How to Elevate Your CBD Wellness Routine

Undoubtedly, CBD is THE wellness trend of 2019. However, there are so many products flooding the space, it’s hard to know what to use and how to use it. More importantly, which products fill your greatest needs and how can you get into the habit of using them like your old favorites? Here’s a list of our favorite, most sophisticated CBD products and how to incorporate them into your every day.

#1: Wake and Hydrate

You’ve been blissfully asleep dreaming of Mykonos for last eight hours. Now that you’re up, head to the kitchen and get your morning water ready. Drop a little CBD oil to your morning glass of water to benefit from it’s anti-inflammation, pain relieving, and anxiety quelling powers.

#2 Gummy Love on the Go

Maybe you’re sitting on the train or sitting in traffic on your way to work, there’s no better time to pop a CBD gummy. It’s easy to take on the go as needed and is also a tasty treat to brighten your day.  

#3: Get Handsy

At your next masseuse appointment, ask for the CBD massage. It not only eases tightness but decreases inflammation and pain. It’s an ideal fix for a week of working out crazy hard or after that long hiking trip last weekend. Many therapists will use a CBD oil on the body and a CBD balm on the rougher spots like feet and hands. Prefer to go the DIY route? There are several high-quality oils and lotions out there – ask a friend in the know for a recommendation!

#4: Manifest a Calm Center

Light up, but in a different way. Homesick Candles’ Four Twentycandle is a must-have for every CBD wellness ritual. The brilliant mix of cannabis, bergamot, cedarwood, sandalwood, musk, and patchouli will take you from stress to decompressed in the time it takes to strike a match. Let the scents waft by as you remember good times with friends, listening to tunes, and just getting back to your chill, melty center. Play some music, pour a glass of wine, inhale, and relax.

#5: Add it to Your Skincare Ritual

CBD is also showing amazing skincare benefits. Used to fight acne, inflammation, and get a moonlit glow, CBD facial oils are one of the must-have skincare products this year.

They are skin soothing and super hydrating. They can be used as a moisturizer as well as a great glow-giver when very, very lightly dabbed over makeup creating an ethereal aura.

#6: Catch Those ZZZ’s

Add a new tea to your bedtime ritual. CBD teas are just what you need to relax into a tranquil place when you have one of those especially trying days. These are especially good for people who may need a little help with decompressing or have chronic pain. Simple, pour, steep, and sip your way to a blissed-out body and mind.

With any one (or two or more) of these CBD gems, your wellness routine will reach the next level.