6 Reasons Homesick Candles Make the Best Gifts for Friends

There’s something so totally satisfying about finding that perfect gift, one that’s thoughtful, personalized and priced right in the budgetary sweet spot. We strive to ensure that Homesick candles tick all of these boxes and more so that you find the best gifts for friends celebrating any of life’s milestones–from National Best Friends Day (that’s on June 8, in case you were wondering) to birthdays, graduations, weddings and big moves across the country. Here are some of the reasons why our memory-inducing candles make the best gifts for friends.

college town candles

Our college town candles make awesome gifts for your besties from college.

1. They Can Be Sentimental—Whether it’s one of our home state candles that smells like the place you both call home or a national park candle that signifies a special trip you took together, Homesick candles are made to memorialize experiences between close friends. Sentimentality is a good thing to strive for when shopping for gifts, but you don’t want to go overboard. Our candles provide that perfect balance between supremely sweet and overly sappy. 

2. They Can Evoke Special Memories—You know that smells ring bells, and that’s because the part of our brain that triggers memories and emotions works in tandem with the olfactory bulb, which processes incoming smells. We can’t get back those once-in-a-lifetime moments or special periods of our lives, but we can cherish our memories and keep them fresh through smells. Our memory candles evoke reminiscences of birthday parties, beach houses, pumpkin patches, barbecues, libraries and Friday night football games shared with close pals.

3. They Smell Good, Plain and Simple—Our candles are made with premium-quality ingredients and are hand-poured in the United States for the perfect blend of quality and aromatic enjoyment. You’ll want to light them all the time, whether you’re hosting a group of friends for dinner or settling in for a relaxing night in. For example, our Texas candles are infused with notes of leather, pine and citrus, while our Florida candles smell like oranges, bergamot and mangrove wood. Even if you have no connection to the location, you’ll love these candles all the same.

birthday party candle

4. They’re Perfect for Any Occasion—Candles, in general, are among the most versatile gift options out there, since they tend to be crowd-pleasers and work well in all sorts of celebratory themes, like housewarmings, bridal showers and more. Homesick candles come in even more specific themes, so they can be used to honor a huge range of emotions. We’ve given these candles as gifts for friends heading off to college and landing new jobs and to convey the emotion that a friend is missed or in your thoughts.

5. They Suit Any Recipient—With a huge range of aromas available—not to mention a constantly changing assortment of limited edition candles and brand-new releases—it won’t take long for you to find the perfect Homesick candles for all of your closest friends. Places are just the tip of the iceberg with Homesick since we also have options that immortalize unique memories and individual experiences, from first kisses to four-twenty. 

6. They Come in Three Sizes and Prices—Budget should be a consideration when looking for that perfect gift, and these supremely gift-worthy home accents don’t disappoint in that department, either. We offer our richly scented candles in three convenient sizes: 2-ounce mini candles that burn for 10-12 hours, 13.75-ounce regular candles that burn for 60-80 hours and 27.5-ounce three-wick candles that burn for 90-110 hours. Prices range from under $10 to around $55, so there’s an option for basically any budget.

Gifts That Make Recipients Grin

No matter what or who you’re celebrating, there’s a Homesick candle that’s utterly ideal for the occasion. Cities, states, times and places are preserved and poured into jars for your burning pleasure, allowing you to reignite memories you shared with your dearest friends anytime and anywhere. Be sure to browse our complete collection of premium candles to find a wrap-worthy option you’ll be proud to give.