Can You Refill Reed Diffusers?

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Homesick candles are meant to hold strong memories. And, easy to hold onto, there are countless ideas for repurposing candle jars, from office storage and organization to drinking glasses and growing plants. But if you have an empty Homesick reed diffuser bottle you don’t want to discard, what can you do with it? Simple! Fill it up with a new scented oil. 

Can you refill reed diffusers? Absolutely! It’s very easy and we’ll show you how. Follow these three steps to refill your Homesick reed diffuser bottle and make your own scents. Then, you'll have your home smelling wonderful once again. 

3 Steps for Refilling and Reusing Reed Diffusers

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Even if you follow all the tips and tricks to maintain the oils and reeds, like a candle, reed diffusers will not last forever. But if you are sentimental or nostalgic about your Homesick reed diffuser, you don’t have to let it go. Here are three basic steps for refilling reed diffusers. 

#1 Clean the Diffuser Bottle

Wash and soak the diffuser bottle in a solution of hot water and dishwashing liquid. Give it a thorough rinse and let it dry completely. If it still has a scent and you plan to use another oil blend, repeat the process. 

Be sure to wash any decorative accessories, too. For example, some bottles have charms, tassels and pebbles at the bottom. However, some more porous objects will keep the scent, so you’ll have to decide if you want to toss them. But don’t worry — you can always create or pick up new ones from the craft store!

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#2 Create Your New Oil Blend

The most convenient method is to buy a new oil, which can be found at a home decor store. However, you can also create your own DIY blend using carrier oils and essential oils. There’s an art to pairing and blending essential oils, so follow some basic steps and learn how to combine oils and carriers properly.

You may not be able to capture a scent quite as unique as our beach oil diffuser that smells like walking along the shore as the afternoon tides wash in driftwood, but playing with scent combinations can be a fun experiment. So head to an arts and crafts store and plan a weekend DIY project. One extra tip: Make the oil blend in a separate container to store away for future refills.

#3 Add the Oil and Reeds

Once you find a pleasant scent, pour it into your Homesick reed diffuser’s repurposed bottle. If you make a large batch in a big container, use a funnel to pour the liquid mixture without making spills.

Lastly, slip a few fresh reeds into the oil. It may take some time for them to absorb, but once they do, your home will be smelling fresh again. This brings us to the next subject.

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Can You Reuse the Diffuser Reeds?

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As you refill your reed diffuser, one question you might be wondering is, “Can I reuse diffuser reeds?” Unfortunately, no. Once the reeds become saturated with a specific scent, you wouldn’t want to use them in another oil. And despite how long you soak them in water, the oils cannot be washed out either. Even if you are still enjoying the scent of a Homesick reed diffuser, the reeds themselves can last anywhere from two to eight months, depending on the size of the bottle. 

The good news is that reeds are easy to replace and very inexpensive. You can buy a 100-count pack for less than $8 that will last a long time. So do yourself a favor and restock for your newly refilled diffuser.

Refill Your Homesick Reed Diffuser Today!

Now that you know you can refill reed diffusers, you don’t have to worry about tossing the bottle once your oil runs dry. Instead, check out Homesick’s variety of reed diffuser scents and fragrances. Once you’ve enjoyed them, you can wash out the bottle and get creative, refilling the container with your own scents. 

Reed diffusers are extremely low maintenance. All you have to do is flip the reeds every once in a while or add more reeds if the fragrance is not as strong as you would like. Reed diffusers will also last a long time, so it will be a while before you ever need to refill them.