The Scent Guide: What Does Snow Smell Like?

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Snow is a common component of winter candle scents. When reading it in a scent description, though, you might be unsure what it actually smells like. For those who have experienced the aroma of a fresh snowfall in person, it may be difficult to imagine how anyone could capture that particular scent in a candle. Most folks say that real snow has a fresh, clean smell and the aroma changes depending on whether the snow is falling or already on the ground. But if you ask them to describe a snow-scented home fragrance product, they’ll probably have a hard time explaining it. 

Get Cozy with a Spice Scented Candle

Much like cashmere candles don’t smell like real cashmere but instead invoke the soft, lush feelings of cashmere, the snow fragrance used in candles is reminiscent of the crisp chill of a cold winter morning. In this scent guide, we’ll be discussing what snow smell like to help you decide if this winter fragrance is the right one for your home. 

Describing the Scent of Snow Fragrances

So, what does snow smell like? Imagine stepping outside on a chilly winter morning and taking a deep breath of the cool air. Think of how it feels as it enters your nose and travels to your lungs. That cold, crisp feeling is the basis for most snow fragrances. The first thing you’ll notice in a snow-inspired fragrance, such as the fresh snow notes found in our Montana Candle, is peppermint. This refreshing scent is reminiscent of that feeling of stepping out into a winter day. 

Vanilla and tonka bean are also often found in snowy fragrances. They add a touch of sweet warmth to the cool peppermint aroma to remind you of cozying up under a soft blanket or wrapping yourself in a comfy scarf. Cinnamon is another popular addition for adding some warmth to counteract the wintery coldness of peppermint. Try our Idaho Candle if you’d like to experience the mix of cinnamon and fresh snow for yourself. 

Many snowy scents also feature woodsy forest fragrances. Inhale deeply, and notice the aroma of spruce needles, cedarwood, amber and sandalwood flooding your senses. With just one breath, you’ll be transported to the snow-capped mountains of the Rocky Mountains with our Colorado Candle

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Other Snowy Scents from Homesick

When you’re in the market for the perfect snow-inspired candle, Homesick has you covered. Our collection includes several winter candles featuring this crisp, clean scent. 

Utah Candle

When you’re craving a wintertime getaway to a cozy cabin in the forest, try our Utah Candle. Top notes of spruce needle and cinnamon blend with snow, cedarwood and marine to create a cool, cozy fragrance you have to experience. Sandalwood, musk and amber base notes round out this unique fragrance experience. 

Idaho Candle

Escape to a cedar lodge in the mountains with our Idaho Candle. It features top notes of spruce and needles paired with fresh snow and sandalwood mid notes. Cedarwood and amber base notes round out the crisp scent of snow-capped mountains and trees with the clean, cozy fragrances of a warm mountain lodge. 

North Dakota Candle

north dakota homesick candle

Slow down and enjoy a snowy evening from the comfort of a toasty cabin with our North Dakota Candle. First, you will detect the top notes of spruce paired with a subtle touch of clove. Next, you’ll experience the clean aromas of fresh snow and cedarwood, followed by amber and touches of vanilla and tonka bean that provide a sweet base. 

Ski Trip Candle

If you’re looking for a winter scent that’s a little less snowy, check out our Ski Trip Candle. While it doesn’t contain our usual snow fragrance, it features top notes of frosted air and amber that will remind you of a day on the slopes. And mid notes of cocoa, cinnamon and guaiac wood paired with vanilla, cedar and patchouli base notes will give you the sensation of cuddling up to a roaring fire in the lodge. 

Try One of Our Winter Candle Scents

Surround Yourself with the Aromas of Winter with Homesick

Whether you love snow or are just looking for a perfect candle for the holiday season, our snow-inspired candles are an excellent choice. And since our non-toxic candles are made with a natural soy wax blend and wicks made from 100-percent cotton, you can feel great about using them in your home or giving them as a gift. 

Now that you know what snow fragrances smell like, browse our complete collection today to find your new favorite candle fragrance.