Let’s Toast! 6 Best Cities to Get Brunch In

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Brunch is the perfect meal. You get to sleep in late on the weekends and roll into a restaurant or cafe as casual (or classy!) as you want. And if you’re lucky, you live within a few miles of a handful of brunch spots that offer all the favorites, from French toast to egg bennies and beyond. However, if you’re totally obsessed with finding the best brunch on your travels, too, you don’t have to look far. Here’s a list of popular cities for the best brunch spots. 

The 6 Best Cities for Brunch 

#1 New York

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If you love lavish brunches like the ladies of Sex in the City, then NYC is the place to be. And in the city that never sleeps, brunch can be found just about anywhere. But for the top-rated brunch spots, you might have to linger outside an hour or two before grabbing a table. With hair-of-the-dog brunch cocktails like Bloody Marys with maple-flavored bacon stirs to Mimosa flights and Bellinis, NYC libations start you off. 

With an abundance of diverse cultures and cuisines, you can get a hold of anything from Huevos Rancheros to Challah French Toast. But, above all, just be sure to pick up a famous NYC bagel with a schmear of cream cheese and a slice of lox at one of the city’s countless fresh bagel shops. The Big Apple offers some of the best brunch in the U.S. And if you’re a fan, then you’ll love the New York City candle with its scent of Central Park grassy knolls in spring with Water Lilies on the Reservoir and the Lemon and Grapefruit top notes that leave your space feeling alive as the city itself. 

#2 Los Angeles

On the other side of the country is Los Angeles. With its warm weather, sun-filled days and bright mornings, you can dine al fresco on a rooftop bar or terrace any time of the year too. In LA, you will experience an eclectic barrage of foods from vegan California menus to satisfy conscious celebrities to European cuisines like Moroccan baked eggs from Gjelina. 

Whatever dishes satisfy your LA brunch cravings, you can more than likely wash it down with bottomless drinks. Grab an early brunch in Los Angeles and, who knows, you might be rewarded with a celebrity sighting. If you love the LA brunch scene, then the Los Angeles candle is for you. Ignite this candle and your space will smell like you’re grabbing mimosas at a trendy seaside brunch spot. Citrus notes pair with florals like rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine for a delightful bouquet.

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#3 Chicago

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The Windy City is the home of deep-dish pizza and their brunch dishes are no less decadent and thick. With everyday brunch staples like eggs benedict and breakfast burritos, you can also find a variety of rich dessert-inspired brunch meals like monkey bread and Nutella pancakes. One particular decadent dessert Chicagoans adore is a vanilla- and malt-custard-dipped brioche French toast by Chef Jeffrey Mauro. If you love brunch in the Windy City, then get yourself a Chicago candle, complete with decadent chocolate notes paired with sandalwood, bergamot and fresh water that calls to mind the Chicago river.

#4 Miami

Miami is no stranger to a good brunch scene. With Cuban-inspired meals taking center stage, however, you can find brunch dishes like fresh ceviche, street food like breakfast tacos with braised short rib and French toasts with tropical fruits like guava and coconut flakes. And since the Magic City is situated near the Atlantic coastline, you can find a number of umbrella-shaded tables peppered along the palm-tree-lined beaches. The Miami candle presents the scents of the city, complete with sea breezes, swaying palm trees and notes of coconut, lemon and lavender. 

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#5 Las Vegas

Las Vegas is all about the nightlife and all-you-can-eat dinner buffets; this much is true. However, the Neon Capital of the World tends to get a little quieter when revelers stumble out of their posh hotel rooms with hangovers and more. So Las Vegas is no stranger to a hair-of-the-dog cocktail and, of course, brunch buffets as well. Of course, in a city that has replica Venice canals, the Eiffel Tower and other international icons, you know they offer anything and everything in terms of cuisine. The Las Vegas candle, with its sweet and spicy notes of cinnamon, clove and tonka bean, will light up your room. And if you love cinnamon, check out our best cinnamon candles too.

#6 New Orleans

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New Orleans may not be as eclectic as NYC, but the brunches they do — they do well! In New Orleans, you can find a Sunday brunch spot with a live jazz band and Bloody Marys. A southern state with a Creole history, you will undoubtedly find dishes like shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, chicken and waffles and Bananas Foster French toast. Not to mention the city’s infamous sugar-dusted beignets.  

The New Orleans candle gives off a sugar and cinnamon aroma of King cakes and beignets, combined with the Allspice, Vanilla and Musk reminiscent of its chicory-flavored coffee from the famous Café du Monde.