5 Baseball Gifts for MLB Fanatics

There’s nothing quite like experiencing your team scoring that final winning run from the stadium stands. Any baseball fan will tell you that it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Unfortunately, you can’t wrap up that feeling and give it as a gift, but you can get pretty darn close. There are tons of great gift ideas for the baseball fanatic in your life, from the best candles to give a baseball lover, to unique and inspired memorabilia. You’re sure to hit a home run with these five gifts for MLB fanatics!

1. Candles

yankee stadium homesick candle

Baseball-themed candles are such a cool way to bring back the nostalgia of being at the center of the action. Major League Baseball candles are inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of Major League stadiums across the country. The feelings aroused by smelling the stadium food and turf will transport any MLB fan right to the bleachers of their number one team’s stadium. Scents like popcorn and peanuts will undoubtedly remind them of their favorite memories from games won in a time passed. 

If the baseball fan in your life happens to live in a different state from their favorite team, a candle inspired by their team’s state is another perfect option. These candles are artfully crafted to bring to life the natural environments of each state. Our sense of smell is heavily linked to our memory, which means that taking a trip down memory lane is just a burnt wick away! Candles are often overlooked by people looking for gifts for sports fans simply because they aren’t aware such niche candles exist. You can rest assured that any baseball fan will be excited about these unique candles.

2. Personalized Jerseys

Your baseball fan is so crazy about their team, they’re practically a part of the team themself. Why not take it a step further and get them a personalized jersey with their name on the back? They can have their very own number or sport the number of their favorite player. There are baseball jerseys for every team across the country available for customization. You could even pair this with a custom glove or bat signed by members of their team.

3. MLB Traveler's Map

baseball stadium field view

Source: Eugene Onischenko/Shutterstock.com

If the baseball lover in your life likes to travel all over to catch games at stadiums across the map, this is the gift for them. What better way to document their travels than to leave a pin at each stadium they visit? Adding photos from the trip to the map is a perfect way to personalize it as well. Surround a travel map with memorabilia from each stadium, and they’ll have an incredible wall to generate plenty of fond memories and new conversations.

4. Baseball Practice Equipment

If your baseball fan’s love for the sport goes beyond sitting on the sidelines, practice equipment is an unbeatable choice. Official rec league baseballs are perfect for the local amateur team. You can never have too many baseballs to practice with. Scoring a high-quality tee and hitting net will turn any yard into the perfect practice space. The best thing about having personal training equipment is that you never have to leave home to improve your skills. Whether the sports fan you love is an aspiring pitcher or a prolific batter, they’ll appreciate all the love and support you’ll give them by encouraging their dream. 

5. Baseball Accessories

baseball with love wording

Source: Thaninee Chuensomchit/Shutterstock.com

Baseball isn’t just for dudes. Looking for the perfect gift for a female fan? There are some beautiful and quirky accessories out there for all the ladies of baseball. Check out all the gorgeous jewelry inspired by MLB teams across the nation. If they’re a baseball mom, there is an almost infinite number of baseball-themed mom swag. Baseball moms love to represent their child’s team any way they can. You can even find really quirky gifts like roses made from deconstructed baseballs. No matter how into baseball she is, there’s a unique gift to match her personality.


Every baseball fan has a soft spot for the nostalgia of being part of the game. They’ll love being swept away in their memories after smelling baseball-inspired candles, checking out all their stops on a nationwide stadium map or feeling the adrenaline of practicing with new equipment. These five unique gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to the face of the baseball lover in your life and be a grand slam!