14 of Our Favorite Outdoor Scented Candles

14 of Our Favorite Outdoor Scented Candles

Few things are better than spending time outside enjoying the crisp, clean scents of nature. From fragrant flowers, trees and leaves to bubbling streams, calm mountain lakes and oceans, every natural element has a unique scent. And no matter what outdoor aromas you like best, anyone who has spent time in nature knows how soothing such scents can be. The healing powers of nature are well-known and documented. Spending time outside can improve mood, decrease anxiety and provide other physical and mental health benefits. 

Unfortunately, most folks can’t drop everything and go for a hike or visit the beach whenever they want. The good news? According to research, you don’t need to be physically in a natural setting to experience the healing effects of nature. Simply inhaling the scent of nature provides many of the same benefits. Even if you live and work in an urban jungle and have limited access to green space, you could take a whiff of our Gone Hiking candle and mentally transport yourself to your favorite mountain retreat. 

gone hiking homesick candle

Whether you are searching for a natural way to improve your mood or just enjoy breathing in the fresh aromas of the outdoors, we have you covered here at Homesick. Keep reading to discover a few of our favorite outdoor scented candles. 

1. Beach Cottage Candle

Is soaking up the sun surrounded by salty ocean air your idea of the best way to experience nature? If so, you’ll love our Beach Cottage Candle. Inspired by hot sand, salty ocean breezes and driftwood, this beach candle will transport you to your favorite seaside escape, even if you’re stuck in a tiny cubicle at work. 

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This candle features delightful mid notes of musk, plumeria and marine surrounded by sandalwood and bergamot top notes and amber, tonka bean and sea air base notes. If you are longing for warm afternoons and evenings spent by the sea, you’ll like this refreshing fragrance. 

2. Lake Living Candle

Are lazy days spent at the lake more your style? Then you’ll love our Lake Living Candle! We designed this fragrance to remind you of diving into a cool lake on a warm, sunny day and enjoying happy hour on the porch. It’s perfect for those times when you desperately need a vacation but have to be at work instead of a cabin by the lake. 

lazy days lake living candle

Part of our collection of Summer candle scents, Lake Living features the scent of fresh mineral springs, pine and cypress, along with sandalwood, citron, lime, cyclamen and water lotus. Combined, these aromas create a captivating scent you have to experience for yourself to fully appreciate.

3. Summer Camp Candle

Transport yourself back to the summers of your youth with our Summer Camp Candle.  Spend the day swimming or hiking through a fresh field of wildflowers. Sip on sweet lemonade, and then finish the day singing songs around the campfire. This scent is sure to bring back memories of long days spent with summertime friends. Summer Camp blends top notes of lemon, lime and grass with jasmine and sunscreen mid notes and base notes of sandalwood and amber for a fragrance that’s grown-up and sophisticated with child-like touches. 

4. Yellowstone Candle

Try our Yellowstone Candle to enjoy the aromas of one of America’s most popular tourist destinations from the comfort of home. Take in the mists of Old Faithful along with the fresh fragrances of morning dew along the road between Yellowstone Lake and Midway Geyser Basin. Ignite this candle to instantly flood your senses with the smells of neroli flower, verbena and valencia orange peel. You will also detect mid notes of water hyacinth, clove leaves and blondewood, along with washed driftwood, mists of musk and amber crystal base notes. 

homesick yellowstone candle

5. Great Smoky Mountains Candle

Enjoy a quiet, peaceful weekend exploring the Smokies with our Great Smoky Mountains Candle. Experience the magic of an early morning hike through the misty forest. Explore serene trails and breathe in the fresh air. If you listen carefully, you may even hear the sounds of wildlife bounding through the forest. 

Great Smoky Mountains is part of our National Parks Collection and is bursting with the fragrances of morning dew, fresh air and green melon followed by crushed bay, clove leaf and ivy mid notes and lavender, warm santal and cashmere musk base notes. There’s no better way to enjoy the magic of the mountains without traveling there yourself. 

6. Gone Hiking Candle

Does your idea of the perfect summer vacation include long days spent hiking through tall pines while enjoying the scents of moss, waterfalls and other woodsy scents? If so, you need to check out our Gone Hiking Candle. Inspired by nature, it is an excellent choice for anyone who loves being in dense forests. 

inspired by nature gone hiking

Featuring rosebud, cedarwood and jasmine mid notes, this alluring fragrance is rounded out by top notes of pine, fresh water and cassis followed by ivy, moss and sandalwood base notes. We also offer this scent in a reed diffuser, which is an ideal alternative to candles for homes with pets and young children. 

7. Wildflowers Candle 

Spend a sunny summer afternoon lying in an expansive field of roses, lavender and other aromatic flowers with our Wildflowers Candle. Trust us; This isn’t just any floral scent, and it certainly does not smell like your grandmother’s perfume! Instead, it has a fragrance reminiscent of being surrounded by beautiful blooms that extend as far as the eye can see. This candle features top notes of lavender, geranium and jasmine; peony, vanilla flower and amber mid notes; and rose, sandalwood and magnolia base notes. If you want to infuse your home or office with the alluring scent of fresh flowers, this candle is the one for you. 

8. Home Office Candle

The name may be a bit deceiving, but our Home Office Candle is an excellent option for anyone who wants to bring a touch of nature into their office. The warm aroma of patchouli paired with cool water lilies brings the outdoors in, and hints of floral and woodsy scents add more of an earthy element. With this candle, you can satisfy your need to spend time in nature even when you are stuck working from home. 

Home Office features cinnamon, heliotrope and oud mid notes enveloped in clean water lily, fresh air and amber top notes and warm base notes of vanilla, guaiac wood and patchouli. Both soothing and energizing, this scent could help you make it through even your most challenging work days. 

9. Oregon Candle

homesick oregon candle

Explore dense forests, towering mountains and expansive lakes with our Oregon Candle. And after you’ve taken in all of the woodsy scents of nature, enjoy a tasty meal with juicy pears, maple syrup and roasted hazelnuts. This candle has a unique fragrance profile you have to experience for yourself to fully appreciate. Whether you are a local or someone who enjoys vacationing in the Pacific Northwest, this alluring aroma could give you a brand new appreciation for the state of Oregon. 

The top notes for our Oregon Candle include pine, maple and hazelnut. Mid notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and pear transport you deep into the forest, and vanilla, musk and tonka bean base notes add a sweet, tastebud-tantalizing touch. 

10. Ski Trip Candle

Who says outdoor scents have to be all about the aromas of summer? Curl up by the fire after a long day of hitting the slopes with our Ski Trip Candle. Enjoy sipping on hot cocoa as the snow falls outside, and experience some of the best parts of winter with this amazing aroma. 

Ski Trip features patchouli, vanilla and cedar base notes, cocoa, cinnamon and guaiac wood mid notes and warm amber and frosted air top notes. Both cozy and refreshing, this unique fragrance is ideal for those who prefer cold winter days on the slopes over hot summer trips to the beach. 

11. Colorado Candle

Take a trip to the Rockies with our Colorado Candle. Explore snow-capped mountain peaks and take in the fresh, clean aromas of pine and spruce forests. Then warm up with touches of cinnamon and cedarwood. Whether you’re from the Centennial State or looking for a way to enjoy the aromas of one of your favorite travel destinations at home, this candle is an excellent choice. 

Our Colorado Candle features sandalwood and fresh snow mid notes combined with cedarwood, musk and amber base notes and top notes of cinnamon and spruce needles. A relaxing blend of interesting fragrances, this scent is sure to make you feel like you’re spending a day in nature no matter where you are. 

12. The Bahamas Candle

Treat yourself to a tropical getaway with our The Bahamas Candle. Relax on warm white sand with your favorite summer cocktail in hand. Feel the breeze on your skin and smell its unmistakable aroma as you wade in pristine turquoise waters. Sniffing a candle may not be the same as vacationing at your favorite tropical destination, but it just might be the closest you can get without leaving home. 

pineapple and sea air bahamas

The Bahamas features sea air, marine and lemon blossom top notes followed by orange rind, pineapple and tonka bean mid notes. Plumeria, coconut milk and musk base notes provide the perfect foundation for the rest of this candle’s intoxicating aroma. 

13. Miami Candle

Spend a hot summer afternoon sipping your favorite beverage seaside with our Miami Candle. Enjoy cool lemon, bergamot and coconut paired with the scents of sunscreen and ocean breezes. Spicy touches give this candle even more heat to complete your trip to the Magic City

Base notes of musk, patchouli and coconut provide a sweet and spicy base for this unique aroma. Suntan lotion and lavender mid notes provide balance while lemon, bergamot and sea breeze round out this alluring fragrance with cool citrus vibes. 

14. Virgo Candle

Made for those born under the astrological sign of the same name, our Virgo candle is packed with woodsy, bright fragrances that any outdoor lover is sure to love — regardless of their sign. In astrology, Virgo is an earth sign often associated with harvesting and earthly wisdom. As such, it’s only appropriate that this candle features outdoorsy fragrances. On your first breath, you’ll experience top notes of amber and fresh citron. As you continue inhaling this incredible fragrance, you’ll also enjoy clove and oud wood mid notes along with cedar, musk and patchouli base notes. 

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The right candle enables you to enjoy the many scents of the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. And when you purchase from Homesick, you never need to worry about questions like “What are candles made of?” since all of our products are made using safe, high-quality materials. Whether you are searching for a new signature scent for your home or office or just looking away to mentally escape your surroundings for a little while, our outdoor scented candles are a perfect solution. Check out our complete selection today to discover your new favorite scent. 


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