love? Receiving a beautifully packaged Homesick product from someone you love!

Add to the excitement and anticipation by adding gifting experience enhancements during checkout: Tissue Paper, Printed Gift Note, or our (NEW!) Gift Box.

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Your words, handwritten by Homesick

We know how much you love adding personal messages to our Celebration candle collection.

Now, just type your message into the text boxes provided and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team adds each message by hand with the utmost care, preserving the beauty of your words.


Share a message from the heart to the jar.

Simply click the “Make It Personal” button found on each Homesick candle page. Every message uses dishwasher safe, scratch-resistant, low heat printing, so your loved one can keep and reuse the jar as a permanent memento.

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Gifts that keep on giving!

Homesick candles are perfect for repurposing - from drinking glasses, to vases. However you reuse them, you’ll keep the memory of the event or special occasion forever. 

In this guide, Homesick breaks down how to clean candle jars so you can repurpose the glass containers.

How To Repurpose