6 Homesick Candles That Smell Like Cologne

Cologne is one of the most evocative aromas around, as it has the tendency to trigger memories of our favorite guys — dads, grandpas, uncles, boyfriends and husbands. That’s why we always keep a variety of cologne-inspired candles in the rotation. Whether you’re looking for the best candles for men or simply want to fill your space with that sweet, sweet nostalgia, you’ll find a great option here. 

Pittsburgh Candle

Notes Associated with the Smell of Cologne

When we think of classic cologne smells, the first descriptor that probably comes to mind is masculine, although these gender associations are not as firm as they once were. In fact, popular scents like musk and wood have become hugely popular in both men’s and women’s fragrances in the past several years, and they are now placed firmly in the unisex pile. With that being said, there are definitely some aromatics and oils we strongly associate with men’s cologne, including bourbon, sandalwood, leather, spice, tonka bean, cinnamon and clove.

What does sandalwood smell like? Get the inside scoop on this beloved aromatic on the Homesick blog.

Remember in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, when Hallie said the smell of peppermint and pipe tobacco reminded her of her grandfather? The smoky aroma of tobacco mixed with fresh, spicy or sweet scents can really round out a good candle. Oh, and let’s not forget the cologne OG — musk! This heavy, woodsy and earthy aromatic is actually named because it was harvested from the male musk deer, who uses it to attract mates. Sexy, right?

Denver Candle

The Best Cologne-Inspired Candles

Now that we’ve got a good idea for what essential oils to look for in cologne-like candles, let’s explore a few of the most popular options from Homesick.

  • Pittsburgh — You don’t have to be a Steel City native to light this heavenly scented candle. Featuring notes of sandalwood, clove, smoke, steel, spring water, cinnamon, vanilla, tonka bean and musk, it brings a multidimensional yet masculine aroma that evokes the memory of your favorite guy.
  • Texas — If your idea of cologne is a little more on the rustic, manly-man side, then you’ll love the Texas candle. Featuring notes of leather, pine needles, lime, cedarwood, moss, musk and cyclamen, the Lonestar State vibes are strong with this one.
  • Vermont — For that classic, old-school cologne aroma, look for cinnamon-scented candles with undertones of spice, like our Vermont candle. It combines apple peel, maple and eucalyptus top notes with base notes of cinnamon, baked pie crust and clove for a woodsy fall vibe. The vanilla, sandalwood and amber undertones tie it all together.
  • Denver — Capture that woodsy cologne vibe with this candle inspired by the Mile High City. It’s packed with essential oils honoring all the most classically masculine scents — bergamot, fir, pine, patchouli, cedarwood, amber, moss and more. It’s also got a hint of hemp because, well…Colorado.
  • West Virginia — Capturing a bouquet of our favorite cologne components, the Homesick West Virginia candle brings a little sweetness to the room. It starts with top notes of bourbon, maple and chocolate, followed by mid notes of honeysuckle and vanilla and base notes of sugar cookie and musk. Perfection.
  • Road Trip — Reminiscent of great adventures with the guys, the Road Trip candle combines notes of lime, leather, marine, fresh air, cedarwood, amber and jasmine for a spicy yet manly fragrance that reminds you of the open road. Naturally, it also comes in a car freshener for your journey.

No matter if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your favorite guy — especially one who has recently moved into a new place or is celebrating a big milestone — or simply love traditionally masculine smelling candles, you’ll go crazy for these classic cologne candles from Homesick.