Why Homesick Makes the Best Candles for Gifts

Searching for gifts for the holiday season, a special occasion or just to show friends and family some extra love? You’ll want to pick out a meaningful present that your recipient will adore and enjoy every day. That’s a tall order to fill, wrap up and put a bow on, but Homesick makes giving the perfect present simple, with our assortment of great-for-gifting specialty scented candles.

Our natural soy wax blend and nostalgic scents make our candles sure to bring a smile to anyone you’re shopping for, and Homesick has gifts for any season or celebration. Want to learn more about how Homesick makes the best candles for gifts? Read on for what makes our candles uniquely ideal for giving.

They Make Meaningful Gifts

Our candles are crafted to evoke memories and remind you of your favorite places with familiar scents. Given as gifts, they can bring your recipient back to a beloved experience you both shared. Homesick’s state candles are perfect to send to a hometown friend who has moved away as a sensory memento of where you met and the place they called home. You can also choose from one of our special moments scents that comes with a complimentary trip down memory lane. Whether you want to remind a friend of the camp you both went to every summer, or bring your family back to an annual fall trip to the apple orchard any time of year, there’s a meaningful Homesick candle to capture the memory. 

They Are Long-Lasting 

Homesick’s scented soy candles are hand-poured to last, so your recipient can enjoy their gift long after they unwrap it. Soy produces a natural, non-toxic wax that burns slower and melts more evenly than other wax varieties, making it the perfect base for carrying our signature scents. Our regular size candles burn for an impressive 60-80 hours, giving your recipient more chances to light the wick and savor the scent of their new favorite candle. Homesick candles really are a gift that keeps on giving, with a long-lasting fragrance anyone would be thankful for. 

chicago candle

They Are Perfect for Men and Women 

Candles are great gender-neutral gifts, especially when they’re available in an assortment of scents and packaged with a sleek, modern design. Homesick’s state and city-inspired candles make excellent presents for both men and women, and their minimalist aesthetic will work with anyone’s home decor. Our memory collection also has awesome options for ladies and gents because they’re all about the moments you shared with loved ones. Looking for a Father’s Day gift for your dad who loves to flip burgers on the barbecue grill, or commemorating your female or male friend’s first day at a new job? We have a scented candle to express affection and well wishes, and sure to be loved by anyone. 

They Come in a Variety of Unique Scents 

With several collections of unique scents, there’s a Homesick candle perfect for everyone you’re buying for. From our memory-inspired candles to our summery cocktail candles, we carry specialty scents you won’t find anywhere else. So whether you’re shopping for a present for a college reunion, a little something to thank the hostess with the mostest or even a gift for a gender reveal party, you can explore Homesick’s collections and find just what you’re looking for. 

They Can Be Enjoyed Every Day 

While we have a great selection of candles for celebrating special occasions, we also have scents made for every day. Homesick’s new daily collection candles are specifically made to become part of your day-to-day routine, with refreshing and relaxing scents your recipient will want to have burning both morning and night. Anytime you give a gift, you’ll want it to be something your loved one can enjoy every day, and the Homesick scents in every collection will have recipients lighting their wicks again and again. 

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Gifts That Inspire Happiness

Especially with the holidays right around the corner, and with special events and occasions for gifting always popping up, you’ll want to have great gift ideas on hand. Homesick makes the best candles for gifts, and our varied assortment of scents makes it simple to find a meaningful and long-lasting scented candle perfect for any loved one you’re shopping for.