7 Gifts for New Neighbors (That They’ll Actually Enjoy)

As much as we love a good old-fashioned casserole, there’s something extra-special about surprising a brand-new neighbor with a present they can use over a prolonged period of time. Whether it’s something that wholly embodies the neighborhood or something that helps them get cozy in their new space, your new neighbor will certainly appreciate the thought of a welcome gift. Accompany your hand-delivered casserole with one of the following gifts to enchant any new resident!

  • A State- or City-Themed Candle—This one is appropriate if your new neighbor has relocated from elsewhere. Give the gift of one of our richly scented state candles to help them settle into their new home surrounded by signature, regional aromas. From the sweet but earthy musk of Northern California to the energizing citrus smell of Florida, these candles are always crowd-pleasers. 
  • A Gift Card to a Local Hotspot—Easy yet thoughtful, this gift helps acquaint transplants with the area by introducing them to the hotspots around town. Even better if it’s a locals-preferred restaurant or coffee shop in the neighborhood. If you really want to get creative, put together a list of your favorite spots to eat and drink and ask them to join you on an outing to one of them.
  • A Baked Good or Sweet from a Local Bakery—Nothing says “welcome home!” quite like a dozen cupcakes, donuts or pastries. Local bakeries are a wonderful place to get unique, regional gifts to share, since you usually can’t get them anywhere else in the world. Whether you go with a bakery that’s undiscovered and under-the-radar or massively popular, you can count on big smiles from any new resident when you hand-deliver something sweet. 
dozen artisan donuts
  • A Piece of Local Artwork—Every town has at least one beloved local artist, and if you’ve got a newbie on your hands, you can’t go wrong with this gift. Ideally, it will be something useful and universally pleasing, such as a carved bowl or a ceramic mug. We love this approach because it mixes the housewarming theme with local flair in an effortless fashion.
  • A Candle That Smells Like Home—Looking for a great gift for someone who has moved to a different part of town? Consider giving them something they can use in their home, like a fresh and inviting New Home candle. This is the perfect housewarming present for new neighbors that you don’t know very well yet, since it’s pretty much guaranteed to please everyone. It features an aroma profile reminiscent of fresh linens, clean air and a big, empty house. 
  • A Gift Card for Food Delivery—Everyone who has ever moved knows that it could quite literally be weeks before you get around to stocking the fridge, so giving the gift of dinner is always highly appreciated. It’s even better when you don’t even have to leave the house to get it. With all kinds of delivery apps available these days—and even some restaurants offering their own delivery services—you’ll find something perfect for your new friend. This is also a great strategy because it lets your recipient choose whatever they want to eat.
  • A Creative Gift Basket—Gift baskets are the perfect way to welcome anyone to the neighborhood, but they can, at times, be a bit generic. Instead of your typical fruit-and-cheese basket, get creative and put together an option designed specifically for new homes. We love the idea of giving a new homeowner a basket filled with cleaning supplies, some easy snacks to munch on as they move and a bottle of wine.
housewarming party

Why Give Gifts to New Neighbors?

It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but handing out housewarming gifts to your new neighbors helps build a strong sense of community in your special little corner of the world. Knowing your neighbors, and maybe even building up a friendship over time, will help foster strong feelings of safety, security and happiness throughout the neighborhood. It’s also, quite simply, the neighborly thing to do!