10 Thoughtful and Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day

She does it all, so why not give her something she’ll really love (and use) on Mother’s Day? While gift cards and another “I Love Mom” mugs are sweet, upgrade Mom this year with one of these thoughtful gifts below.

1. Give Mom the gift that keeps on giving…literally. Gift her with one of many   subscription boxes. Choose a subscription box based on what Mom loves like beauty products, posh nosh, charity or nonprofit lifestyle boxes, wine, and tons more. They’re the perfect way to make Mother’s Day last all year long.

2. Help Mom get quality zzz’s with Under Armour’s Recovery Sleepwear. Not just soft and snuggly, these PJs have a special interior infrared pattern which reflect mom’s energy back in, helping her recover from her long days better. 

3. Every mom needs a Home Hub in her base of operations. Smaller than Amazon’s Echo Show, the Google Home Hub is a more compact dynamo that works seamlessly with Google Photos, Google Assistant, and YouTube. She can gaze lovingly at your summer camp pictures, watch her favorite DIY videos, and have a much-needed assistant to boot.

4. Fill the room with sweet nothings with Homesick’s Mother’s Day candle. Ditch the card and wrapping paper because this candle covers both. You can write sweet notes to your mom with it’s fun Madlibs design. Made with fine fragrance oils, this candle will keep those loving feelings lingering in the air with top notes of bergamot, lavender, and sage, leaving a light, fresh floral scent in the air that makes Mom think of her favorite offspring.  

5. Give Mom a spa certificate for her favorite service or if you’re not sure if she prefers pedicures to massages, just give her a straight dollar amount. For presentation, tie it around a nice lotion or bath bomb.

6. Speaking of, treat Mom to one or more of Herbivore’sfragrant and silky bath salts. In Calm, Detox, and Coconut, there’s sure to be one she’ll love. For bonus points, throw in their Coco Rose Body Polish so extra smooth, soft skin.

7. Got a sporty mom? Treat her to a new, bamboo yoga mat, a new pair of kicks, or a Hidrate Spark,the water bottle that tracks how much H2O mom is drinking each day. After all, 75 percentof Americans are dehydrated. Make sure Mom isn’t one of them.

8. Has Mom repeatedly mentioned she never finds time to read in her hectic day? Give her a gift membership to Audible. She can “read” the latest thrillers, inspiration novels, and everything in between during her commutes, during workouts, and any other time she wants to dive into a different world for just a minute (or hours).

9. Mom dreaming of France but you can’t afford the getaway you know she deserves? Give her a taste of Paris with a Le Creuset French pressand modern café au lait cups with croissant saucers. It’s the perfect way to start her day with a little extra sophistication.

10. Mom got two green thumbs? Treat her to a batch of succulents or an orange tree. Throw in a pot that matches her personality.

 If you’re still stumped, go ahead and grab a gift card, but maybe make the card yourself.