8 Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas Your Partner Is Sure to Love

8 Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas Your Partner Is Sure to Love

Valentine’s is around the corner. And whether you celebrate V-Day with a long-time partner or are learning all the quirks and charms of a new flame, you want to show them your devotion by showering them with gifts. But if you’re not sure what to get your S.O. this Valentine’s Day, we have you covered. 

In this guide, we offer a list of eight Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas. Instead of sticking to one gift, gift baskets can combine several to encompass all the things you know they love. Plus, add a Homesick candle in one of our romantic candle scents or something that brings back a sentimental memory. 

#1 The Newlywed’s Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Newly married or engaged? Shower the love of your life with an elegant and bubbly Valentine’s gift basket. Fill this Valentine’s Day gift basket with a Let’s Toast candle for some aphrodisiac scents. If you were married especially recently, continue to commemorate your special day with our Just Married candle. Top notes of mandarin and grapefruit citrus combined with a foundation of pineapple and champagne grapes offer an energizing and — dare we say — arousing aroma for a Netflix and Chill kind of date-night-in or to elevate some take-out.  

Just Married candle

Along with your Champagne-inspired candle, top off this Valentine’s Day gift basket with a  bottle of Dom Perignon, a set of champagne flutes and some of their favorite treats. Go classic V-day with chocolate-covered strawberries or a cheese pairing with Gruyere, Triple Cream or Camembert along with sweet jam and crackers. You could also round out this gift basket with other types of indulgences, like a plush robe, matching silk boxers and undies and a bottle of skin-nourishing oil to give each other a sensual massage. 

We love this Valentine’s Day gift basket idea because it can be as refined and sophisticated as you want it to be. So give it to a new S.O. or even a newlywed couple that you know. 

Celebrate Your Valentine’s Together with a Champagne Toast Candle

#2 Date-Night-In Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

date night candle

Are you planning a low-key date night or testing the waters of a new relationship? Then you might want to keep your Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas a bit more casual. Luckily, we have it all planned out. For this gift basket, drop in our Date candle to really set the mood for the romantic evening. With notes of sultry cashmere and a woody patchouli, this candle aroma invites you to cuddle up into the sofa as you watch a rom-com movie. 

Keep your date night casual, ordering take-out or making a home-cooked dinner (maybe a spicy pasta dish you wish to share) with your new love. With dinner covered, fill out your Valentine’s Day gift basket with dessert. Think of a box of fine Belgian chocolates or truffles to go along with a bottle of Zin or a Cab-Sav or a decadent port for a nightcap. You could even add a pint of ice cream. 

For dinner, stream some music from a romantic playlist and, for dessert, cuddle up on the sofa for a pre-picked movie. Is your relationship relatively new? Get to know one another better with a couple’s game like 36 Questions. You never know — they could be the one. 

One great thing about this gift basket idea is that it doesn’t have to be overbearing. If you are still getting to know someone, a small gift is all you need to show them you care. A few well-thought-out items to accompany the Date Night candle can round out this Valentine’s Day gift basket. 

Make It a Perfect Evening with a Date Candle

#3 Sports-Themed Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Know someone who loves their sports? If you’re hunting for Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas for your guy or even a gal who loves her sports, they will love this collection. Start with the Bud Light Tailgate Candle or even our Budweiser Backyard BBQ Candle and add other team-specific gifts. Get your special Valentine a jersey or baseball cap of their favorite team and a six-pack to enjoy as they watch the game, along with a koozie to keep their beers chilled. Fill this sporty V-Day gift basket with some snacks like pretzels, gourmet nuts and caramel popcorn.  

Budweiser Backyard BBQ Candle

If you really want to surprise them with something extra special this Valentine’s Day, present them with two tickets to a game. This way, you can schedule another date in the calendar, accompanying them to the arena or stadium as you root and cheer for their favorite team right along with them. 

#4 A Valentine’s Day Gift Basket for Wanderlusts 

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors or traveling the world with your partner? Even if you can’t jet set to some far-off destination, these Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas are sure to transport them and bring back fond memories or a particular place, honeymoon or vacation you shared together — or have on your bucket list!

Miss the sand in your toes and long romantic walks on the beach? Fill this Valentine’s Day gift basket with tropical candles. Choose from candles like the Great Barrier Reef, featuring a citrusy and salty aroma that will make you feel like you’re deep-sea diving among vibrantly colored fish and coral. Or present them with the Galapagos Islands candle, filled with top notes of Prickly Pear, Rainwater and Sandalwood for an earthy adventure. 

You can even recall your honeymoon glamping in a “hale” along the Maui shore. Give them the Hawaii candle, infused with scents of sweet sugar cane and coconuts, cyclamen flowers and salty ocean tides.

Also inside this Valentine’s Day gift basket, present your special someone with a bounty of tropical fruit, earthly scented lotions, or even a photo book of all your past travels. Then show them how much you can’t wait to explore together with a set of matching luggage tags.    

#5 A Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Love Letters candle

Have to spend your Valentine’s Day apart? Absence makes the heart grow fonder but, in the meantime, cheer them up with this sweet Valentine’s Day gift basket. Send your long-distance love a romantic gift basket to show them how much you miss them. 

Of course, a long-distance V-Day gift basket wouldn’t be complete without the Love Letters candle. With notes of Rose Petals, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Peony, our Love Letters candle smells like a shoebox filled with mementos from your first date and polaroids of vacations and road trips you took together. While you may be gone, the Love Letters candle and this V-Day gift basket will undoubtedly send your adoration. Signed, sealed and delivered — let them know “I’m Yours!” 

Inside this charming Valentine’s Day gift basket, be sure to add your own sweet mementos too. Add a framed photograph of the two of you and other sentimental gifts that bring back a tear to the eye or a smile to their face. You can even write a letter yourself, expressing how much they mean to you after all these years and how you can’t wait to see them again.  

The Love Letters candle is perfect for a Galentine’s Day gift basket too! These Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas are even perfect for a special family member like a grandmother or mom who loves the holiday. Slip our Love Letters candle inside for a nostalgic scent that will remind them of their first love or the one you call Grandpa. 

#6 Brunch-Themed Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Love sipping on Mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Mary’s after sleeping in with your love? Then your Valentine will love this brunch-themed gift basket. Fill the basket with breakfast treats and morning luxuries. Let them roll out of bed in their new plush robes and comfy slippers, with treats waiting. Think of roasted coffee beans from a local roaster, pastries from your favorite bakery and a fancy tin container of salt to line the rim of your coupe or flute for your brunch cocktail. 

If you have a knack for cooking, whip up a hearty, warm breakfast of pancakes and serve them breakfast in bed, served with your freshly made coffee too. 

Let’s Toast candle

With this Valentine’s Day gift basket, you can add a City candle from the city where you often visit downtown for brunch. Last but not least,  you could also present them with the Let’s Toast candle to complement the sparkling brunch cocktails. 

#7 Snowy Cabin Getaway Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Ski Trip candle

In some parts of the country, Valentine’s Day still sees a bit of snow, inviting you to rent a little chalet or cabin in the mountains for a romantic getaway. But even if you can’t seek out the snow that easily, you can still hibernate right at home. So present your snow bunny a Valentine’s Day gift basket filled with cozy, cabinesque treats and gifts to make it feel just as romantic. 

Make your home smell like a cedar-beamed ski chalet with a crackling fire with the Ski Trip candle. Scents of Cedarwood mingle with Frosted Air, Warm Amber and Cocoa to transport you to a cozy mountainside cabin and a snowy night. Complete your snowed-in cabin staycation gift basket with packets of hot cocoa and marshmallows, stoneware mugs and a faux fur blanket to curl up in together. 

#8  Zodiac Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

astrology candle collection

Show them your love was written in the stars. As two compatible signs that truly deserve one another, these Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas lean into your love’s character and personality traits. In a new relationship? Now’s your chance to ask, “What’s your sign?” without it sounding cheesy or desperate. Or, simply ask for their birthday and find their zodiac

Once you figure out their element (fire, water, air or earth), along with other tidbits like their sign’s color and stones, flesh out the gift basket ideas from there. For example, if you are a Libra and Sagittarius, otherwise known as a match made in heaven, then you can fill your gift basket with colors like pinks, lavender and deep violets (perfect for V-Day!) and stones like topaz and turquoise and jade. Not sure how to incorporate these colors and stones? Think jewelry or a piece of art they can hang on their wall to enjoy.    

Of course, whatever sign your match is, this zodiac-inspired Valentine’s Day gift basket wouldn’t be complete without one of our Astrology candles. From January’s Capricorn to December Sagittarius, we have a candle inspired by all 12 of the zodiac signs.  

Add a Sweet Sentiment to Your Homesick Candle

As you build your Valentine’s Day gift basket, remember to personalize your candle too! Give the love of your life, valentine or galentine a handwritten note on the candle package that expresses your love and admiration: a sweet sentiment that will remind them of you and the special moments you share together. 

Of course, to ensure their most treasured candle lasts as long as possible, treat it with care. Slip in one of our wick trimmers to help them maintain the candle and keep it burning clean and bright. 

Give Your Love a Gift Basket They Will Cherish Always

We hope these eight Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas inspire you to put together the perfect present for your special someone. 

Once you create your gift basket, show it off! Tag Homesick and share with us and everyone online just how much you cherish your partner. Tell us which Homesick candle you picked for them and the sentimental reason why. We love to hear a good love story! 


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