Are Scented Candles Toxic? Not Homesick Candles!

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Candles offer lovely gifts for yourself and others. Perfect for the home, they give off a familiar fragrance that carries throughout the room. But what ingredients go into a candle and are scented candles toxic? Maybe, but not ours! Homesick reveals what goes into our candles to make them natural and non-toxic. 

How Are Scented Candles Toxic?

When you burn a scented paraffin candle, microscopic chemical particles are released into the air, which can be harmful to breathe in, especially for specific individuals with asthma or a respiratory condition. Furthermore, these particles can also enter your bloodstream, causing potential long-term health problems, such as cardiovascular disease. 

You can even inhale airborne soot particles from an unsteady, flickering flame. If they make their way to the deeper areas of the lungs or the lower respiratory tract, this too can cause health problems

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Homesick’s Natural, Non-Toxic Ingredients

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Homesick has taken great care to ensure our products are as natural as they can be. From the wick to the glass container and all the contents inside, Homesick candles are non-toxic, making them safe for you and your loved ones. Here’s a glimpse into our ingredients:

Soy Wax Blend

You might see a lot of candles with labels that read “soy wax,” but are soy candles safe? Unlike paraffin, which is a petroleum byproduct of refining crude oil, soy-based candles are safe. While paraffin wax is known to release harmful chemicals, such as toluene and benzene, which have been linked to asthma and lung cancer, soy candles not only offer a cleaner alternative for your health and indoor air quality, but are also gentler on the environment. 

Since soy candles are made of hydrogenated soybean oil, they are very clean-burning. And when you take proper care of your candle, it can produce very minimal soot, sometimes none at all! Just make sure to light them in a well-ventilated space away from drafts or vents that might cause the flame to sputter. 

Organic Cotton Wick

Besides our natural soy wax blend, we also include an organic cotton wick. What makes an organic cotton wick better than any old other wick? Well, for starters, non-organic cotton is produced with pesticides which are harmful to not just your lungs, but the soil and nearby groundwater where it’s grown and harvested. Plus, many standard candles also have wicks bleached with dioxides. 

Instead, Homesick uses premium organic cotton wicks to ensure a completely safe and natural candle. And unlike some candles that use a metal wire core that contains lead, Homesick candles are entirely lead-free.

Glass Jars

Swapping out plastic or metal containers with a glass jar seems like an aesthetic decision. And while, yes, we love the look (don’t you?), there was a more conscious choice behind it all. 

Designing the soy wax and wick’s packaging of glass, we not only avoided single-use plastics, but created a reusable jar you can transform into a planter, pencil holder or even a drinking glass. Don’t have a use for it? Simply toss it in the recycling bin. 

The Best Gift Is a Non-Toxic Gift!

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Candles make great gifts for all kinds of occasions and celebrations, from housewarmings to weddings. So why not give them a non-toxic candle safe for their home and loved ones, too? 

Here’s a small selection of some of our most popular gift-themed candles:

Celebration Candles

Did you know Homesick has a collection of celebration candles that allow you to customize a personal message? Whether you are celebrating a marriage or just want to say thanks to your mom, these soy candles make the perfect natural and non-toxic gift. 

Beach Cottage Candle

Who doesn’t love the beach? With Homesick’s beach candle, you can transport your recipient to somewhere the air smells totally clean and fresh, blowing warm breezes right off the ocean. And what better way to get in touch with the earth than sinking your feet into the warm sand.  

Make It a Party with One of Our Celebration Candles!

Breathe Easier with a Homesick Candle

Whatever Homesick candle you choose, you can breathe easy knowing its ingredients are non-toxic. 

Overall, both our soy candles and reed diffusers offer a safer, natural alternative in a world of toxic scented candles commonly containing harmful ingredients that are best to avoid. Ingredients like lead, parabens, synthetic dyes and phthalates have no place in our bodies or our home. 

So, instead of settling for just any plain candle, find yourself the perfect Homesick candle to remind you of a particularly special place or event.