Our Favorite Winter Candle Scents for the Season

Our Favorite Winter Candle Scents for the Season

With winter around the corner and the first snowflake weeks away, Chionophiles rejoice! If you consider yourself a creature that thrives in cold conditions, appreciates the crunch of freshly fallen snow or are simply content to hibernate as you watch the white blanket cover the streets outside, we get you! 

And, let’s face it. While some of us enjoy the colder climates and seasons, there’s still nothing better than coming into a warm home, striking a match and lighting a fire to take off the chill. But if you don’t have a fireplace, a candle is the next best thing. And, boy, do we have the perfect candles for you.

Here are some of our most loved winter candle scents for the upcoming season. Whether you love the mind-clearing scent of freshly fallen snow or your grandma’s homemade baked apple pie around the holidays, there’s a Homesick candle that will bring back a flood of memories. 

Explore below our entire collection of winter candle scents for the season and find your favorites.

The Nutcracker Candle

The Nutcracker Candle

If you fill your home with the classical melodies of Tchaikovsky around the winter season, the Nutcracker candle is a must! Keep it nearby on the fireplace mantel, along with your collection of nutcrackers, of course. The Nutcracker candle features top notes of spicy cinnamon and clove along with a nutty pecan, lending the aroma of spiced nuts and other winter holiday snacks. Mid-notes of sandalwood and wintermint offer a fresh, woodsy scent that breaks through the treat-like decadence, as ginger, vanilla and musk offer an earthy grounding foundation. 

Have your own little sugar plum fairies dancing around? If you want to skip the candle for fear of spills and burned fingers, Homesick offers many of our winter candle scents in a reed diffuser as well. Check out our Nutcracker Reed diffuser. Keep it high on the mantel surrounded by stockings, garlands and a bowl of pecans to crack. Or keep it on the bathroom countertop for your next holiday party.   

Know someone who never misses a performance of The Nutcracker, whether it’s their kids’ school play or a professional ballet production? Then they will adore The Nutcracker candle or reed diffuser. But it also makes a fantastic gift for a ballerina or lover of classical music. 

Winter Mantel Candle

Winter Mantel Candle

The Winter Mantel candle smells like decked halls and boughs of holly. Top notes of Fraser fir and holly berry carry this festive scent down the stair rail, across the mantel and throughout the home to welcome in the holiday season. Invigorating eucalyptus leaves, romantic mistletoe and fresh spruce accentuate the scent even further, as subtle notes of sugar and cedar lend a sweet and warm woodsy foundation. 

Just like The Nutcracker, the Winter Mantle candle is another scent that Homesick offers with a matching reed diffuser. The Winter Mantel reed diffuser is perfect for — well — your mantel, but many other places around the home as well. Place it in the powder room during a holiday party or in the guestroom for when your guests find themselves snowed-in on a winter’s eve. Wherever you place this bottle of oils and reeds, it is sure to make your home smell like winter. 

The Winter Mantel candle makes an especially wonderful gift for festive occasions. Present it as one of several items in a Christmas-themed gift basket or bring it into the office to spread some festive cheer at your desk. Have a daughter away at college who misses the chilly winter seasons of home? Send them a flame-free Winter Mantel reed diffuser that they can keep in the dorm. 

Make Your Home a Winter Wonderland with The Nutcracker Candle

Ski Trip Candle

Ski Trip Candle

Love escaping to an alpine lodge after a long day of shredding powdery slopes? Then you will love our Ski Trip candle. The natural soy-based Ski Trip candle offers top notes of frosted air and warm amber, lending a smell that reminds one of snow melting off  jackets while sitting by a roaring fire. 

Mid-notes of cinnamon, cocoa and guaiac wood warm up the soul even further. The scent of this candle might even make you crave a cup of piping-hot cocoa straight from the Swiss Alps. Then top it off with grounding base notes of cedar, vanilla and patchouli to transport you to the grand forests of the Colorado Rockies, Utah and other cedar-lined mountaintops where the snow is pillowy and perfect. 

Know someone who loves snow sports? The Ski Trip candle makes an excellent gift for skiers and snowboarders alike. Pair it with some thick merino-wool socks or some board wax to prepare them for the upcoming winter season on the slopes.

Holiday Stroll Candle

Holiday Stroll Candle

The winter season is practically synonymous with the spirit of giving. But you have to go shopping first! So, for those who love to hit up the pop-up holiday markets about town hunting for that perfect gift for all your special someone, the Holiday Stroll candle is for you! With mid-notes of blackberries and lemon and tart top notes of red currants and sugar plums, this candle will transport you to a bustling square with boutique markets, each stocked with various delicious gourmet treats and handmade trinkets. This scented candle is sure to get you in the generous holiday spirit. 

Love the sound of our Holiday Stroll candle’s scent? Check out our Holiday Stroll diffuser too. Or get one of each, placing them throughout the home, so it smells like a holiday market filled with decadent treats and ivy-grown storefronts. 

Our Holiday Stroll candle and reed diffuser make wonderful holiday gifts. The perfect way to celebrate the joyous season of giving, whether your loved ones or associates celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or just appreciate the end-of-year festivities. Taking a stroll under twinkling holiday lights can give just about anyone a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 

Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

Nothing beats grandma’s cooking — hands down, plain and simple. And when you ignite Homesick’s Grandma’s Kitchen candle, you will be transported to a warm kitchen filled with the scent of a fresh-baked apple pie, pulled straight from the oven. Buttery top notes, along with apple and cream, make your apple pie slice a-la-mode with a scoop of freshly churned vanilla ice cream. 

The Grandma’s Kitchen candle also offers mid-notes of cinnamon and clove, along with base notes of sugar cookies and vanilla that remind you of snickerdoodles or whatever sweet treat she brought to the holiday party. Lighting this candle is like feeling the biggest, warmest hug — while your face is stuffed with homemade treats.

This winter candle scent also makes a wonderful gift around the holiday season. Slip it into a care package for someone who misses Granny’s pie back home. Or surprise your grandmother with her own candle, including a personalized message on the container’s label and a handwritten note on the box. It’s a gift the recipient will cherish forever, almost as much as their grandmother’s cooking. 

Nothing Screams the Holidays Like Our Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

Latkes and Lights

Latkes and Lights

Celebrate Hanukkah? You don’t have to wait for one of the eight consecutive December nights to light this candle. The Latkes and Lights candle features top notes of baked apple, butter and potato that smell just like your Bubbie’s savory latkes and homemade applesauce. Vanilla, sugar and musk offer a sweeter foundation that rounds out this savory scent while mid-notes of the symbolic pomegranate and buttery pound cake calls to mind a powdered sugar-dusted apple cake. 

So, celebrate the Festival of Lights and light the Latkes and Lights candle, along with the ceremonial menorah candles, as the little ones play with their spinning dreidels at the dining room table. 

Homesick’s Latkes and Lights candle is the perfect gift for Jewish students away at college who might be missing home. This Hanukkah-scented candle also makes a thoughtful gift for friends, coworkers and family members who celebrate their Jewish faith. 

Why Homesick Candles and Reed Diffusers? 

Homesick candles are the best candles you will find. Each glass container is hand-poured with a natural soy wax blend and features a premium 100-percent organic cotton wick. From wax to container, the entire product is non-toxic and free of lead, plastics, parabens, synthetic dyes, phthalates and other harmful ingredients. Furthermore, each candle offers a long-lasting burn — roughly 60 to 80 hours! This means you can enjoy your favorite candle time and time again. And when you are done, simply upcycle the glass container to remember the special occasion or holiday.  

Be sure to make your Homesick candle last as long as possible. Learn basic candle care and purchase one of our wick trimmers to help maintain your candle.

Like the idea of one of our winter-scented reed diffusers instead? Homesick reed diffusers are just as natural as our candles. Whether you choose The Nutcracker diffuser, Winter Mantel diffuser, or Holiday Stroll diffuser, it is handcrafted with the finest essential oils and is free of toxic chemicals. 

Homesick reed diffusers come in a four-ounce bottle that should last roughly two to three months. However, this depends on various factors, such as how often you use it and how frequently you rotate or change the reeds. Homesick suggests flipping the reeds every two to three weeks for a fresh scent. 

Want to keep the oils and reed diffuser around for the next winter season? Just remove the reeds, cap the bottle and store it in a cool, dry and dark place (like a closet). That way, you can bring it out again next winter.

ski trip candle

Smell Homesick’s Favorite Winter Candle Scents 

Deck the halls, fireplace mantle and more with one of these Homesick winter candle scents. With aromas inspired from evergreen trees, seasonal fruits and other natural elements like snow and brisk air, these winter candle scents will make your home inviting for guests and visitors and offer a warm homey glow all winter long. 

And, hopefully, we’ve provided some inspiration for gift ideas, too, whether you slip a candle in a care package or personally hand it to your friend as a hostess gift for a holiday party. Looking for more ideas? Learn what to put in a care package to create the perfect gift for someone who is close to your heart, though they may live far. Create a spa-themed care package with a candle or offer a gift basket with holiday-related items like a soothing candle, bag of fresh coffee beans and a nostalgic framed photo of the two of you together.

Homesick candles were made to spark memories of special events and occasions in our lives. Whether it’s gathering around the fireplace to get warm after a day on the slopes of the Rockies or spending time with your grandmother learning a new recipe, Homesick candles will take you back to that special place in your heart. 

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