Our Favorite Home State Candles from the Southeast

If you’ve spent much time soaking up the vacation-ready climate of the American Southeast, it probably doesn’t surprise you to know that this corner of the United States is home to several of the country’s most beloved tourist hotspots. Florida ranks second on the list of most-visited states and hosted a record number of tourists—126.1 million!—last year. With their year-round warmth and hundreds of days of sunshine each year, South Carolina and Georgia also top the list of popular spots for sun-loving vacationers.

But if you’re one of the millions of people who call a state in the Southeast home, you know there’s a whole lot more to this vibrant region than just its pleasant subtropical climate, thousands of miles of white sand coastline and magical theme parks where lifelong memories are forged. The things that make this area of the country so special aren’t as obvious. It’s the lovingly coiled sweetgrass baskets of the South Carolina Lowcountry, the belly-dropping twists and turns of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the enchantingly shady coves created by bending Live Oaks. These are the things that make the Southeast such a special place to call home.

At Homesick, it’s our mission to pour your hyper-specific memories into dreamy location-inspired candles that take you back home. We harvest an area’s local charm, food, landscape and personality to make every candle smell authentic to a certain place. If you’re new to our nostalgia-inducing candles, we invite you to light one of our Southeast candles and enjoy traveling through this region by way of smoky forests, citrusy fruit groves and breezy beaches (plus a dash of bourbon and barbecue for good measure).


homesick candle on table

Alabama—For natives of the Yellowhammer State, Alabama comes first in more ways than just alphabetically. This is a state rich with ecological diversity, from natural bridges, caverns and craters to the wide, white sand beaches where tourists and locals stretch along the Gulf Coast. For candle-makers like us, this level of diversity means big-time scent potential in every jar of Alabama.

To capture all the very best things about Alabama, we’ve added aromas of sweet blackberries, giant southern magnolias and nutty pecan to transport you to a sugary Southern summer. Light yours and you’ll smell the air after a warm-weather downpour mixed with the floral woodiness of a bright white magnolia tree and a big bite of grandma’s fresh-baked pecan pie.  

Florida—Home to Mickey, Miami and miles and miles of marshland, the Sunshine State is one of the most beloved states in the country. As the third most populous one—home to over 21 million residents—Florida provides relaxation and refuge for families, retirees and sun-seekers of every age, so it’s no surprise that our citrusy Florida candle brings on the laid-back vibes and transports you to a tropical oasis in an instant.

This candle starts with top notes of orange and bergamot to pay tribute to the fruity groves that dot the country and the coast (and to honor Florida’s official state fruit, the orange). It then melts into a scented swirl of mangrove wood and Spanish moss, finally finishing with vanilla and amber musk for a complete sweetness that takes you straight back to summer vacation as a child. Sweet, beachy and earthy—does it get any better?

Georgia—Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself: What does Georgia smell like? Probably not, but if you’ve spent much time in this charming Southern sanctuary, then you’ll recognize the aromas from our Georgia candle right away. The medley of scents in this waxy wonder takes you on a total tour of the hotbed of Southern hospitality, from the charming roadside fruit stands to the unspoiled coastal islands.

our georgia candle quote

To us, Georgia smells like antebellum gardens with old, meandering magnolias and a juicy piece of peach pie made by hand deep in the country. With the top notes of peach, mid notes of magnolia and aster and base notes of white musk, this candle goes from bright, fruity and fresh to deep, musky and comforting, all in a matter of minutes. It’s a must-light for prideful Georgians, that’s for sure!

Kentucky—The Kentucky Homesick Candle is no less nostalgia-inducing for current and one-time residents of the Southeast. But instead of the fruit, beaches and flowers of the aforementioned coastal states, this richly scented candle piles on the flavors of deep inland heritage, but (of course) with a very Southern flair. Think: fried chicken, horse races and bluegrass. Kentucky’s no delicate magnolia, but it sure smells like a daisy.

kentucky homesick candle outdoors

How, you ask, do we put all of these traditional Kentucky components into a 13.75-ounce jar? It’s easy when you start with top notes of comfort food and whiskey! Light our Kentucky candle and become instantly transported thanks to pungent aromas of bourbon, cream, butter, praline, cedarwood, sugar, vanilla, tonka bean and musk. Even if you’re not a true-blue Kentuckian, this candle makes the perfect complement to your derby party.

Louisiana—Sugar, Cajun spice and everything nice–that’s what Louisiana is made of. When you think about the flavor of certain states, none appears stronger than the culture medley of Louisiana. The deep South state is at its core full of authentic flavor, from the French-African-Spanish influences of New Orleans to the deep country charms of the bayous and farms.

With all these bright aromas to draw from, our Louisiana candle totally captures the unique colors of the Creole State. With a single flick of the match, you’ll be transported home, starting with top notes of sweet potato and orange that make you think of a big family dinner in the summer or fall. Mid notes of magnolia and honeysuckle mingle with base notes of tonka bean, vanilla and musk to anchor this sweet creation deeply in the South.

Mississippi—One of the things that makes our Mississippi candle so special is the fact that this Southeast state is known for how it smells, thanks to the sweet, citrusy magnolia tree which grows all over the state. The airy scent of calming waterfalls meets the undeniably fresh aroma of sweet cotton with this great-smelling creation. Anchored by supremely earthy undertones—hello, patchouli and cedarwood—this state candle, like the state itself, is truly multifaceted.

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Of course, we wouldn’t make a candle in honor of The Magnolia State without, of course, magnolia. But this candle starts out with top notes of bright lemon, lime and lavender, melting into a swirl of denim, desert flower, marine, patchouli and cedarwood. The base notes of vanilla, tonka bean, amber and musk provide a sweet and earthy base, leaving behind an aroma that will help you zone off into the heavily forested corners of the state.

North Carolina—From the blue-gray vistas of the Blue Ridge region to the perfectly preserved white sand beaches at the tip of the Outer Banks, North Carolina brings natural splendor in every form. Tourists come to chug hoppy brews in Asheville, to get a taste of authentic barbecue in Lexington and to sip moonshine deep in the tobacco farmland. Naturally, our smoky North Carolina candle had to embody all of this and nothing less.

To achieve the perfect North Carolina scent, we start with top notes of sweet blackberry and peach, honoring the many rows of fruit groves deep within the state’s rolling interior. Mid notes of cinnamon, clove, tobacco and barbecue quickly stir up memories of big family dinners, while base notes of tonka bean, sugar, vanilla and amber tie the place to the region as a whole, anchoring it perfectly in the Southeast.

South Carolina—With its unique ability to straddle the line between unencumbered Southern charm and surprising sophistication, South Carolina embodies the Southeast region to perfection. Though it’s probably best known for the paradisiacal Atlantic beaches, marshy sea islands and colorful antebellum architecture, South Carolina has a rustic side that makes it feel distinctly down-to-earth and homey, even to its millions of tourists.

our south carolina candle

South Carolina natives will have no trouble being transported back home with this masterpiece in wax! First, our South Carolina candle emits uplifting aromas of bergamot, grapefruit and lemon to highlight the fresh, fruity and relaxed vibes of a seaside summer. Next, scents of magnolia, tea and ylang bring you to the Lowcountry where you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a front porch shaded by Spanish moss, while base notes of magnolia and vanilla keep things spectacularly Southern.

Tennessee—When we started developing our woodsy Tennessee candle, we wanted to hone in on the rich cultural heritage cultivated deep within The Volunteer State coupled with the unspoiled natural bounty that makes it such a gem. The pure, clear air atop the Great Smokies, the dense pine aromas of the Cherokee National Forest, the brown sugar and maple slow cooking in a pit somewhere in Memphis—there’s no shortage of smell-good stuff in Tennessee.

We used all these unique components to create the nostalgia-inducing Tennessee candle, starting with top notes of whiskey, bergamot and lemon. These distinctly earthy aromas melt into a deep woodsiness with mid notes of magnolia, patchouli and sandalwood, ending on a natural note with spicy clove, smoky guaiacwood and signature musk. You’re getting a real tour of the entire state of Tennessee with this candle!

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Homesick Candles is an expert at capturing the feel of a place using high-quality candles. We do this by combining premium materials—including clean-burning 100 percent soy wax and highly fragrant oils—to create a unique mixture of warm, memory-inducing scents. You’ll find many of our state candles in three sizes: mini (2-ounce jar candles), which burn for up to 12 hours each; standard (13.75-ounce jar candles), which burn for up to 80 hours each; and large (27.5-ounce three-wick candles), which burn for up to 110 hours each.


These carefully crafted location candles make amazing gifts for anyone on your list who radiates Southeast state pride! Whether for the homesick Floridian, Georgian, Alabamian or anyone else, these delightful candles will undoubtedly elicit a smile when unwrapped. Give them as gifts for graduates, new homeowners, birthday celebrants and those moving away to help mark a special time and place in a loved one’s life. Check back often for more one-of-a-kind state and city candles by Homesick.