Our Best Candles for Men: Finding the Gift He’ll Love

Best Candles for Men

Looking for a homesick candle with a more masculine profile? We have you covered! Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for a guy friend or your partner, homesick carries a huge variety of candles with strong masculine scents. Leather and suede, smoke and musk, even grassy notes with hops — we have the best candles for men he’s sure to love! Take a look at this collection for ideas and inspiration. 

#1 The Bud Light Tailgate Candle

The Bud Light Tailgate Candle

Have a fella or buddy who loves tailgating parties? Then get him the Bud Light candle. A collaboration with Anheuser-Busch, the Tailgate candle smells just like game day: a brand new team jersey, the smell of smoking charcoal on the grill and grassy notes of hops and lawn chairs. Ignite this Bud Light Tailgate candle and turn the living room into a stadium without leaving the lounge chair. 

A Bud Light Candle’s Great for When the Guys Come Over for the Game

#2 The Budweiser Backyard BBQ Candle

The Budweiser Backyard BBQ Candle

If your guy is the unchallenged barbecue king of the tailgating party, he’s gonna love the Budweiser backyard barbecue candle. In total Americana fashion, this backyard BBQ candle smells like a summer picnic table spread loaded up with smoky seared links, shredded pork and pitchers of lemonade. Refreshing beer shandy, anyone?   

#3 The Summer Camp Candle

Looking for summer candles that remind him of camp? Notes of fresh, dewy grass, blooming jasmine, sandalwood and sunscreen will transport him to an evening around the bonfire. What does sandalwood smell like? Exotic, smooth and warm, sandalwood smells like taking a seat on a cut log bench and letting any troubles melt away with the glowing sunset. 

#4 Ski Trip Candle

Does your guy prefer powder over pools? Then check out the ski trip candle. It smells like a full day shredding the slopes and capped off with a piping hot mug of chocolate cocoa. Lending further delight to the ski trip candle are cedar and guaiac wood notes that transport you into a mighty ski lodge with a stone fireplace and beams overhead. Grab the ski wax — the ski trip candle, that is! And if he’s not a big candle guy, we offer a ski trip reed diffuser, too. Or get him the ski trip car freshener so he can’t take the great scent on-the-go!

#5 Oktoberfest Candle

Raise your stein and toast to the autumn harvest season with the Oktoberfest candle. With scents of pumpkin, warm doughy pretzels, spices and golden hops, this fall-inspired candle will transport you to a Bavarian folk festival filled with yodeling and laughter.

#6 The Road Trip Candle

Does your wanderlust guy have an insatiable thirst for travel and believe he’s Jack Kerouac reincarnated? Then meet the road trip candle. With top notes of leather and marine, it smells like cruising along the highway in a classic convertible, wind in the hair and singing to your favorite tunes with a good friend. Ignite the road trip candle to remind him of those free-spirited days. We even have a road trip car freshener — because of course we do!

#7 The Black Tux Candle

The Black Tux Candle

Make him feel like he’s stepping out in style, dressed to the nines. Dapper and robust, the black tuxedo candle is loaded with the perfect balance of gentlemanly scents. Think buffed leather shoes, oak-casked bourbon and the hint of tobacco from a celebratory cigar. This candle also makes a thoughtful gift for groomsmen, combined with a personalized message.  

Allow Him to Showcase His Handsome Side with Our Black Tuxedo Candle

#8 Four Twenty

If the special guy in your life loves to unwind after a long work day, is the adventurer type who can’t help but attend every concert that comes into town or simply loves a relaxing evening with friends and laughter, the homesick four twenty candle may be what you’re looking for. But don’t worry, this won’t leave anyone’s home smelling like a cannabis farm. We added notes of bergamot, cedarwood, sandalwood, musk and more, making it perfect for any guy. 

#9 Gone Hiking Candle

Being one with the wilderness seems to be a part of every man’s core. With this gone hiking candle, it will get them in touch with their primitive instincts too. Hints of sandalwood paired with pine, cedarwood and moss will make a guy’s territory smell like a dense forest surrounded by tall pines and a rushing, trout-filled river running through. 

Explore Our Best Candles for Men and More

While we think these are homesick’s best candles for men, there are plenty of other candles with masculine scents too. Choose from our state candle collection to recall scents of the spruce and aspen trees of the Colorado Rockies or the fresh scent of the glacial Alaska frontier. We also carry city candles like the Nashville candle that offers hints of whiskey and Pittsburgh with steely, smoky notes. Shop homesick candles for your guy or buddy today!