The Best Year-Round Candle Scents

Many candle scents are understandably based on the seasons, such as our American Summer or Pumpkin Picking soy wax candles. But sometimes, we just want a go-to scent that we can burn year round, no matter the occasion. If you’re in the market for a year-round candle scent, check out some of our favorite contenders below:

Thanks Candle

Thanks Candle

If you’re looking for a lighter scent to burn year-round, might we suggest our new “Thanks” candle? The base of patchouli and musk forms a sweet yet strong foundation. Middle notes of cucumber, pink melon and kiwi add a light fruitiness to the fragrance and help balance out the patchouli and musk. Top notes of lemon flower and oud wood (which smells warm, sweet and woody) help round out the scent. This candle is the perfect way to thank a special person in your life, or to spoil yourself.

Dallas Candle

If you like the smell of vetiver, you’re going to love our Dallas Candle. It starts with a fragrance that’s equal parts earth and spice, thanks to a base of oakmoss, frankincense and sandalwood. Then we added leather, nutmeg and cedarwood for a strong scent. Final notes of smoke, grapefruit and bergamot keep the scent from being too overwhelming. This candle is an especially great gift for the guy in your life, thanks to its masculine fragrance. He’ll love burning it year-round, no matter the weather outside.

Year round candles

San Diego Candle

A fragrance based on “America’s Finest City” can’t help but smell amazing, not to mention this versatile fragrance can be burned year-round to boot. We took patchouli and sandalwood and then added some sea moss to create a base scent grounded in this coastal city. Then we added in some sea air, jasmine and amber to further the marine fragrance and add some floral notes. Finally, we topped off the candle scent with some lavender and rosemary to balance out the scent with both floral and herbaceous notes.

Colorado Candle

This candle smells the way the wide open Rockies feel. To create a fragrance for the Centennial State, we began with a base of amber, musk and cedarwood to capture the feeling of relaxing in a log cabin in the woods. Then, we added in some notes of warm sandalwood and fresh snow to incorporate that fresh powder from the ski slopes. To finish things off, we incorporated some hints of spruce leaves and cinnamon to capture those classic Colorado pine forests.

New Mexico Candle

If you’re looking for a candle that captures the smell of sandalwood, you can’t go wrong with our New Mexico Candle. We needed a unique scent to capture this unique state, so we began with a base of cedarwood and bay leaf. Then, we added in some clove, musk and sandalwood to round out the scent. To really encapsulate the spirit of New Mexico, we finished off the candle scent with hints of chili pepper, nutmeg and cactus to evoke the state’s spicy cuisine and desert vistas.

Year round candles

Maryland Candle

Another sandalwood candle, our Maryland fragrance is sweet yet spicy for a perfect year-round candle scent. We started with tonka bean, vanilla and musk to create a complex base that’s neither too sweet nor too heavy. Then, we incorporated some warm cinnamon, herbaceous thyme and spicy ginger to further add to the scent. Notes of bay, cumin and nutmeg help finish off the candle fragrance and call to mind the classic Maryland spice blend of Old Bay. Burning this candle isn’t quite the same as eating a fresh crab cake straight from the bay, but it’s close!

Tennessee Candle

If you associate Tennessee only with honky tonks and country music, then you’re really missing out. We captured the complexity of the Volunteer State with an appealing year-round candle scent that starts with a base of clove, musk and guaiac wood. We layered in notes of magnolia, patchouli and sandalwood to capture the scent of Tennessee’s trees and then added some notes of whiskey and bergamot to incorporate some floral and citrusy notes. Finally, we topped off the fragrance with notes of the state’s signature export: whiskey.

Make your home smell great year-round with these year-round candle scents. Whether you’re looking for something light and floral or strong and smoky, you’re bound to find a versatile scent that you love on our list of year-round candle scents.