Our 7 Best Candles for Home

a new home candle

Homesick candles come in various scents, inspired by everything from cities and tropical escapes to fond memories and special celebrations. As a whole, homesick candles are known for transporting you to a favorite destination and reigniting long-lost memories. However, we offer so much more. If you’re looking for an everyday candle to add a pleasant aroma to the home, we have those too! Here are homesick’s seven best candles for the home that we know you’re sure to love.  

#1 The New Home Candle

Whether it’s to say congrats to a friend on buying their first home or to welcome the new neighbors with a housewarming candle, The New Home candle has to be our best candle for the home. It smells like freshly pressed linen sheets and new opportunities and decorating ideas with notes of jasmine, sandalwood and musk. Nothing says welcome home like a housewarming candle. 

What Better Choice for a Home than a Housewarming Candle?

#2 The Book Club Candle

book club candle beach cottage diffuser

Ever wanted a home library or simply enjoy curling up with a good book on a rainy day? Then you’ll love this book-scented candle. With top notes of nutmeg and orange, paired with sandalwood, balsam and amber, book club can make a house feel like a home with stacks upon stacks of leather-bound and paperback novels. 

#3 The Home Office Candle

Are you working remotely these days? If you have a home office setup, like many of us, keep your desk and workspace smelling pleasant and refreshing. The home office candle offers notes of fresh air, water lilies and cinnamon to give a boost of energy along with heliotrope petals, amber and patchouli to relax the mind. In other words, ignite this candle to create a harmonious aroma that promotes calm and focus for a better work-life balance. We also carry a home office reed diffuser you can keep on your desk to emit the scent as soon as you “arrive” to work.

#4 Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

Grandma’s kitchen is another wonderful candle for the home, but especially the kitchen. If you love the smell of fresh-baked cookies straight out of the oven, this is a must-have candle, for you, Granny or anyone who misses grandma’s cooking. Sweet, sugary notes of apple and sugar cookie paired with savory touches of butter, cinnamon and vanilla will instantly make your home feel warm and loved. It smells like getting a big hug from Grandma.

#5 The Beach Cottage Candle

The Beach Cottage Candle

If you love the smell of salty breezes and afternoon tides, be sure to pick up one of homesick’s beach candles. You don’t have to live in a cottage by the shore to appreciate this driftwood and boardwalk-scented candle. Leave it on a bathroom vanity in your home to elevate your baths into a spa-like experience and transport you to the ocean tides.

Transport to the Ocean with Our Beach Candles

#6 The Gone Hiking Candle

Love the smell of the great outdoors? Want to transport your apartment to your favorite hiking trail or camping site? Our gone hiking candle can do exactly that! With scents of tall pine, fresh waters, moss, ivy and hints of jasmine, this option is perfect for the outdoorsy type. Plus, it serves as a great Christmas or birthday gift for one’s adventurer friend. 

#7 The Winter Mantel

The Winter Mantel

Our home candles span all kinds of seasons too — not just spring! Looking for home candles to enhance and warm wintry moods? The winter mantel candle is a must-have candle for the holiday season. Light this candle for scents of eucalyptus and fresh spruce mixed with holly berries. You don’t even need a fireplace mantel to keep this festive candle around. Simply rest it on a coffee table to transport you to an old-world, Dickens-inspired Christmas home.

Explore the Entire Collection of homesick Candles

If you plan to ignite one of these seven best candles for home frequently, we encourage you to grab a bundle. If you light the candle every day to keep your home smelling lovely and fresh, it’s always a wise idea to stock up while you can. Of course, you may be wondering: How long do candles last? While it depends a lot on how well you maintain your candle, homesick candles have an average burn time of 60 to 80 hours. However, you can make your candle last longer by taking care of it and trimming the wick when needed. Just something to keep in mind when ordering your favorite candles for your home and as gifts.