Summer Candle Scents: Our 5 Favorite Candles for Summertime

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Want to recall memories of childhood summer vacations or your honeymoon to Hawaii?  You can capture sand in a bottle, but time is a bit trickier. Luckily, you can capture the scent instead with a Homesick candle!

Here are Homesick’s five most-loved summer candle scents, with fragrances ranging from a relaxing ocean breeze to delicate botanical blooms. Explore what each summertime candle is like and try one or two within your own home. The next time you wish to be carried away to the warmer dog days of summer or want to be reminded of your family vacations at the beach or lake, simply ignite the candle and be transported once again!

#1 Beach Cottage Candle

a homesick beach cottage candle

If you’re looking for beach candles, Homesick’s all-time popular summer candle scent has to be the Beach Cottage candle. Make no mistake it smells just like taking a leisurely stroll along a sandy shore as the afternoon tides roll out. 

With top notes of bergamot and sandalwood, you can even smell the washed up driftwood branches and the other woodsy, earthy elements like waving, tall beachgrass. Bergamot top notes and plumeria mid notes provide a subtle hint of sweetness and sand-loving tropical flowers. The crisp sea air, marine and musk complement the woodsy sandalwood, while amber and tonka bean add the cozy warmth of a setting sun. Reminiscent of a beach bungalow filled with conch shells, palm grass and a tray of refreshing salt-rimmed margaritas, the Beach Cottage candle will inspire you to slip off the sandals and go barefoot around the house. 

What Can Be More Summer-Related Than Beach Candles?

#2 Summer Camp Candle

Take yourself back to the days of camp with our summer candles. Grounding the room with the warmth of amber and sandalwood base notes, the Summer Camp candle feels like a mid-August vacation or a long July 4th weekend spent at a lakeside cabin. With mid notes of jasmine and sunscreen and top notes of bright green grass and zesty lemon and lime, this summer candle scent will carry you to a hiking trail paved in a field of fresh grass or a poolside cabana where you sip on ice-cold lemonade. 

#3 Wildflower Candle

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With the wildflower candle, you’ll feel like you’re taking a road trip through the winding Blue Ridge Parkway or hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, along with many other of America’s amazing wildflower-filled fields and mountaintops. Top notes of jasmine, geranium and lavender linger on the nose, carried by mid notes of amber, vanilla flower and peony that soften and add warmth to the sweet, bloomy aromas. 

These scents, combined with grounding base notes of rose, magnolia and a woodsy sandalwood, balance out the Wildflowers candle, creating something extraordinary and transporting you to somewhere you feel free. This charming summer candle scent, packed with tons of floral fragrances, will have you humming Tom Petty in no time. 

#4 Hawaiian Candle

Ready to pack your bags and jet-set off to Hawaii? Say aloha to our Hawaiian candles! Similar to the island’s yellow hibiscus state flower, also known as pua aloalo, scents of carefully crafted leis shine through with notes of cyclamen flowers. 

Carried by tropical top notes of pineapple fruit and coconut, balanced by base notes of cane-inspired sugar, vanilla and musk, the Hawaiian candle transports you to a warm and lush, palm-filled paradise like no other. Ignite this state candle to make you feel like you’re meandering along the beach, warm sand between your toes and a subtle salty sea breeze in your lungs. 

Nothing Says Summer Like Hawaiian Candles

#5 Los Angeles Candle

From the city with summer-like weather year-round comes the Los Angeles candle. Top notes of orange, bergamot and rose call to mind catching an early wave on bright mornings and enjoying the nightlife on a star-kissed Hollywood night. With mid notes of ylang ylang along with citrusy lemon, paired with base notes of jasmine and an earthy, leathery musk, the Los Angeles candle reminds one of sea breezes, desert sand and blossoming bouquets. Discover what does ylang ylang smell like you might find a new favorite summery scent!

Find the Perfect Summer Candle Scent for You!

However you enjoy spending the summer months, whether it’s at a beachside bungalow in Hawaii or by hightailing it to your passed-down family summer camp in the mountains, we have the perfect candle for you! Discover our five favorite candles with a summer scent and be transported right at home.