Texas Candle: How We Pour the Lone Star State into a Jar

Spanning an impressive 268,597 square miles, Texas is the second-biggest state in the union, ranking only behind Alaska in terms of size and only behind California in terms of population. The massive, geographically diverse state is home to over 28 million people and five of the country’s top 20 most populous cities, so it simply can’t be categorized. Texas is a medley in every sense of the word, a place where people may be vastly different from one town to the next, but all share one thing in common: Texas pride. It is for this reason, we think, that the Homesick Texas candle is one of our most popular state candles.

So, you ask, how did we manage to compress 268,597 square miles into a 13.75-ounce jar? It wasn’t easy, of course, but our Texas scented candles capture the essence of the Lone Star State to perfection, from the yucca-dotted dunes of the Chihuahuan Desert to the towering palms of the Rio Grande Valley. Anyone who longs for the earthiness, the purity or the spirit of the state will find that this aromatic essential ignites the memory in a truly distinct way. Let us take you on a sweet-smelling tour of the Jumbo State through a handpicked variety of signature Texas aromas.


It’s hard to condense the second-largest state into a relatively tiny jar, but we’ve managed to do it successfully by combining all the most nostalgia-inducing aromas from this great, big state. Our process begins with exploration and discovery of the unique cultures, smells and landscapes that make up a place. In the case of Texas, there’s an overwhelming passion for whatever’s on the table, whether it’s football, barbecue, agriculture or politics. The unexpected diversity—in landscape, especially, but also in food, music and culture—was the biggest inspiration for our wax tribute.

texas sunrise with bluebonnets

Forgive the cliché, but you know what they say about Texas: everything’s bigger there. This is the case with our supremely popular Texas candle, and we didn’t even try to contain it. Here are the aromas we chose to bring you back to Texas, no matter how long you’ve been away. Though they’re all different, they’re all united by the fact that they’re decidedly big and bold.

  • Leather: Whether it’s a pair of freshly oiled cowboy boots, a saddle rode a bit too hard or the untanned leather of a well-worn wallet, there’s something uniquely special about Texas leather. Bringing an aroma of pure earth and the sweetness of the ranch, the scent of leather honors the state’s most famous mascot, the longhorn steer, while reminding locals of the wide-open plains of West Texas. Leather anchors the candle, giving it the natural, down-to-earth vibe that anything and everything Texas-related must possess.
  • Pine: From the dry, desert valleys out West to the estuaries and marshes of the Gulf Coastal Plains, Texas is extremely geographically diverse. We’ve further enhanced our Texas candle by celebrating this diversity through a dash of punchy, earthy pine. Inspired by the population of native pine trees in the state, especially those in the Piney Woods and Lost Pines Forest of East Texas, pine brings a fresh, balanced scent that livens up the room. Pine reminds us that Texas is so much more than barren desert and farmland.

sliced lemons on cutting board

  • Lemon: Thick, freshly picked slices of lemon brighten up the earthy base of the Texas candle, and it’s sure to trigger some nostalgia among anyone born and raised here. Lemons grow in bounty all the way from the Rio Grande Valley up to North Texas. For many natives, growing up in the southern part of the Lone Star State meant picking fresh, perfectly yellow varieties from backyard Meyer lemon trees and squeezing them into tart batches of fresh lemonade to share with the whole neighborhood. The Meyer lemon is nicknamed the Valley lemon in Texas for its popularity in the Rio Grande Valley, so we’ve made sure to capture the complex, slightly spicy aroma of the beloved Meyer variety.
  • Cyclamen: Bringing a burst of winter color and a fine, perfumed aroma, the primrose-like cyclamen is a sight to behold all throughout Texas. This hardy perennial is planted in the fall to keep gardens looking lively in shades of pink, purple and red as the weather begins to cool. We selected cyclamen for Texas because it grows abundantly here and because it arouses the memory of the best time of year in the state, when the harsh weather fades into a mild, comfortable climate. It also adds a dreamy, floral note to this otherwise grounded candle and balances perfectly against the richness of leather, pine, cedarwood and musk. 

potted red and white cyclamen flowers

  • Cedarwood: The lightness of lemon and cyclamen give way to enchanting cedarwood, further anchoring this candle deep into its South Central roots. Texas cedarwood oil is a popular essential oil commonly derived from the drought-tolerant juniper varieties Juniperus ashei and Juniperus deppeana, which both grow in abundance in the southwestern United States. Characterized by a smoky, woody aroma that’s pleasantly sweet and undeniably earthy, this agreeable mid note really pulls you into the Texas forest. 
  • Moss and Musk: Base notes of moss and musk further contribute to the earthy, woody vibe of this candle. The Texas ball moss, found in backyards all over the state, is a member of the Bromeliad family, which also contains pineapple and Spanish moss. The mild, earthy aroma of moss is subtly bright and naturally punchy in this instance. You’ll also notice base notes of musk in the Texas candle, which makes any indoor environment smell pleasantly outdoorsy and animalistic. The base notes of the candle tend to linger a bit longer, giving this candle a rustic smelling quality that lasts.
  • Sage: In Texas, sage is Leucophyllum frutescens, an evergreen shrub that’s not actually a true sage but a flowering evergreen that grows pleasantly scented flowers. The gray-green plant is sometimes nicknamed Texas Ranger, Texas rain sage and Texas silverleaf, and it’s a popular ornamental option in Lone Star state gardens. The final touch of sage in our Texas candle is a fresh but earthy aroma that keeps things supremely down to earth.

what's inside our texas candle graphic


It’s nearly impossible to capture every corner of this massive state in one single product, so we’ve begun working on Texas city candles as well. From the beloved Dallas option that was inspired by the mouthwateringly fragrant smell of a Texas barbecue to the limited edition Austin candle that brings an (appropriately) unique flavor, these candles will delight any diehard Texan and pull you right back to your favorite place.

  • Dallas Candle—Dallasites gush over the supremely popular Dallas Homesick candle, and once you give it a whiff, you’ll understand why. This richly scented candle brings all the comforts of home with top notes of grapefruit, bergamot, leather and smoke with mid and base notes of nutmeg, cedarwood, frankincense, oakmoss and vetiver. In other words, it takes you right back to your happy place (a backyard Texas barbecue, of course) with its smoky-rich flavor and super-earthy aroma. 
  • Houston Candle—Our latest Texas candle celebrates the Space City, the hometown of Beyoncé, Wes Anderson and Kenny Rogers. To capture the special feel of this bayou outpost, we’ve poured its most notable aromas into a jar. It features top notes of sparkling bergamot, white grapefruit peel and mandarin with mid notes of brushed suede, allspice and hay and bottom notes of smoked oud, tobacco leaves and Texas leather. Houstonians will be instantly transported back to the Upper Gulf Coast with this amazingly precise Houston candle.
  • Limited Edition Austin Candle—Austinites, we couldn’t forget you! You bring the flavor (and the weird) to the Lone Star State, and we’re ever-grateful for your special charm. To pay tribute, we released a limited edition Austin candle just for you. Reminiscent of cool summer mornings on Lady Bird Lake and hikes along the Greenbelt, this candle captures Austin’s earthy vibes with notes of pine, leather, lime and cedarwood. Be sure to keep checking to see when the Austin candle will be back, because they sell out fast!

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You know what scents make up our popular Texas-themed candles, but now it’s time to learn about the actual ingredients we use to bring these nostalgia-inducing candles to life. We’ve opted to use soy wax in our premium candles because it’s a plant-based, non-toxic option that burns cleaner than paraffin and other types of wax. Soy wax doesn’t produce black soot, which can stain your walls, curtains and upholstery.

In addition to high-quality soy wax, Homesick candles are produced with custom fragrance oils that we source and blend exclusively for our unique candles as well as premium cotton wicks that help ensure an enjoyable, even burn. The thoughtful combination of high-quality wick and all-natural soy wax ensures that our candles burn for longer, with our mini candles (2-ounce jar candles) burning for up to 12 hours each, our standard-sized candles (13.75-ounce jar candles) burning for up to 80 hours each and our largest candles (27.5-ounce three-wick candles) emitting nostalgic scents for up to 110 hours each.

homesick texas candle with packaging

We know that not everyone has the same memories about a place, and if you’d like to change things up, we recommend elevating your aroma situation by pairing your Texas candle with some of our place-themed fragrance oils. Why not fill the room with an oil that smells like a pumpkin patch in the fall to remind you of special childhood memories back home? Or how about an oil that smells like a new home to take you back to a certain period of your life? There’s no limit to the memories you can stir up with sweetly scented candles and oils from Homesick.


Our Texas candles are great for any current or former Texan. Whether you miss it, love it or simply want to surround yourself in it, this candle will help transport you to another place entirely. We recommend these candles as special going away presents for people moving out of state, as just because gifts for diehard Texas-lovers or as unique reminders to those who have been gone far too long. Homesick candles are the perfect way to keep home with you, no matter where you are.