How Many Reeds in a Diffuser?

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Homesick candles offer a wonderful addition to any home, emitting fragrances that can take you back to a place and time long forgotten. However, suppose you want to avoid candles for personal reasons or prefer to use a flameless reed diffuser instead that offers scents all day long. In that case, Homesick offers many reed diffuser fragrances in the same scents as our candles. 

But if you’ve never used a reed diffuser before, you might have a lot of questions. For instance, “How does a diffuser work?” or “Can you refill reed diffusers?” Of course, one of the biggest questions we receive is regarding the number of reeds to place in the oil. 

How many reeds should you place in a diffuser? That depends. Below are some considerations to make when deciding the number of reeds. 

What Size Reeds Are Best?

Reeds are offered in various thicknesses, ranging from 2.75 mm to 3.25 mm. Obviously, the thicker the reed, the more the scented oil is collected and dispersed throughout the room. However, usually a 2.75 mm reed is the most common size. This being said, the wider the reed, the fewer the reeds that will fit in the neck of your reed diffuser bottle. 

A Reed Diffuser Offers a Great Scent 24/7

The More Reeds, the Stronger the Scent

How many reeds should you add to your diffuser? This often comes down to personal preference and even how sensitive you are to smells. The more reeds placed in the oil diffuser bottle, the stronger and farther the scent will carry. Homesick reed diffusers come with five reeds, which can be added or removed, depending on how much of a scent presence you like.

However, while we think five reeds should be more than sufficient for most people, you can always add more! The good news is that reeds are extremely inexpensive and easy to find. 

Scent Too Subtle? Try Flipping the Reeds First

If your oil diffuser isn’t putting out enough of a scent, don’t go adding more reeds just yet. First, try flipping the reeds already there, allowing the moist ends to stick up out of the bottle. Another reason your scent might not be very noticeable is that it’s in too large of a space. For larger rooms, it’s best to use several reed diffusers, ideally on opposite ends of the room. 

If you do all these things and still desire a stronger scent, you can always add an extra reed or two. 

The More Reeds, the Faster Your Oil Will Evaporate

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Okay, so adding more reeds and flipping the reeds will provide a stronger scent. However, there is one disadvantage: the more reeds in the bottle, the faster the oil will evaporate. As the reeds absorb and emit the scent, the oils will slowly dissolve away. So this is something to always keep in mind. 

To give you an idea, Homesick reed diffusers come in a bottle with four ounces of scented oil. If used continuously with the provided five reeds, this four-ounce size will last roughly two to three months. However, we want you to enjoy your reed diffuser for as long as possible, which is why we suggest flipping the reeds every two to three weeks. Any more frequent and you will be sorry to see your favorite scent go. 

While many oil diffuser brands recommend you flip the reeds every week, Homesick’s high-quality oils are long-lasting, so you can enjoy it for an entire season like our autumnal-inspired pumpkin diffuser that smells like a pumpkin patch. Alternatively, you can simply cap it away for the next time you’re missing your favorite destination or home. 

Fall into Autumn with Our Pumpkin Diffuser

Place Your Diffuser Away From Ventilated Areas

One of the easiest ways to make your oil diffuser evaporate faster is by placing it near an AC unit, dehumidifier or near doorways. Of course, you might want to position the diffuser in an entryway to welcome you home with a lovely scent, but keep it far enough away from the door to prevent the reeds from drying out. 

When you place an oil diffuser near these drafty areas, in the end, it doesn’t matter how many reeds you put in the diffuser. The scent will be lost. 

How Many Reeds Will You Add to Your Diffuser?

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So, how many reeds should be in a diffuser? Everyone has different olfactory senses, so whether you have a minimal amount of reeds or stuff the bottle to the gills is entirely up to you. We just want you to be aware of how many reeds affect the oil inside and how long it can last with proper care.