How Long Do Candles Last?

Have you ever noticed that some candles tend to last months while others burn down in days? You’re not imagining things! There is quite a broad spectrum of candle burn times, with discrepancies of 30 to 40 hours from brand to brand. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to the question of how long candles last. It depends on a variety of factors, from the ingredients used to make the candles to your approach to candle care. However, there are some ways to lengthen the life of your candle and get the most burn for your buck.

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Burn Time Basics

Generally, when we’re talking about the lifespan of candles, we’re talking about a factor known as burn time. Burn time refers to the number of hours a candle will stay lit without being extinguished. Good candle companies (ahem, Homesick) will always list burn time. For larger candles — 12 ounces and up — a great range is somewhere between five and eight hours per ounce. Keep in mind that large candles and those with long or multiple wicks will burn much faster than small votives and single-wick candles.

How to Make Candles Last Longer

How long candles last depends largely on the following factors. Luckily, there are some pretty amazing tricks you can use to make your candles last longer. Here are a few important things to do to keep the flame alive.

  • Buy Long-Lasting Candles — Step one in your candle longevity journey: buy long-burning candles! Look for high-quality soy blend candles made with premium ingredients. Soy is better than paraffin in candle-making because, not only does it burn cleaner with fewer toxins and unwanted chemicals, but it also burns slower. This can help you fill your space with a robust scent that lasts longer and throws more evenly throughout your home so you don’t get any big, overwhelming bursts that overpower or cause headaches.
  • Trim the Wicks — Always use a wick trimmer and trim the wick of your new candles before lighting them. This ensures that the flame doesn’t have too much wick to burn, which could result in it burning too quickly or unevenly. Always trim the wick down to between an eighth and a quarter of an inch before lighting in order to promote a slower, more consistent burn.
  • Learn Burn-Down Tricks — Admit it: You’ve tossed out a candle that still had some wax in the jar once or twice, haven’t you? Don’t worry, we’ve all done it! Sometimes the idea of digging out a buried wick or melting stubborn wax just feels like way too much work, and who has time for that? But burning your candles all the way down to the bottom of the jar is one of the best ways to get the most burn for your buck, so to speak, so you want to do everything you can to burn it to the very last drop. Read our guide on how to burn a candle all the way down for the best tips and tricks. 
  • Avoid Drafts — Do your best to light candles only in confined, draft-free spaces. If you light a candle in the breeze of a fan or open window, the current will cause the flame to burn quickly and unevenly, which will prevent it from burning entirely when the wick gets towards the bottom. The windowsill or a room with a fast-moving ceiling fan isn’t the best place for a lit candle, especially if you want it to last as long as possible!

The Best Long-Burning Candles

Ready to experience amazing scents, hour after hour? If it’s burn time you seek, you can’t go wrong with our high-quality scented candles. Homesick candles boast a relatively long burn time — most of our hand-poured soy wax candles will stay alive for up to 80 hours. How does that stack up? We don’t want to talk down on other brands, but suffice it to say that some of the most popular candle brands don’t even burn for half as long in a similar size.  

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Knowing how to lengthen the life of your candles is an excellent way to make your dollar go further and get the most out of every candle you burn! Be sure to follow these tips for the best candle lifespan.