7 Popular Cinnamon-Scented Candles from Homesick

Arousing warmth, comfort and happy memories, cinnamon is one of the most evocative aromas ever. It’s swirled in holiday nogs, baked into apple pies and sprinkled over hot cider, which means it’s forever ingrained into our thoughts of a cozy fall and winter. One sip of earthy, spicy cinnamon and you’re instantly transported to another place and time entirely—the pumpkin patch on a crisp fall afternoon, your mom’s kitchen during the holidays, your favorite bakery.

pumpkin patch candle

Why is cinnamon so appealing to the senses? The spice, which is obtained from the bark of evergreen trees, gets its distinctive aroma mainly from a constituent called cinnamaldehyde, as well as from the constituent eugenol, which gives it its clove-like scent. The spicy-hot but sweet fragrance is a staple in baked goods, teas and candies, and has been employed since ancient times. In fact, it was used as a perfuming agent for embalming in ancient Egypt.

Because of its unique ability to stir up sweet sentiments and because it has a special universality, we use cinnamon as an ingredient in many of our favorite state, city and memory candles. If you adore this spice rack staple as much as we do, you’re definitely going to want to give these dreamy, spicy candles a burn. Here are a few of our favorite cinnamon-scented candles.

1. Grandma’s Kitchen—The most likely place to find warm and spicy cinnamon wafting through the room? Grandma’s kitchen on a Sunday afternoon! This nostalgic sweet apple and cinnamon candle takes you straight back to your childhood, with comforting top notes of butter and apple coupled with cinnamon mid notes that wrap you up like a great, big hug. A sweet finish of sugar and vanilla carries it home.

2. Pumpkin Patch—Can’t you just feel the dry, fall leaves crunching under foot? With this entrancing pumpkin patch candle, you’ll be instantly transported to the countryside on a cool fall day, with hot apple cider and fresh-baked cinnamon rolls to warm you up. The pumpkin spice medley emits aromas of nutmeg, ginger, clove, pumpkin and cinnamon, taking you on a sweet and spicy journey of joy.

3. Colorado—Take a whiff of our cinnamon and spruce Colorado candle and you’ll feel like you’re standing on the top of a mountain breathing in the changing seasons. It features top notes of cinnamon and spruce, giving off a wintry first impression, and then fades into a snowy swirl of sandalwood, snow and cedarwood.

4. Michigan—Sweet meets spicy with this Michigan-inspired chocolate, cherry and cinnamon candle. Taking the best scents from all over the mitten, this dream-inducing candle starts with chocolate, cherry and lemon and then debuts a mid-note medley featuring honeysuckle, rose, ylang, cedarwood and cinnamon.

5. Idaho—Outdoors-lovers adore Idaho, a rustic candle with scents of spruce needles and cinnamon. Creating a cozy aroma inspired by cedar caps, snow lodges and spruce needles, this woodsy candle warms you up from the inside out. With top notes of cinnamon and spruce plus snow, sandalwood, cedarwood and more, this is a must-burn candle when you’re snowed in or curled up by the fire.

6. Massachusetts—With its bright palette of foliage coloring every backdrop in September and October, New England is one of the best places to usher in the fall. This warm cinnamon apple candle captures the special feeling of Mass in autumn, evoking memories of doughnuts, apple cider and jumping into big piles of leaves.

Massachusetts candle

7. New Hampshire—New Hampshire is no stranger to a breathtaking display of changing leaves—not to mention homemade apple cider and bonfires galore—and our cinnamon cider candle brings autumnal memories back into focus, even if it has been years since you experienced them firsthand. Cinnamon, clove, apple, cider and bay draw you into a perfect autumnal scene, complete with hayrides and hot mugs.

The Perfect Fall Candles

No scent is better for ushering in the crisp fall months than cinnamon. Break out the plaid, the ponchos and the pumpkin spice, and don’t forget to light a few of these supremely warming cinnamon candles to really get in the mood. These wonderfully spicy candles keep you warm, cozy and in a happy state of mind all fall and winter.