What Does Iris Smell Like? 

Iris is one of the most common and distinct aromas in personal care and home fragrance products, and humans have treasured this flower’s scent since the dawn of time. The ancient Romans and Greeks bottled it as an essential oil, and the Egyptians prized these flowers as majestic, powerful symbols. The iris flower itself originated in Morocco and Italy and is most well-known for its blue and purple petals, but it grows in all colors of the rainbow. Surprisingly, it’s not the flower that creates the alluring iris fragrance. Rather, the roots (orris) are where the magic happens. Once dried, ground and made into resin, butter or an absolute, the orris has a romantic, sophisticated fragrance that’s hard not to enjoy. 

purple irises in grassy area

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So, what exactly does iris smell like? Here, we’ll be sharing all the details plus some of our top candles featuring this much-loved scent. 

What Does Iris Smell Like? 

Iris has a soft, powdery fragrance that makes it ideal for cosmetics, soaps, lotions and perfumes. According to some people, its scent is reminiscent of freshly baked bread or suede. It also carries the unique aroma of petrichor — the smell of the earth or a sidewalk after a thunderstorm. Unlike brighter fragrances like orange or gardenia (what does gardenia smell like?), iris has a slightly melancholy, introspective feel that is well-suited to calm, serious moments and occasions. Despite this, though, it is not a coy, subtle fragrance. It tends to have a beautiful intensity you have to smell for yourself to fully appreciate. Fortunately, we have a few options for you to try! 

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We do our best to provide detailed, accurate descriptions of the fragrance notes featured in our candles and other products. Unfortunately, there’s only so much we can tell you in a written description. If you really want to know what iris smells like, trying it for yourself is your best bet. Check out these Homesick candles to experience this unique floral fragrance. 

1. San Francisco

homesick san francisco candle

You don’t need to be from The Golden Gate City to enjoy our San Francisco candle. Even if you’ve never set foot in the State of California, you’ll likely love this interesting fragrance. Inhale its delightful aroma, and you’ll be transported to the seashore where you can enjoy the crisp ocean area with your favorite coffee in hand — and, of course, our San Francisco features notes of delicate iris. This complex fragrance has chocolate and coffee top notes; iris, sea wave and clove mid notes; and musk and sea moss base notes. In addition to being a perfect way to experience iris in a unique way, this candle makes a great gift. 

2. Cancer

homesick cancer candle

Cancer is the zodiac sign for those between June 22 and July 22. These caring, creative individuals are fiercely devoted to those who mean the most to them, but they also have a soft, gentle side. Our Cancer candle encompasses all of that and more with a sweet, summery blend of floral notes, leather and patchouli. Even if you’re not a Cancer, this candle is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys the scent of flowers. Our Cancer candle features top notes of iris and muguet, mid notes of violet and water lilies and leather and patchouli base notes. 

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for a sweet, sophisticated scent for your home, iris is an excellent choice. This floral fragrance is rich and sophisticated while retaining a touch of softness. It certainly isn’t a shy scent, though. It’s intense yet not overpowering and a delightful aroma you need to experience for yourself. Check out our collection of candles featuring iris fragrance notes today.