7 Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

7 Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Planning the perfect wedding is a big job. That’s why you’ll need a solid bridal party to help you iron out all the finer details while you focus on the big picture.  Figuring out how to pick your bridesmaids can seem like an overwhelming task. And deciding on the right gift for a bridesmaid proposal is no easier. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your bridesmaids and deciding how to ask. We’re also sharing some unique bridesmaid proposal ideas, along with the best candles for gifts and special occasions

How Soon Should I Ask My Bridesmaids?

You definitely want to ask as soon as possible. The later you ask, the less time people will have to prepare. If they’ll be responsible for their own dresses or travel costs, make sure they have time to save up for those things so they don’t miss out. Generally, six to eight months is best, but never wait until less than two months before your wedding day. You want to be considerate of their busy lives.

Can I Have More Than One Maid of Honor?

Absolutely! It’s slightly less traditional, but sharing the duties can tone down some of the stress of being your right-hand person. Try to give them each the responsibilities you think they would handle best and play to their strengths. Alternatively, you don’t have to have a maid of honor at all. It’s perfectly okay to have your bridal party all be equals to prevent anyone from feeling like there’s a “favorite.”

What Do I Do if I Have Too Many People to Involve?

As much as we want to include everyone we love, we can’t always include every person in the wedding party. It might be a good idea to designate other roles for some of these important people in your life. You can always assign kiddos as ring bearers or flower girls. These roles feel really important to kids, and you can have as many as you’d like. You may want to assign some adults to be ushers, attendants or even designated readers. This will cut down on the wedding party while still allowing all the people you love to participate.

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How Do I Ask My Bridesmaids?

Okay, you’ve planned out exactly who you want to be part of your big day. Now all that’s left is to plan out your bridesmaid proposals. Asking your besties to be part of your wedding crew is just as special for them as it is for you. Showing them how much you appreciate them can be as simple as picking out the perfect candle or gift or planning a fun outing. Whether you’re the type that loves a dramatic gesture of appreciation or someone that likes to keep it low-key, we’ve got an unforgettable proposal idea for everyone.

1. Create Custom Candy Boxes

No matter what your aesthetic is, you can undoubtedly find custom candy boxes to fit your needs. Designing a custom box with your wedding theme and something along the lines of “Will you be my bridesmaid?” is both classy and fun. This idea is perfect for any style of wedding. 

If you’re someone who plans to have a Halloween or spooky-themed wedding, using phrases on your box like “Will you be my maid of horror?” or “Will you join my coven?” is a super catchy and unique way to fit your theme. If a more traditional wedding is your jam, use your wedding colors for a classic, elegant look. Pairing this color scheme with the traditional phrasing is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to get too elaborate, and there are tons of options available online. 

Picking out the candy to go inside is just as fun as designing your box. You can’t go wrong with champagne or rosé candies. You can also use candies that are the colors of your wedding or gourmet chocolates that everyone will love.

plan a home spa day

2. Plan a Home Spa Day

A classic way to ask all your favorite people to be part of your wedding party is to invite them all over for a day of pampering. Set up some celebration candles with wedding-themed scents, or use reed diffusers to set the mood for your spa day. Don’t forget to have your squad’s drinks of choice on hand! 

Never Forget with a Memory Candle

Set up your location, whether it is your home or a rented space, with all the self-care classics; face masks, facial rollers, aromatherapy lotion, cuticle oil, nail polish and anything else you want your day of relaxation to include. You can even include custom robes or towels that have “Team Bride” embroidered on them. After spending the day together, your future bridesmaids will appreciate some goodies to take home with them to remember the amazing time they had. Set up a cute gift basket for your bridesmaids to take with them at the end of the day. You can include wedding candles and other spa-related items as gifts they can enjoy at home. 

Sending your guests home with a Memories candle in their basket is a great idea too. They’ll always be able to bring back the memory of the day you popped the question. Having all your best friends spend a relaxing day together is a great way to grow closer and ask them to be part of the happiest day of your life!

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3. Make a DIY Confetti Balloon

If you’re on a budget or love crafty ideas, this one’s for you. Making confetti balloons and sending them to everyone in your wedding party is a budget-friendly option that also has some pizazz. For this project, all you need are balloons, confetti, paper tags (store-bought or you can make your own), ribbon, slips of paper, a handheld air pump (optional) and a box to fit each blown-up balloon. 

Fill your balloons with the confetti of your choice. To save some cash, you can make your own confetti by using a hole punch and colored paper. There are tons of hole punches with different shapes available at craft stores or online. Once your balloons have confetti inside them, write your proposal on the slips of paper. Fold the slips, and insert one into each balloon. Write “Read Me” on the outside of the slips, if you’d like.

Once you have everything inside, carefully blow up your balloons either by mouth or with a handheld air pump for balloon animals. If you choose to do so by mouth, be very careful not to inhale confetti! Don’t over-inflate your balloons, as you need them to fit inside the boxes you’ve chosen. Once the balloons have reached the maximum size to fit in the boxes, tie them off. On your paper tags, write “Pop me.” Then, attach the tags to the balloons with the ribbon. Finally, place your balloons into their boxes and tie them with more ribbon. 

You can adorn your boxes however you’d like. Just make sure to follow shipping requirements if you’ll be sending your boxes in the mail. Your wedding party will love this interactive way for you to literally “pop” the question, and the element of surprise will excite anyone. 

4. Schedule a Class

If you have a creative crew, setting up something artsy to do together is a perfect idea. There are tons of classes available nationwide, from macrame to painting. Paint and sip classes often cater to events such as birthdays and weddings. If your friends and family aren’t really into the idea of painting, you could try out a beginner pottery class. Creating vases or pots for everyone to take home is a cute idea to incorporate into your proposal, especially if you include succulents or other plants to go inside the piece they created. 

If pottery seems too intimidating, you can always supply a few small pots and take a macrame class together. Macrame is a super beginner-friendly art form that is easy to learn. It fits tons of aesthetics, as well, so you know there’s a design that will cater to all your friends. Creating together and bringing home a memento to cherish forever is a really fun way to create a beautiful memory. 

Give a Bridesmaid Wedding Day Kit

5. Give a Bridesmaid Wedding Day Kit

What’s better than preparing your loved ones for some of the things that could go awry on your big day? Making sure your wedding party is set up for success on your big day is a great way to show you care about them while asking them to participate. Nothing is worse than standing in front of the crowd at a wedding and suddenly realizing you desperately need a tissue or walking around in uncomfortable new heels for hours and developing blisters. Preparing your bridal party for these, often overlooked, situations is something everyone will appreciate. 

Shop Our Bridesmaid Proposal Kits

Build your wedding day kits according to your wedding venue and the activities that will be taking place. Include things like tissues, a nail file, blister balm and bobby pins, along with things specific to your location. If you’re planning a sunny beachside wedding, it’s a good idea to include sunscreen and even bridal party sunglasses. If your wedding is going to be in the cooler months, you could add custom wedding jackets to cozy up in until the moment they walk down the aisle. Setting your bridesmaids up for a positive experience will make your day that much less stressful for everyone involved, so you can focus on what matters most — saying “I do.”

6. Put Together Zodiac Gift Boxes

If your squad is into astrology, creating a specialized gift box containing items relating to each bridesmaid’s zodiac sign is a thoughtful and unique idea. Start each box with a zodiac candle. Then, pick out crystals that reflect the energy of their astrological sign or add something featuring their birthstone. There are tons of jewelry options that represent the signs, as well. Snag some necklaces or bracelets bearing the constellation of each bridesmaid’s sign. This is also a great opportunity to make constellation art for your bridal party if you’re crafty. You’ll want to include a few generic things in these boxes, too, like incense, incense burners, herbs or essential oils. Giving such personal gifts shows you pay attention and care about each person individually.

Send Out Card Proposals

7. Send Out Card Proposals

If you’re not the type to make a big deal out of asking your friends to be bridesmaids, sending a simple card is a failsafe idea. There are thousands of bridesmaid proposal cards out there, and choosing one that fits your unique personality is ideal. There is no shortage of styles, from super heartfelt to unbelievably goofy. Many cards simply ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Others get a bit more sentimental with paragraphs about how much the recipient has helped you grow and how important they are to you. You can always make your own cards too.

If you’re not into all the seriousness of the whole wedding thing, there are plenty of hilarious cards out there, too. Some designs include things like “Now act surprised like you didn’t know this was coming …” or “I’m too disorganized to plan a wedding by myself. Please help me.” Once you have your card picked out, you can even include custom stickers for the wedding party. Personalize them by writing something unique in each card that relates to the recipient. Bring up that one time they did that hilarious thing, or write out specifically why you appreciate having them in your life. No matter what your style is, there’s a card out there for you to put your special touch on.


Planning out the perfect wedding day may seem like a massive task. Fortunately, being able to share some of the responsibility of planning with those in your wedding party is a huge blessing. Asking the people you love most to be integral parts of the most important day of your life will be something they remember for years to come. These seven special bridesmaid proposals will carry on the memory of the moment you invited them to be a part of your big day forever.


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