Gift Basket Goals: How to Ship Candles and Other Gifts

Gift Basket Goals: How to Ship Candles and Other Gifts

Have a friend with an important milestone coming up or a loved one who’s celebrating a special occasion? Maybe you simply want to send a little something that says you’re thinking of them. Either way, a spruced-up parcel box turned gift basket makes a wonderful, thoughtful present.  

The question of the day is: What if I want to ship one of your candles? Well, that’s actually relatively easy! In this article, Homesick offers advice and tips on the extra care needed to ensure the candle gift is delivered in one piece, sans melted wax or broken jar. That way, you can learn precisely how to ship candles and reed diffusers so you can create the perfect gift basket for said friends and loved ones. 

Plus, we explore some other gift ideas to go along with a Homesick candle or reed diffuser, completing the gift basket and wrapping it up nicely with a bow. From freshly-baked treats to self-care products to a personalized card, these extra touches and a scented candle, of course, will send them good wishes and bring back pleasant memories.  

How to Ship Candles and Reed Diffusers

Shipping a gift basket requires some planning, especially if you want it to look elegant and protect the items inside. However, while you can send lots of items without a second thought — soft goods like a comfy T-shirt and socks, for example — it’s imperative to secure the more fragile gifts. Plan on creating a gift basket with a candle or reed diffuser? Homesick has you covered! From padding to shipping, here’s how to ship candles.

Consider Your Cushioning

Consider Your Cushioning

Homesick candles and reed diffusers come in a glass container. While we make sure they arrive to you well-packaged and protected, you will have to fulfill this task once again yourself as you piece together your gift basket. Even if the glass is covered, it’s beneficial to add an extra bit of loftiness as a security blanket of sorts to protect the wax itself from cracking. 

Luckily, you can use all sorts of materials to keep your gifts secure so they arrive to the recipient in one piece. Consider cushioning like bubble wrap, tissue paper or air bags. Also consider using a green-friendly packaging material. Swap out the styrofoam packing peanuts with the biodegradable type or pack the box with something like tightly crumpled kraft paper that can be easily recycled. 

Once you choose your packing material, be sure to give the box a gentle shake to see how the items inside jostle around. If things shift, stuff the box with more to prevent anything from breaking along its journey. If you are shipping candles, be sure also to wrap each one individually to protect the wax. 

Spread the Love with a Love Candle

Be Mindful of the Box

When shipping candles and a gift basket great distances (or anywhere, for that matter), you want to ensure it arrives at its destination safely. The best way to do so is to choose a suitable means of transport. Ideally, a heavy-duty, corrugated box, to be specific. Unlike the more narrow, lightweight packaging, this type of box can withstand an accidental drop or even the elements. You won’t have to worry about a bit of rain or snow when it arrives on the recipient’s doorstep before they arrive home. Plus, a substantial-sized box gives a basket-like feel that appears more presentational.

As a good rule of thumb, take the cushioning you’ve chosen and create a two-inch padding around the walls of the box. Use several types of cushioning if you need, using a thicker one around the outer edges of the box and stuffing the gaps with more attractive filler like shredded color paper and the like.

fragile tag on box

Don't forget to dress and label the box appropriately. Call attention to it with “Fragile” labels or simply write it in big text across the cardboard — whatever it takes to make sure the carrier handles it gently. As an extra precaution, you could also write “Do Not Stack” across the outer packaging, too. 

Prevent a Melting Mess

Candles are intended to melt, but only when ignited. So make sure your candles don’t melt and create a mess in your gift basket. In general, extreme temperatures are no good for candles. Tapered candles can droop in the heat and small votives can warp or melt into one another. But freezing temps, whether it’s from a cold winter’s day or a candle company’s shipment method (yes, it happens!), can do just as much damage.

Fortunately, Homesick candles are already poured into convenient, recyclable glass jars that keep them neat and contained. While you don’t have to worry too much about wax melting and making a mess of your elegantly prepared, thoughtful gift basket, it’s still a good idea to take some precautions. Once you understand how to store candles, it’s relatively easy. In fact, you’ll want to store candles in a gift basket much the same way you would at home. 

Essentially, you want to store candles in a cool environment. Of course, this doesn’t mean going out and buying dry ice. A simple frozen gel pack will do just fine. Placing a candle in a near-frozen space can actually harm the wax. While the candle is guaranteed not to melt inside the box, it will crack the wax, which can reduce the burn time or make it not as aesthetically pleasing, to say the least. So stick to a small frozen gel pack to add adequate coolness or ship it as quickly as possible.  

While a reed diffuser lacks wax, you still need to take caution against extreme temperatures. Otherwise, the oil inside could dry out and evaporate. If it gets cold enough, the oil might even freeze, which could break the bottle from the inside out. Wrap the reeds separately, too, ensuring they don’t snap in transit.

Dress Up Your Gift Basket

Dress Up Your Gift Basket

Once you learn how to ship candles correctly and have them completely secured, it’s time to dress up your gift basket! Whatever additional gifts or items you choose, add some personalization and color to make it more festive for the occasion. Whether it’s oversized confetti or strips of metallic papers, a plain box will be instantly elevated into a gift basket. You could even wrap items and tie each with a ribbon or twine, making each a surprise.

Are you stuck on ideas? Give your gift basket a theme. Think white faux flowers and petals sprinkled into a wedding gift basket or some bubble bath-like gauzy netting for a spa-themed one.

If you’re sending a gift basket to someone away from home, like a college student, add a few items they might miss. This could be things, such as beans or grounds, from their favorite local coffee shop.

Select Your Shipping Option

When considering how to ship candles, you want a speedy delivery. Choosing an express shipping option is your best bet to make sure it arrives quickly and safely. Instead of awaiting sortment at a poorly circulated warehouse facility or sitting in the back of a hot delivery truck, your candle and gift basket are already on their way to their destination. 

And wherever you ship a gift, make sure to get tracking so you know when it arrives. This way, you could also notify the recipient so they can retrieve the gift basket and bring it inside. 

Your Friend, Family or Loved One Is Sure to Enjoy a Wildflower Candle

Gift Ideas to Fill Your Gift Basket

There are endless themes you can choose for a gift basket. But once you decide, you’ll want to fill the box with some other items. Consider these additional gift ideas to add the finishing touches to the package, from candle accessories to a thoughtful, personal card to say how much you care. 

Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles

Homesick candles make wonderful gifts for anyone and all sorts of special occasions. With 60 to 80 hours of burn time, they’re also long-lasting, which makes them the kind of a gift that keeps on giving. Pack a gift basket for newly engaged or married couples with a Love candle, featuring notes of lemon and sandalwood along with rose petals and peonies. Or send the Wildflower candle to your mom for Mother’s Day or to a friend just to say thanks. 

Candle Wick Trimmer

While our candles last a long time, the Homesick wick trimmer can make it last even longer. Plus, it helps the candle burn cleaner and safer when you keep your wick trimmed down to one-quarter inch. So along with a candle or two, be sure to add a candle wick trimmer to help your friend or family member preserve the life of their favorite candle. It even comes with a custom cloth bag for convenient storage. 

Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers make an excellent alternative to candles. If you know someone who has kids or pets, a reed diffuser offers a safer option, eliminating the flame entirely. With a diffuser, your friend or loved one will smell the scent instantly as they arrive home. The great news is many of Homesick’s candle scents can be found in a reed diffuser style, too. Sure they’re going to love a scent? Get them both a candle and reed diffuser!  

Food and Treats

Why not add some treats to your gift basket? This could be anything from baked goods like cookies or brownies to candies. If you love to bake, make the cookies yourself and place them in an airtight container (even a plastic one will do) to keep them preserved and intact. Does the recipient love to bake? Send them a recipe with all the dry ingredients they need to create it themselves. 

assorted foods in jars

As we mentioned earlier, other types of food and treats could be coffees and teas. Along with these soothing beverages, add a small jar of honey or even a decorative mug. Hard cheeses and cured sausages are also a delicious snack idea. Accompany these delightful treats with some crackers and jars of jams, relishes or mustards so they can create a DIY charcuterie board. 

Self-Care Products

If you plan to send a relaxing candle or reed diffuser, why not add some self-care products, too? From skincare gifts like lotions and face masks to items like a plush throw blanket, fuzzy slippers or a journal, there are many self-care ideas out there. Looking for something a bit more masculine? Consider some nourishing beard oil or fancy shaving cream.


Add some kind of activity to your gift box. Know someone who loves to read? Slip in a few magazines or a book by their favorite author, inviting them to curl up on the couch with a scented candle nearby. Does a plant-obsessed friend have a green thumb? Prepare a DIY kit, complete with a small pot and some seeds so they can watch it grow and think of you. 

Another great gift basket idea they’re sure to love? Give them a prepaid gift card for a restaurant or activity in their local area. It goes along perfectly with a city or state-inspired candle and makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones still putting down roots.  

A Personal Note or Card

Add a handwritten note or card! Let them know the reason for the gift basket and why you were thinking of them, whether it was for a milestone, such as buying a first home, getting married or having a baby. If you choose a store-bought card, be sure to write your own sentiments and add a personal touch.

wildflowers candle

Send a Loved One a Gift Basket Today!

Now that you know how to ship candles and reed diffusers so they arrive safe and sound to their destination, check out Homesick’s variety of scents. From scents that remind you of your home state to seasonal aromas perfect for the holidays, there’s truly something for everyone and every occasion.

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