Our 10 Best Candles for Men

Anyone of any gender can buy whatever candle they want, but it’s true that as a society we associate certain scents with either a more masculine or more feminine profile. Most scents considered “masculine” tend to be on the stronger, darker side, featuring notes of wood, whiskey, leather, smoke and musk as opposed to something more floral or fruity. With that in mind, here are 10 of our best candles for men or anyone who loves a more masculine scent:

Road Trip Candle

Road trips are where memories are made and friendships are forged. This candle will remind you of those days when you were a free spirit cruising down an open highway–seeing sights that were new, tasting local foods, keeping the schedule open for spontaneous new adventures. Hit the road without ever leaving home with scent notes that include amber, musk, paper and jasmine.

Four Twenty Candle

Light up without fretting over local laws with our cannabis candle. Relive long nights filled with deep conversation and laughter, outdoor concerts in the park, summer days in the sand and afternoons spent lying on the floor listening to your favorite album. Other scent notes include bergamot, cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli and musk.

Nashville Candle

Music City is a perfect weekend getaway—but if you can’t make the trip, this candle will bring the scents of Nashville into your home. This candle smells like cedarwood and tobacco from your favorite local honky-tonk, decadent southern sweets from Loveless Cafe and strong pours of that famous Tennessee whiskey. Other scent notes include vanilla, tonka bean, musk, honey and sandalwood.

Alaska Candle

Alaska Candle

Travel to America’s Last Frontier on the scent of mountain spruce mixed with winter snow and glacial accents. Underlying tones of forest moss and crisp winter air will bring you right back to the largest state in the union. Given Alaska’s cold climate, this is also the perfect candle to burn during the winter months. Other scent notes include amber, musk, ocean and peppermint.

Colorado Candle

Transport yourself to the beautiful Rockies of Colorado with a candle that mixes fresh notes of spruce needles and spice. Recall the changing of the seasons and the gorgeous fall aspens as the candle burns through with elements of melting snow, cedar, sandalwood and the lightest hint of cinnamon. Other scent notes include amber, musk and sandalwood.

Nebraska Candle

Close your eyes while burning this candle and you just might think you’re back in the open spaces of Nebraska. Experience the Cornhusker State with notes of rich football leather, fresh cut hay and rolling thunderstorms, finished with just a bit of spicy tonka bean. Other scent notes include amber, jasmine and bergamot.

Tennessee Candle

Experience the nuanced joys of Tennessee's rich cultural heritage with a fragrance reminiscent of steeped bergamot, tea, single-malt whiskey and magnolias. Pressed lemon and spicy cloves balance woody notes of patchouli, sandalwood and delicate oil guaiac wood. Other scent notes include lemon, clove and musk.

Texas Candle

Texas Candle

Alaska may be the largest U.S. by area, but Texas looms just as large thanks to its widespread cultural influence. Head back to the Lone Star State with this leather and pine candle that balances the big bold scents of Texas with touches of thick lemon slices, floral cyclamen and earthy sage. Other scent notes include moss, musk and lime.

Utah Candle

If we captured a ski lodge in a candle, this would be it.  Recall the snow-capped mountains of Utah with the scent of fresh powder snow and spruce trees. Woody notes of cedar and sandalwood mix with cinnamon spice for a perfect hint of sweet after a day on the slopes. Other scent notes include amber and musk.

Wyoming Candle

This wintry campfire candle smells just like a crackling fire on a chilly December night. Inhale the cold winter air and a roaring campfire with scents reminiscent of pine needles crunched underfoot, rich cedar and sandalwood, and spice notes of cinnamon, clove and picked mint. Other scents include amber, musk and patchouli.

Whether you’re looking for the best candles for men or simply love a more masculine scent regardless of your gender, any of these 10 candle scents is a great choice. And don’t forget to check the full range of scents we offer, including all 50 states!