What Does Cashmere Smell Like?

Even if you love how a cashmere sweater or a pair of gloves made from this soft material feels against your skin, you might not be sure what to expect from a fragrance called “cashmere.” The cashmere used to make garments and accessories is one of the most luxurious fabrics on the market. It is a type of wool that comes from the cashmere goats of the Gobi Desert. As a product that comes from animals, it has a natural, earthy aroma that some folks love and others do not particularly enjoy. 

So, what does Homesick’s version of cashmere smell like? Fortunately, the cashmere scents used in candles and other home fragrances do not smell like goats or their wool. Instead, they feature intoxicating warm notes paired with gentle, powdery base notes. These scents are perfect whether you’re looking for romantic date night candles or just looking to add some warmth and softness to your home. 

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We’ll be answering “What does cashmere smell like” and sharing our top picks for candles featuring this soothing and romantic scent. Read on to learn more. 

What Cashmere Smells Like

Cashmere fragrances smell like cashmere fabric feels against your skin. These scents are soft and warm, with musky notes that hint at the utmost luxury and sophistication. Vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood base notes lay the foundation for top notes of lime, mandarin and musk. Combined, these fragrances form an elegant, classy scent that is equally suitable for romantic nights at home and relaxing spa days. 

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Scents That Pair Well with Cashmere

Cashmere is a unique and versatile scent that pairs well with many other fragrance notes. When combined with delicate florals, like jasmine and rose, it forms a romantic, feminine aroma. However, it works equally well with more masculine scents like leather, tobacco, teakwood and bourbon. Vanilla, tonka bean and herbal scents blend beautifully with the aromas of cashmere too. 

Find Cashmere Candles You’ll Love

At Homesick, we have several candles featuring the alluring fragrance of cashmere. If this scent is one of your favorites, you will love these candles: 

Date Night Candle

a homesick date night candle

Our Date Night candle is a perfect addition to a romantic evening in with someone special. Set the mood with top notes of cashmere, red currant and fig combined with lemon and sandalwood mid notes. Musk, patchouli and lily base notes add sexy touches that are sure to invigorate your senses.

Black Tux Candle

Our Black Tux candle features one of our most masculine cashmere scents. It starts with top notes of smoked tobacco, leather and bergamot paired with mid notes of santal, dark bourbon and brushed suede. Cashmere musk, teakwood and vetiver base notes provide a solid base for this incredible scent that’s reminiscent of black tuxedos paired with freshly shined leather shoes. 

Gemini Candle

Part of our Astrology collection, our Gemini candle pairs cashmere with fresh floral and citrus notes to create a clever scent that perfectly suits the duplicitous nature of many Geminis. However, it’s also a great choice for anyone who enjoys fun, unique aromas. It features top and mid notes of lemon, rosemary, jasmine, tonka, gardenia and cyclamen resting on base notes of cashmere musk and vanilla flower. 

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Great Smoky Mountains Candle


a homesick great smoky mountains candle


Explore the scents of nature with our Great Smoky Mountains candle. This earthy and relaxing fragrance is a perfect option for anyone with a sense of adventure. Base notes of cashmere musk, warm santal and lavender flower form the perfect base for dewdrop, fresh air and green melon top notes and crushed bay, clove leaf and ivy vine mid notes. This candle is the next best thing to spending a day in the mountains. 

Indulge Your Senses with Cashmere Candles from Homesick

At Homesick, we’re thrilled to create candle scents that captivate the senses and can transport you to another place or time with a single whiff. Our cashmere scents are thoughtfully formulated to offer the same warmth and softness you associate with your favorite cashmere sweater. If you’re looking for cashmere candles for your home, the above products are excellent options. These candles also make lovely gifts for anyone who enjoys soft, sophisticated scents. Browse our complete collection today to find your new favorite!