9 Candle Basket Ideas to Make the Perfect Gift

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Know someone celebrating a special day? Candle baskets make great gifts for first-time homeowners, newlyweds and others who are celebrating momentous occasions and milestones. But if you are stumped for ideas on what to fill the basket with — besides one of our Homesick Celebration Candles, of course — we have you covered. Here are nine candle basket ideas to make the perfect gift, whether it’s for your new neighbors or a significant birthday of someone special.

#1 A Wick Trimmer

Along with a candle, you should also give them a wick trimmer. A wick trimmer isn’t just a piece of decor to place next to the candle. Wick trimmers have a real purpose. They can help maintain your Homesick candle so that the gift keeps on giving, lasting as long as possible. Furthermore, wick trimmers help the candle burn cleaner and safer. Just clip the wick back to a quarter inch. Present Homesick’s wick trimmer in its custom cloth bag or show off its lovely design and metal sheen in your candle gift basket. 

Include a Wick Trimmer to Make the Perfect Candle Gift Basket

#2 A Candle Snuffer

Like a wick trimmer, a snuffer is an elegant and practical candle tool to give along with a candle. Candle snuffers allow a way to extinguish a flame, free of splattered wax or flying embers. While candle snuffers are intended for tapered candles, they work well for pillared and jarred candle containers as well. 

#3 Lighters or Matches

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Another candle basket idea is a lighter or matches. Whether you choose a modern, rechargeable USB lighter or matches that come in a decorative container, it will ensure they can light their candle right away. In fact, you can find matches with heads in different colors to go along with the palette of your gift basket. 

#4 Reed Diffusers

A nice addition or alternative to a candle is a reed diffuser. Homesick offers a variety of reed diffusers designed to match the same scent as the candle. Reed diffusers are a smart alternative to a candle if the person receiving the candle gift basket has children or pets in the household. Plus, a diffuser can keep a home smelling fabulous all day long.

A Reed Diffuser Is a Great Accompaniment or Alternative

#5 A Framed Photo

Is the gift basket for a close friend or family member? Then add a sentimental touch with a framed photo of the two of you together. This is an especially sweet touch for a sibling or a close friend. Dig through your snapshots, both digital and printed, and select something that makes them laugh or brings a tear to their eye. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to bring back fond memories of times spent together. 

#6 A Bottle of Champagne or Wine

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Every celebration calls for some bubbly (or wine if preferred). But, of course, feel free to change it up with a bottle of whiskey or a six-pack of beer too — whatever you think the gift basket recipient will find refreshing! Don’t forget to flesh out the bottle of champagne or wine with a bottle opener and stemware such as flutes or wine glasses. 

#7 Gourmet Treats

Everyone loves some delicious gourmet treats in a gift basket. Think artisanal olive oils, little jars of jams and even cheese and crackers. Basically, select foods that go together on a small charcuterie board. Heck — you can even include a serving board too! Dark chocolate offers a decadent treat also. Just remember that as you collect gourmet treats for your candle basket, consider tastes and smells that complement the candle’s aroma. 

#8 Soothing Tea

Candles offer a warm, comforting glow to the senses — and so does tea! Select a lovely, soothing tea that goes along with the gift basket’s theme and, as you did with the gourmet treats, make sure it doesn’t detract from the candle’s pleasant aroma. For instance, if your candle has notes of vanilla, stick with a sweet-smelling herbal tea. Of course, tea isn’t the only soothing drink you can offer them; coffees, hot chocolate and ciders are all wonderful gifts, especially during certain times of the year like autumn and winter. 

#9 A Good Book

Know someone who loves to read or collect coffee table books? Find a good book to slip into the gift basket alongside the candle or diffuser. Fit it to the theme of the gift basket, of course. If the basket is a housewarming gift, find a book related to the region’s history or something written by a local author. Is the candle basket for a couple who recently tied the knot? Give them a cheeky, fun read with something like The Newlywed’s Instruction Manual.

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Fill your gift basket with one or several of the items listed here, and you are sure to make someone’s day! And don’t forget: Many Homesick’s Celebration Candles can also be personalized with a handwritten note right on the packaging — something they will cherish forever!